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Best of the series isn't saying much..
Matt Macken (Ryo_Hazuki)19 September 2004
'Redemption' is the third of Atari's Terminator 3 games, and I must say is definitely the best. 'Dawn of Fate' had clunky controls, 'Rise of the Machines' had terrible controls and extremely annoying levels.

So calling 'Redemption' the best of the series is like saying out of all the crap in the world, it's the best smelling. Atari can't seem to get controls down. Your control of the governor is very clunky and aiming at flying H/Ks while walking can be a problem.

The vehicles handle like they ported the physics engine directly from 'Enter the Matrix' (Read: Really bad). Some of the "racing" levels are just plain annoying, requiring a dozen tries before you may even know WHAT to do.

Because it follows the Terminator 3 story line (not very accurately by the way), the game is forced into many levels in which you constantly perform the same dull task, with chase missions being the worst. I've never seen a crane go so fast!

Where the game does excel is in it's original levels and graphics. Fighting other terminators is great, better when you have items to impale them with. Much better then NOT being able to kill anyone. And the graphics shine, literally. As Arnold takes damage, his skin wares off, giving you a nice shiny endoskeleton to show off, although it amazingly repairs after every level. Plus the interior fog effects give a great feeling of being in a war torn L.A.

All in all, I've played much worse, however I'm really understanding why Atari went under in the first place. If they don't increase the quality of their games, they'll return to their grave.

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Best Terminator Game Ever!!!
adonis98-743-18650322 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
T3: The Redemption the most bad ass game ever made for a PS2 console. You get to play as Arnold both in the future 2032 and in the past 2004 also you get to fight the Terminatrix and ride a Motorcycle. With a great story, great characters and a bunch of new Terminator models this is one of the best Terminator games you will ever play totally awesome and enjoyable if there's one thing i hated about it it's that FK Titan Mission it was so freaking hard but still such an awesome video-game and it has some great Arnold one-liners like "Eat me" a really cool game for a really cool movie. My final verdict to this amazing video- game is a 10 out of 10 totally worth buying it Trust Me.
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The best Terminator 3 Game
cars8113 May 2004
Terminator 3: Redemption is the best Terminator game. The other Terminator game that came out was bad, for Atari to try again was great. They did a great job with the graphic and the storie line. Arnold is back doing the voice for The Terminator. Arnold was made for the role. I just cant see why they bad to make a bad game before this great game. Terminator 3 will leave the other Terminator game in the dust. This is going to be a must game for the game player. the game play is cool, you can hang on the back for a truck and shoot and kick Terminators off with your foot or just blow them away. Arnold "Terminator" will have some of his famous lines in the game.
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