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Plot Keywords

city death
night dark
corruption violence
vengeance stripper
hitman first part
abusive boyfriend 1990s
1980s scene before opening credits
woman shot dead woman with eyes open
erotica arm sling
breaking window escape
horse whipped noose
cold shower injection
hanged by the neck exotic dancer
driving in the snow driving in the rain
jail cell solitary confinement
backlit in a sheer dress massacre
alley false eyeball
biting someone throwing star
rescue sewer
manhole informer
shot with an arrow tar pit
fragmentation grenade g string
ford thunderbird stopped by police
flashlight talking corpse
pay phone kissing in public
shield shaped police badge blood spatter
decapitation katana
crucifix head in toilet
hack saw tourniquet
amputation hitting a woman
razor wire handcuffs
molotov cocktail lighting a cigarette from a cigarette
tied to a chair police brutality
hatchet overhead camera shot
mounted human head serial killer
hit by a car head dunked in toilet bowl
shot glass shot and a beer
stepping on someone bandage
thong panties lesbian
driving off pier car crash
heart shaped bed framed for murder
shot multiple times broken eyeglasses
hand shot off ear shot off
hit on the head jaguar e type
facial scar convertible
hearing characters thoughts color red
red dress hospital
gangster tension
sacrifice self sacrifice
beating woman in panties
macabre homicide
murder killing
perversion danger
sensuality dead woman
dead man psychopathic killer
sadist sadism
cruelty cigarette smoking
panties street
darkness face slap
tragedy tragic event
mysterious killer mysterious man
evil man evil
blood on screen black humor
boy with glasses man with glasses
based on comic yellow skin
punched in the face woman on top
wolf vignette
submachine gun tyrannosaurus
tied up thunderbird
tar pits spiral staircase
snow shadow
rain passionate kiss
narrated by character motorcycle
mercedes lasso
informant grenade
fishnet stockings eaten by an animal
confession cityscape
helicopter aerial shot
virtual set corrupt priest
electrocuted by the state doing the right thing
color tint older man younger woman relationship
covered female frontal nudity voice over narration
shower mercilessness
elevator reference to mother teresa
reference to elvis presley cult film
cult director one man army
virgin vigilante
political corruption organized crime
mobster mob enforcer
insanity identical twins
gang warfare forced confession
fictional city corrupt cop
attempted rape black & white to color
narration from the grave caged human
strangulation hanging
rape director also cinematographer
rotoscoping music score composed by director
blood dominatrix
premarital sex head in a toilet
mustache gay slur
good versus evil tough guy
thug nocturnal murder
femme fatale cop killer
child molester blackmail
heroine dark humor
skinhead expressionism
multiple storyline wilhelm scream
penis reconstruction castration by hand
castration by hand gun human eaten by a dog
wrath traitor
thong shooting
psychopath psycho killer
naked dead woman killer
fiend cannibalism
brutality hooker
first of series reverse footage
eaten alive undercover cop
cadillac mutilation
execution beheading
adaptation directed by original author directed by several directors
tragic hero ensemble cast
black and white segues into color whipping
silhouette revenge
hostage disfigurement
bludgeoning nude with a gun
castration off screen murder
nudity nude woman murdered
multiple narrators evil preacher
cannibal actress playing multiple roles
straight razor misfiring gun
severed finger severed ear
nonlinear timeline mercenary
female nudity electric chair
dinosaur corrupt police
torture tar
sword suicide
stabbed in the head stabbed in the eye
throat slitting silencer
shot to death shot in the shoulder
shot in the neck shot in the forehead
shot in the eye shot in the crotch
shot in the chest shot in the back
shot in the arm severed leg
severed head severed hand
severed arm rapist
prostitute police officer killed
police corruption pistol
pistol whip loss of loved one
knife kicked in the face
heart failure hanged man
hand grenade gore
falling from height explosion
exploding head electrocution
dismemberment car accident
broken arm betrayal
based on graphic novel assassin
neo noir dark hero
switchblade katana sword
anti hero dark horse comics
death of loved one based on comic book
detective title spoken by character
surprise ending

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