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Justin Bartha, Bruce Greenwood, Inbar Lavi Join Indie 'Sorry for Your Loss'

Justin Bartha, Bruce Greenwood, Inbar Lavi Join Indie 'Sorry for Your Loss'
Bruce Greenwood, Justin Bartha and Inbar Lavi have nabbed the lead roles in Sorry for Your Loss, the directorial debut of writer Collin Friesen (Schitt's Creek, The Big White).

Bartha (The Hangover) plays Ken, a new dad who returns home to bury his estranged father, only to find the dead man's final wish is to have his ashes scattered on the field of his beloved football team. Greenwood plays the estate's slick executor who secretly courts Ken's mom, portrayed by Inbar Lavi (Imposters).

Filming on Sorry for Your Loss from Farpoint Films and Middle Child Films is underway in Winnipeg,...
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An emotional 'Ask Drew' looks back at the life and work of the great Robin Williams

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An emotional 'Ask Drew' looks back at the life and work of the great Robin Williams
"Suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems." - Robin Williams, "World's Greatest Dad" This is a very emotional "Ask Drew." This is, I would suspect, the closest you're ever going to see to me losing it on camera completely. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when there was a Robin Williams question, since it's still so fresh and so raw for so many people, but I couldn't have known just how hard it would be to talk about him. I mean, I have stared at the blinking cursor on my blank document page for almost two days now, grappling with one question: how in the hell do you even remotely begin to sum up someone as huge as Robin Williams? We could start from the personal angle. I could tell you about the occasional e-mails I got from him when I was at Ain't It Cool, or the
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Mike's Alamo Memories: 'Lamar est mort. Vive Lamar!'

This month, our community collectively said goodbye for a while to the flagship Alamo Drafthouse location and home of press screenings, special events, festivals like SXSW and aGLIFF Polari, and the two most dear in my heart: Butt-Numb-a-Thon and Fantastic Fest.

I have countless memories of this place, beginning with my first screening there eight years ago: Robin Williams in The Big White, the first screening of the first Fantastic Fest in 2005. I've likely seen more movies in this cinemaplex than in all the other theaters I've visited in my life combined. Certainly more than I dare attempt to count, though an average of 30 films each year for Fantastic Fest plus the five 24-hour Butt-Numb-a-Thons would equal roughly 600 hours, or 25 solid days of films watched there before we even started on SXSW, aGLIFF or any of the other shows.

No single word or phrase is sufficient to capture the significance of this place.
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All Posters From What’S Your Number?

We have added four posters for the upcoming summer comedy “What’s Your Number?” starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans. The film, directed by Mark Mylod (Ali G Indahouse, The Big White) is based on Karyn Bosnak’s book 20 Times a Lady. Synopsis: Ally Darling (Anna Faris) looks back at the past twenty men that she [...]

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Holly Hunter Lands Roles in Both 'Still I Rise' and 'Romeo and Juliet'

Though the past few years she's been caught up in the television show "Saving Grace" (which got her a couple Emmy nominations) actress Holly Hunter has turned in some fine work in films like The Incredibles, O Brother Where Art Thou and especially Broadcast News. Now Deadline reports Hunter has just landed two films roles which will mark her first turn on the big screen since 2005's The Big White. The first will have Hunter joining Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenaal in Still I Rise, a project we heard about in a recent Casting Tidbits. The second will see Hunter starring in a new version of Romeo and Juliet alongside Hailee Steinfeld. The first project comes from Daniel Barnz (Beastly) and tells the story of two mothers who channel frustration into action and join forces to transform a Pittsburgh inner-city public school. Hunter will play the head of the teacher's
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Play Spot-The-Cliche with the ‘What’s Your Number?’ Trailer

In a way, it’s sort of sad to see the director of Ali G Indahouse and The Big White (that frozen corpse comedy) make a romantic comedy that’s so by the book they might as well have looped print pages through the projector. Anna Faris plays a woman scared to death of having sex with one more man because, gasp, a poll shows that 96% of women who sleep with 20+ people end up as old spinsters. But she wants true love! So let’s all play a game. See how many cliches you can spot while watching the trailer for What’s Your Number?: Here’s what I caught: A wedding to go to Seemingly friendly partner in crime who will eventually become the love interest “How many relationships do I have to have before I meet the right guy?” A former flame that’s cleaned up his act and is winning at life A
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Anna Faris and Captain America Team Up in Trailer for 'What's Your Number?'

In What's Your Number?, Anna Faris (The House Bunny) plays a woman who, with the aid of her womanizing next door neighbor (Chris Evans), decides to re-visit all her ex-boyfriends in the hopes of finding the man of her dreams. It's all so confusing, I can only wonder if she'll end up with the womanizing neighbor as they grow closer over the course of the film... but that's just a guess.

What's a little more interesting, though, is the film has already earned an R-rating for sexual content and language. It just doesn't look like that edgy of a film, at least not to me.

The film is an adaptation of Karyn Bosnak's book "20 Times a Lady" and along with Faris and Evans it stars Andy Samberg, Zachary Quinto, Martin Freeman, Anthony Mackie, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Ari Graynor, Joel McHale and Faris's real-life husband, Chris Pratt and it's directed by
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Williams Attends Weekly AA Meetings

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Williams Attends Weekly AA Meetings
Funnyman Robin Williams still attends weekly Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings, four years after checking into rehab.

The comedian has long battled a dependence on drink and relapsed in 2003 while filming The Big White in Alaska.

He checked into rehab three years later after a family intervention and has stayed away from booze ever since - but Williams still attends AA sessions to keep him focused on sobriety.

He tells Britain's Guardian newspaper, "(I) have to. It's good to go."

Joel McHale Asks What's Your Number?

Joel McHale Asks What's Your Number?
Joel McHale, the charming and funny star of the hit Us sitcom, Community (and also the host of The Soup), has just joined the cast of What’s Your Number?, the Anna Faris comedy.Sounding like something of a female spin on High Fidelity, the movie follows Faris’ character as she reassesses her sexual history while trying to find Mr. Right. McHale will play her boss, with whom she has a brief fling.Chris Evans, Matt Bomer and Zachary Quinto are also on board, which means that a) the set could be mistaken for a pop-up branch of Abercrombie & Fitch and b) our Helen won’t be able to stop screaming during the first screening.Brit director Mark Mylod is calling the shots on the movie, his first since the Robin Williams black comedy, The Big White, back in 2005. Filming starts at the end of the month.
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World’s Greatest Dad (2009) Movie Review

Although it’s definitely not a popular opinion to express in certain circles these days, I am, for the most part, a Robin Williams fan. I appreciate the unbridled madcap energy of his stand-up act, as well as the nuanced, thought-provoking performances he’s given in such underappreciated films as “One Hour Photo,” “The Final Cut,” and Mark Mylod’s off-beat 2005 thriller “The Big White.” I do, however, avoid the talented comedian’s mainstream fare like the proverbial plague; anyone who has bore witness to the cinematic monstrosity that is “Rv” can attest to just how undeniably annoying Williams can be when he really puts his mind to it. Under the right circumstances, he excels at getting on my nerves. Despite my appreciation of Williams’ quieter, more subdued performances, I approached writer/director Bobcat Goldthwait’s 2009 pitch-black comedy “World’s Greatest Dad” with much apprehension. Suffice it to say, I
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Vanity Fair's Hollywood ~ Episode 10 (2004)

Missed previous episodes? The Hollywood Historian in me was busy last year. See: 1995 , 1996, 1997, 1998 , 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003.

With the annual Vanity Fair "Hollywood" issue about to debut for 2009 -- I'm guessing we see the new cover in less than two weeks (Update: the new cover has been leaked and Vanity Fair has chucked their traditional photo shoot *sniffle* for the millionth magazine cover featuring President Obama), let's briefly return to our Vanity Fair retrospectives. "Send in the Gowns" was the title of 2004's photo shoot and they returned to the first year's game plan of glamour girls. The cover was more crowded though, bringing us an unlucky 13. But who was this cover unlucky for?

Maybe all of them, with the exception of Maggie Gyllenhaal (hurrah) and Hilary Swank (known affectionately around these parts as Beelzebub), who was just 11 months away from her second Oscar. Vanity Fair had gotten less daring in their cover
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Williams Fighting Alcoholism After 20 Sober Years

  • WENN
Williams Fighting Alcoholism After 20 Sober Years
Robin Williams has gone public with his latest battle with alcoholism following tabloid reports he checked into a rehabilitation facility last month after a drinking binge. The movie funnyman, who has been candid about his past drugs and alcohol abuse, reportedly started drinking again while filming The Big White in Alaska two years ago and now he's back in rehab seeking help. Tabloid reports suggest the Good Will Hunting star checked into the Hazelden Springbrook rehab facility in Oregon last month - and even celebrated his 55th birthday there on July 21. Williams' publicist Mara Buxbaum has confirmed the fact that the actor is indeed seeking help to control an alcohol abuse problem. She tells WENN, "After 20 years of sobriety, Robin Williams found himself drinking again and has decided to take proactive measures to deal with this for his own well-being and the wellbeing of his family. He asks that you respect his and his family's privacy during this time. He looks forward to returning to work this fall to support his upcoming film releases." Williams hopes to be healthy again to promote Man Of The Year, which hits cinema screens in October. The Oscar winner follows fellow Hollywood star Mel Gibson, who entered a rehab facility last month following his drink-driving arrest in Malibu, California.

Friesen walks beat for New Line pic

Collin Friesen is suiting up for writing duties on Man in Uniform, a New Line Cinema comedy that has Kevin James attached to star. Bob Cooper is producing via his Landscape Entertainment. The story follows an everyman (James) whose life changes when he takes possession of a policeman's missing uniform. The script originally was written by Michael Galvin and Peter Speakman. Richard Brener and Cale Boyter are overseeing for the studio. Friesen wrote The Big White, a crime caper with Robin Williams, Holly Hunter and Woody Harrelson. He also is writing Money, Money, Money for Universal. Friesen is repped by Endeavor, Principato-Young and attorney Rob Szymanski.

20 Sirens of 2005: Part I

  • Maxim and Fmh have their top 100s, but here at we have more discriminating tastes. This year we’ve upped the list, from 2004’s 10 picks (view here) to a total of 20. Yes that’s right - 20 silver screen vixens that’ve left quite the impression on celluloid and this filmgoer. These señoritas have a je-ne-sais-quoi quality that mixes both acting skills with on-screen vigor. Enjoy this year’s selection! *** 20. Cassandra MagrathCassandra Magrath
[/link] She went toe to toe with a maniac from the outback in the surprisingly good horror flick Wolf Creek. What’s next? Nothing confirmed – but most likely a couple of Aussie productions. 19. Emily Mortimer She played the cute hopeless mother in Dear Frankie, voiced the English translation of Howl’s Moving Castle and played the scorned wife in Match Point. What’s next? The Pink Panther, Chaos Theory, Who Killed Norma Barnes?, Barry Munday and Snow Angels.
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Echo Bridge buys rights to 'White'

Echo Bridge buys rights to 'White'
Echo Bridge Entertainment has acquired all North American rights to the feature film The Big White, starring Robin Williams, Holly Hunter and Woody Harrelson, managing partner Michael Rosenblatt said Tuesday. The film was directed by Mark Mylod from a screenplay by Collin Friesen and produced by Ascendant Pictures' Christopher Eberts, Chris Roberts, Kia Jam and John Schimmel. It was acquired from Capitol Films in a deal negotiated by Ronna Wallace on behalf of Capitol's Jane Barclay. It screens Friday at AFI Fest 2005.

Harrelson to drift into 'Big White'

Woody Harrelson has stepped aboard Ascendant Pictures/VIP Medienfonds' dark comedy The Big White. Harrelson is replacing James Woods, who had to drop out because of a scheduling conflict. In the film, a destitute Alaskan travel agent (Robin Williams) thinks he has found the answer to his financial problems in the form of a frozen body, which he tries to pass off as his long-lost brother (Harrelson) for the insurance money. The agent's plans are thwarted by a claims adjuster (Giovanni Ribisi) and two aspiring hitmen (Earl Brown and Tim Blake Nelson). Holly Hunter and Alison Lohman round out the cast. Ascendant's Christopher Eberts and Chris Roberts and Concept Entertainment's David Faigenblum are producing. VIP's Andreas Schmid and Andreas Grosch and Capitol Films' Sharon Harel and Hannah Leader are executive producing. Capitol is handling foreign rights. Harrelson's recent features include Jack Tucker, Trucker, After the Sunset and She Hate Me. Harrelson is repped by CAA.

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