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Anthology films usually work better in theory than execution, but this feature parade of shorts is a blithe, worldly, and enchanting exception.
Chicago Tribune
The masterpiece of the bunch is the last, wonderful piece by Alexander Payne ("14eme Arrondissement").
The result is that after two hours one gets the sense of having seen a panorama of human experience, of having witnessed a moment of time in all its true fullness.
The stories run a gamut of emotions: melancholy, bittersweet, provocative, witty, poignant, silly and fanciful.
Bittersweet, funny, sad and invariably romantic.
Miami Herald
One of the chief pleasures of Paris, Je T'aime -- is seeing how each filmmaker adheres to their assignment of making a movie about love in Paris but still comes up with a distinctly personal work that bears their artistic sensibilities.
As is always the case with compilation films, some segments are far better than others. But they're all so brief that the least of them passes quickly and the best are small miracles of economical storytelling.
As an ad for the city's charms, Paris couldn't have asked for a more sweetly jaundiced love letter.
It is possible to bring substance, as well as poetry, to the vignette form, but more often Paris, Je T'Aime is merely mundane.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
I love the City of Light as much as any starry-eyed provincial, but Paris, je t'aime tries even my considerable patience.
The Hollywood Reporter
Being in Paris is to be inside a work of art, and it is no surprise that in the charming collection of vignettes that make up Paris je t'aime, the art is love.

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