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A true American tragedy, directed with skill and conviction.
Last Days is a definitive record of death by gradual drug exhaustion. After the chills and thrills of "Sid & Nancy" and "The Doors," here is a movie that sees how addicts usually die, not with a bang but a whimper. If the dead had it to do again, they might wish that, this time, they'd at least been conscious enough to realize what was happening.
Chicago Tribune
The poetry of Last Days has a stoned grandeur.
Entertainment Weekly
There is a method to its madness, since the madness here is really Cobain's. Last Days mythologizes his suicide as a haunting act of fulfillment: the consummation of a life that had already ceased to be.
The glacial pacing may put some people off, but it also has a hypnotic quality. And some viewers might find it fascinating to be a voyeur into someone's tortured psyche.
New York Daily News
It's like a walking tour inside the head of a deeply troubled, deeply talented young man, where most of the systems have already shut down.
Wall Street Journal
Mr. Van Sant and his star, Michael Pitt, together with the cinematographer Harris Savides, set out to do a somber, rigorously distanced study of a man drained of all resources, and slowly though inexorably approaching his end. That they have done exactly what they meant to do is notable.
Van Sant, following "Gerry" and the superb "Elephant," is on the same elliptical quest. His journey is labored but undeniably hypnotic.
Philadelphia Inquirer
While Last Days succeeds as a nature documentary, Van Sant fails to penetrate human nature. The result is a portrait without a face.
The Hollywood Reporter
Yet music, the one thing that might have given the film some kick, is de-emphasized, with only two songs sneaking into the picture.
In trouble from its first minutes.

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