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Wicked Science is awesome, a lot of genuine theories and educational content!

Author: Tucker from New Zealand
6 November 2005

I love the show, it's amazing. This is just like BHH, something awesome to watch with a lot of educational content, relating mainly to science as the title suggest. It's something that I enjoyed, despite the ending of original series (intended to only be one season) was very bad, and upsetting, despite that the release of season two is something I am to look forward to. It is something that you all would defiantly enjoy due to it's entertaining problems and fixes. :)

The spx of the series are although not as good as other series out there, but they manage to blend it is quite well, so it's excusable for that. I do enjoy the storyline, the fight between the common "good versus evil" type thing. My... The series was a well thought out story. I hope season two as great or even better than season one.

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Wicked \Science

Author: BenedictBisana from Philippines
6 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For me, the show was awesome. The show makes me look forward for the next episodes and i like it maybe because i wanna be just like them. I hate the commenter because he said that it was not good but for me, it was perfect. It was he who doesn't know anything about movie criticisms. The characters has awesome performance and the plot was very good.I like their ideas and their being great genius. I like Elizabeth hawker because of her evil ideas. I don't like how Tobey saves the day. I want Elizabeth to succeed in her evil plans. I like Tobey for doing things for his friend. I like him doing incredible things. All in all the show was magnificent and truly worth watching for everyone. Don't believe in everything that the commenter said

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Very good kids' show

Author: bartlpeter
10 August 2015

I am older than the target audience of "Wicked Science", which is essentially teenagers or a bit younger. I got curious after a friend of mine told me about it - he was amused, and worried, that his teenage children loved the show but "they seriously root for the bad girl rather than for the good guys - what's wrong with them?!" That got me interested, so when I had the opportunity, I watched it.

"Wicked Science" is a very well conceived show for its target group. Most of the action takes place in or around school, and reflects the concerns of kids at that age - grades, social status and standing among their peers, romances (or rather crushes), and having fun. Adults are present as enforcers of rules and of the framework around them - and as obstacles to be overcome or avoided, but never as role models or sources of wisdom. They are, essentially, at best boring, and often irrelevant - again, pretty much like teenagers regard adults. And that is already a reason for the success and quality of "Wicked Science": it sees the world through the eyes of its audience, rather than try to lecture to it or give moral lessons.

Basic concept: two teenagers, Toby and Elizabeth, become scientific super-geniuses (or rather, they start to get "flashes" of geniality rather than getting constantly high IQ) after a freak accident with a magnetic field. Toby is a sort of average well-adjusted good guy, not a bad student or athlete but not particularly successful either. Upon becoming a genius, he's first scared, then starts to use his gifts for fun or for helping his friends, but not always comfortable with the implications of his new gifts. Elizabeth starts as the stereotypical smart girl who is socially awkward and who concentrates her energies on being the best student - which increases her social distance from her peers, who dislike her. This is compounded by her having a years-old non-reciprocated crush on Toby. For her, her new genius comes as the fulfillment of her dreams - she uses her gifts for the sheer pleasure of scientific discovery and inventing miracles, but also to increase her power and get back at those whom she feels (rightly or wrongly) to have attacked her in some way. Fearful of the consequences of their genius being made public, they agree to keep it a secret, except from a very small number of other students very close to them.

Basic formula: inventions by either Toby or Elizabeth get out of control and must be contained by one of them, or both. Or, Toby has to contain Elizabeth in her quests for power or revenge. Etc. Plus variations or combinations thereof.

Strengths of the show: the best thing about "Wicked Science" - and, I suspect, the main reason for its success - is the quality of the acting. All of the young actors are very good and get into their characters perfectly, but I'd single out Bridget Neval as Elizabeth. She is the official "villain" of the show, yet the writers - and Neval's acting - always make you wonder if she doesn't have a point. For instance, although vindictive, sometimes in a petty way, she never goes out of her way to attack anyone who hasn't antagonized her before somehow (usually with attempts to humiliate her). Elizabeth is not "evil" in an one-dimensional way - rather, she's suspicious, ambitious, driven, resentful and vindictive, but almost never without some justification. She's also an extremely independent person who prefers to do her own thing rather than be part of the "popular crowd", however she dislikes it when she's actively antagonized and excluded by others. That - and her one- sided crush on the more laid-back Toby, who prefers more down-to-earth girls and seems oblivious to the depth of Elizabeth's feelings for him - explain most of her "evil" actions. Bridget Nerval perfectly transmits the conflicting traits of Elizabeth's character - oscillating between triumphant independence and forlorn sadness and loneliness, which makes it easy to empathize with her. That is why, I think - possibly against the plans of the show's creators - she became so popular among many of the show's fans including my friend's children.

Weaknesses: the scripts are not consistent in their quality. In particular, the last few episodes of the first season were sort of bizarre and did not really match the mood of the others. There is also a sort of inconsistent continuity between the episodes. Each one is more or less self-contained but they are also supposed to be consistent in a longer narrative. Yet one character may do something brutal to another, or commit a serious betrayal - yet all seems to have been more or less forgotten a couple of episodes later. But perhaps this "selective continuity" is not uncommon in a kids' show.

It's also nice to see that the show actually makes scientific knowledge cool, although the plausibility of Elizabeth's and Toby's inventions - and the ease and speed with which how they put them together - varies from mildly implausible to outright absurd. Also, "Wicked Science" suggests that Australia is a wonderful place to be a teenager! I had great fun watching it.

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That's interesting and has some original things

Author: hidekimotsuwa from Brazil
3 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Yeah, maybe no sooo original, but the way they become a genius, i like, off course man, wake up, this series have to be unbelievable, the fantasy is the thing, new ideas, That's a new way of a final battle because the others have always the same final...I think that has a good and original could u think a frog can do that, that's this series is incredible, because of the fantasy. That's what kids like. This series id good to for who is learning Physics in school, because we can learn better, off course with a bit of magic, the concepts, the laws...Well i like that, because u can learn, u can to fantasy, and some original ideas of battle, a new idea and a interesting idea. Thats not equal the same American series, that has a special touch. Wicked Science, better that any Saturday NIGHT LIVE...And u don't understand a thing, they TRADE the way that the man have to be the strongest, see a man with a doll, and a girl with dinosaur...thats weird but interesting...No i'm not gay, but i look in the series' entrails...Bye

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A bad budget series

Author: XNemesis243 from Colombia
16 December 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I do not know where to start....... I guess saying it's just another ridiculous and foolish series about a genius kid, it is the most notorious thing.... maybe I Should say the way Toby and Elizabeth became genius in the MOST STUPID OF THE WAYS. How the hell could an idiot animal type in the keyboard the password to become a genius!? Honestly, I believe this is the most idiotic plot ever made if we do not count Lizzie McGuire. I mean... THE ENDING IS THE WORST ENDING I'VE EVER SEEN.... T-Rex vs. Barbie, I guess they hadn't any good idea, specially if I say about the make up idea..... My gosh, now THAT was ridiculous Bye bye....

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Really good show

Author: davor-bozic from Bosnia and Herzegovina
22 February 2005

This show is the best!Every episode has it's own special effects and it's so good.Too bad,there wasn't more episodes.Oh,about that frog on the keyboard...well it's not bad,it could happen,if they became geniuses,why frog shouldn't reprogram the "MFD"?By,the way I think it's very cool because Gart,verity,Russell and Dinah know.I mean,if they weren't in the show,the show would be so stupid.Come on,like in the episode "Virtual game"...what would Toby do without Russ and Dinah, and how could Elizabeth work without Verity?Remember the episode where Verity ran into Elizabeth's laboratory and told her that Tesslar is going to do something with the electricity.This show contains so much fun,special effects and really good story.

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