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Plot Keywords

mars escape
cave death
princess medallion
gold alien
fight army
indian creature
colonel arizona
captain civil war veteran
alien race gunfight
warrior arizona territory
leader chase
arrest diary
american civil war space opera
title at the end author appears as character
mind control wedding
dual wield showdown
laser laser gun
spyglass christ allegory
scientist tough girl
female warrior female fighter
human alien native american
horse chase horse
fighting in the air escape attempt
jumping through a window u.s. army
jail cell bartender
1870s bar fight
bar ex soldier
1860s mansion
lawyer butler
nonlinear timeline told in flashback
opening action scene voice over narration
deception no opening credits
heavy rain mixed martial arts
green blood violence
hand to hand combat brawl
subtitled scene fistfight
giant monster
urination father daughter relationship
prince telepathy
telekinesis shapeshifting
teleportation palace
supernatural power world domination
megalomaniac warrior race
shootout battlefield
combat rifle
pistol revolver
bow and arrow spear
martial arts one man army
tough guy hero
action hero hostage
kidnapping held at gunpoint
rescue knife
fictional war good versus evil
city state sabotage
spacecraft spaceship
air battle space battle
soldier forcefield
smack upside the head sword held to throat
solar system branding iron
chained to a wall hatching egg
low gravity gold bar
jail break urinating on the ground
u.s. cavalry telegram
silver dollar new york city
boarding party sandstorm
outer space sword and fantasy
sword and sorcery swashbuckler
science fantasy space western
space travel desert
exploding ship explosion
sword and planet lens flare
box office flop pit
caged male chained
gladiator fighting arena
jumping steampunk
shape shifting alien wedding party
fighting women chest hair
alien love loincloth
body harness male nipple
bare chested male fighting bare chested male bondage
faked death white ape
battle challenge
minion quest
king cease fire
superhuman strength year 1881
skeleton army colonel
flashback army captain
tomb ex army officer
war veteran virginia
super speed marriage
sword sword fight
based on pulp magazine pulp fiction
bare chested male forced marriage
two word title martian
mars civilization raft
based on novel title spoken by character
character name in title surprise ending

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