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Philadelphia Inquirer
A monster chiller sequel that is visually spectacular but rather overburdened with story.
TV Guide
True to its serial roots, this equally silly but undeniably entertaining sequel to "Underworld" (2003) picks up right where its high-grossing predecessor left off and offers more of the same.
They're still fighting in this sequel. But this is a more visually inspired, muscularly made movie than its predecessor.
Entertainment Weekly
I especially like how, when Beckinsale's half-wolf, half-vampire friend Scott Speedman moves in for a kiss, you can hear the black leather of her dominatrix getup crinkle and crackle on the soundtrack like an old saddle. Sizzlin'!
Designed with Underworld fans in mind. Others need not apply.
The Hollywood Reporter
Unfortunately, there's little wit or genuine suspense to elevate the proceedings above the level of a cheesy comic book.
Humorless, confusing and not very fun to watch.
New York Daily News
The esteemed actor Derek Jacobi goes slumming as someone who pulls that metal badge from the chest of a cadaver. Shakespeare it's not.
New York Post
Underworld Evolution has antecedents in literature ("Dracula"), film ("The Matrix") and song ("Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue"). How does it rip off so much, yet learn so little?
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Classic style over substance, with some gruesome-looking creatures and settings and non-stop shooting and biting (both the vampires and werewolves get their teeth into it). But, alas, at almost two hours, it is much ado about nothing.
But for all her slinky, undead-chic looks, Beckinsale can't carry the film on curves alone and there's not much else here worthy of attention. Evolution's action sequences are as horribly bungled as its plot, resulting in a string of repetitive confrontations that feel toothless even by the last movie's standards.

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