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MPAA Rated R for language, drug use, sexuality/nudity and some violence

Sex & Nudity

  • Finn is shown watching a film of his father's trip to Africa showing nude native people.
  • Osbourne is shown dropping his pants in front of Finn to show him he doesn't have any balls, due to cancer.
  • Liz and Dr. Leffler meets for a date then they quickly make out and is shown later in cuddling on the sofa.
  • Finn and Maya meet on Maya's island where Maya is in her underwear and then she tells Finn to remove his clothes.
  • Maya places paint on Finn's body and Finn does the same to her body.
  • Two people have sex, though the actual act is not shown. You do see them as they start and when they finish. The woman is seen naked from behind. You see her bare back, the side of her breast, and the upper part of her butt. The man is seen from the waist up. As they get dressed, she is seen from behind wearing a thong.

Violence & Gore

  • Whilst Finn is on his way to Maya's island for the second time he is attacked by an unknown character and it is inferred that this character rapes Finn. Later on in the film, Finn admits that this happened.


  • There is a sequence in the movie where Finn, Maya, Bryce, and Jilly are watching the film and they say f**k multiple times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Beginning of the movie shows Diane Lane's character getting high then looking for drugs. Her son goes out to buy drugs for her when she couldn't find it. Her son mentions her mom "snorting" sugar in the kitchen. Finn and Jilly is shown taking a drag of marijuana together. Finn talked about getting busted for coke. During the Maya's birthday celebration a woman is shown snorting a drug from a dinner plate. When Liz tries to take a sip of soda from a can it is mentioned that contains more vodka than soda. Later at the birthday celebration, many people (some appear to be kids) are shown drinking beer, they could be drunk and possibly high. When Finn arrives back home from meeting with Maya, Liz had searched and found drugs given to Finn and she says that she and her son should get high together.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Finn is in the woods trying to get Osborne's home when he's confronted by a man with a bow and arrow who threatens to kill him if he continues to share dope with Maya. In the same wood sequence, Finn sees a dead deer with an arrow stuck through in it. A bit later in the woods, Finn's foot is caught in a bear trap set by Maya.

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