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Season 2

27 Sep. 2005
The Black Widow
Alan Shore and Denny Crane defend a beautiful young woman accused of murdering her much-older husband.
4 Oct. 2005
While Kelly Nolan's trial continues, Sara and Garrett help Denise to settle on her divorce. Malcolm , Tara's former lover, convinces her to represent Edwin Starr's nephew , who cant sing "War" at a nightclub, because its owner says its unpatriotic.
11 Oct. 2005
Finding Nimmo
Denny takes Alan fishing to Nimmo Bay to help him get over his breakup with Tara. Sara and Garrett target the lawyer of Denise's husband, a priest, to settle the divorce. Catherine Piper confesses that she murdered Bernhard.
18 Oct. 2005
A Whiff and a Prayer
Denny helps defending a congressman, who didn't keep his campaign promises. Alan defends Catherine Piper for murdering Bernhard. Sara is given an ultimatum by the priest she and Garrett blackmailed.
25 Oct. 2005
Men to Boys
Denise has problems, when she has to try a case she neglected for three years, in which an auto-injury killed a woman, who only had a few more days to live. Garrett meets Cassie a young paralegal, who is hiding a painful past. Denny has to apologize to Lori or face a sexual harassment suit, while Alan takes Sara out on a date, where he behaves strangely.
1 Nov. 2005
Witches of Mass Destruction
Shirley help a Christian and a Wiccan couple, who want to stop the school's Halloween celebration. Alan represents Cassie suing the US military, because her brother died in the war. This of course is a hard test for Alan and Denny's friendship.
8 Nov. 2005
Truly, Madly, Deeply
Denny does not want to defend a man who raped and killed a 13-year-old girl. He finds a way to get out of its, but ends up in jail. Alan has to overcome his fear of clowns, when he helps suing one. Shirley assigns a weird bestiality to Denise.
15 Nov. 2005
The Ass Fat Jungle
Denise defends the top Boston plastic surgeon, who is sued for injecting fat from his butt into his patients. Shirley has problems handling a case involving an Alzheimer's patient. Meanwhile Denny undergoes an MRI, while Alan has night terrors and asks his new secretary to guard him at night.
6 Dec. 2005
Denny's using of firearms again becomes an issue to the firm, when a homeless man threw a rock at him. Denise and Brad try to find a kidnapped boy who is close to her heart. They have to become rather extreme when some obstacles appear.
13 Dec. 2005
Legal Deficits
Denny and Shirley team up to defend Brad, who is on trial for his actions in trying to find a kidnapped boy. Alan helps his secretary solve her credit card woes with assistance from Jerry Espenson, an expert in financial law who exhibits odd social behavior.
10 Jan. 2006
The Cancer Man Can
Alan takes up the cause of one of the associates, Denny meets a woman, and Denise helps defend a client accused of buying his way onto a drug trial.
17 Jan. 2006
Helping Hands
Daniel Post finagles his way onto one of Denise's cases, Alan takes up Jerry's cause with rather more enthusiasm than Shirley would like, and Denny gets serious about his new love.
24 Jan. 2006
Too Much Information
Denise and Alan represent a young girl whose father killed her mother after finding her whereabouts on her HMO's website. Alan also has to defend Catherine Piper, who started robbing convenience stores. Beverly Bridge, Denny's fiancée who he met at a charity event, is causing trouble in the firm, while Paul, Shirley and Brad try to manage the situation. Daniel Post goes in for chemotherapy and attempts to shut out Denise.
7 Feb. 2006
Breast in Show
Alan dates Irma and later finds himself defending her, because she is charged with a sex crime for protesting topless. Daniel Post invites Denise to his funeral party, Garrett has problems to get Catherine out of his office and the rest of the firm is still dealing with Denny's fiancé.
14 Feb. 2006
Alan helps a little girl, who can't smile because her face muscles were damaged in an accident. She was refused, because of this, entry to a prestigious private school. Denny and Shirley are on a case, where a hospital refused to give a rape victim the morning after pill because of religious believes. Meanwhile Denny assigns Brad to help his fiancé by preventing her ex-husband from shutting off the machines that keep her cat alive.
21 Feb. 2006
Live Big
While trying to woo her back, Shirley Schimdt's ex-husband asks her to be in his upcoming wedding. Alan and Denny defend a man who killed his wife at her request. Paul reaches out to his daughter.
28 Feb. 2006
...There's Fire!
Denny is caught with another woman on his wedding day, putting the firm in jeopardy and Alan fights a wrongful termination.
7 Mar. 2006
Shock and Oww!
Denny is spurred from his depression over losing Bev by a self-defense case, Paul suspects his daughter may be using again, and Shirley asks Alan to intercede for her when an artist dies.
14 Mar. 2006
Stick It
Alan does his best to fight for his assistant, Melissa, who submitted blank taxes; Denise defends a vigilante cop impersonator; and Paul tries to uncover the truth about his daughter's drug use.
21 Mar. 2006
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Paul announces that he needs to take some time off. And while most of the staff are concerned if they can go without Paul, Denny gives him Paul his blessing. So while everyone tries to do Paul's job, the firm suffers. Shirley finds herself working with her ex Ivan on a case and while working together, Ivan tries to woo her.
28 Mar. 2006
Word Salad Days
Alan develops "Word Salad" syndrome, talking gibberish. Brad brings in a big client whose company is sued for making addictive video games that killed a teenager. And Denise defends a polygamy case.
18 Apr. 2006
Ivan the Incorrigible
Jerry asks Alan to help him with a case, defending a father who killed a man who got away with murdering his son. Meanwhile, Ivan restarts his relationship with Shirley even though he is still married to Missy.
25 Apr. 2006
Race Ipsa
Denny shoots Dr. Sydney Fields after a verbal showdown during a therapy session, leaving Alan to defend him in court and the partners to ponder whether it is time to oust Denny from the firm.
2 May 2006
Deep End of the Poole
Partner Edwin Poole returns to the firm after a stint in a mental institution
9 May 2006
Squid Pro Quo
Ambitious Marlene Stanger joins the firm. Denny faces his son in court.
16 May 2006
Spring Fever
Denny and Alan travel to Los Angeles. Shirley defends Clifford Cabot on charges of soliciting a prostitute. Denise and Marlene, both vying for partnership, compete to assist her. Brad's teenage niece is charged with murder.
16 May 2006
BL: Los Angeles
Alan and Denny are still in Los Angeles defending a celebrity who assaulted a paparazzo who's pursuing her. Brad tries to work out a plea deal for his niece which would give her probation but the judge for some reason decides to throw the book at her which means she's going to jail. He learns that Shirley knows the judge who tries to convince to honor the plea agreement. And Denise's war with Marlene is reaching the breaking point.

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