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    • Actress Lake Bell quit the show during season 1 to star in "Surface". After the show was cancelled, Bell did some guest appearances in Season 3.

    • Monica Potter quit due to her pregnancy

  • It would appear from the look of the bottle, they drink Chivas Regal. However, its more likely that the bottle is simply there as a prop.

    I disagree. Chivas is a blend. These guys are single malt types. Neat; no ice, no water or soda. I only saw the bottle briefly; it is possibly Dalmore.

    Indeed, the Brand on the show is Balmoor but looking at the bottle more closely you will notice that is a Dalmore 12 year bottle complete with the deer mounting logo above the label. Since I myself have wondered about this for years I made it a point to confirm the above.

    Saw in one episode they were drinking from a bottle of Dimple.

  • Denny Crane (William Shatner), Edwin Poole (Larry Miller), and Shirley Schmidt (Candice Bergen). Hence Crane, Poole & Schmidt.

  • He is an executive senior partner in the firm. Just because he is not one of the "name" partners of Crane, Poole & Schmidt doesn't mean he can't have the power he does.


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