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Season 1

11 Jul. 2004
Eve of the War
1940: Fishing off the Normandy coast,Wilf Jonas,policeman on the Channel Island of St. Gregory,sees two English soldiers shot by Germans and realises that the German occupation of the islands is imminent. An evacuation to Britain is arranged. Jewish photography shop owner Mr. Izaaks is amongst those leaving but Zelda Landau,a young Jewess,is denied passage as she lacks a British passport. Urban Mahy,a grocer,agrees to take over Mr. Izaak's shop and is at the harbour to arrange the evacuation of his wife Chrissy and daughters,Angelique and singer June. However German ...
18 Jul. 2004
Living with the Enemy
Widowed Cassie Mahy is humiliated by sadistic lieutenant Walker after she tries to refuse him service in her shop whilst her daughters reopen Mr. Izaak's business and Angelique is annoyed with June for agreeing to develop photographs for young airman Bernhard Tellemann. Von Rheingarten commandeers part of the Dorrs' large house after Felicity has been rude to him. The Dorrs' son Philip and his friend Eugene LaSalle are on a spying mission for England on the island but their plan to escape by submarine is thwarted and a German soldier killed. The boys are now stuck on ...
25 Jul. 2004
To Catch a Spy
Wilf,under the guise of setting lobster pots,dumps the dead German in deep waters though Lt. Flach is suspicious of the time he spent at sea. Philip and Eugene hide with the Jonases but Eugene is ill and the Dorrs try and persuade him to surrender and be treated as a prisoner-of-war,which he does. Philip,meanwhile,under the alias of Brotherson,is taken on as handyman by his parents. Von Rheingarten begins to have civilized conversations with Felicity,but she is wary as she knows that he is aware of the second spy at large on the island. Bernhardt gives Angelique a ...
1 Aug. 2004
Strange Mercies
French prostitutes arrive for the Germans and obnoxious Lt. Flach,pretending to mistake her for one,interrogates Kathleen as to the spy's whereabouts but has to let her go as the Baron wants reasonable relationships between the islanders and their occupiers. Flach does,however torture and shoot Eugene,who dies giving nothing away. The Baron is regretful for the death of a young man. Bernhardt convinces Angelique that his feelings for her are genuine and they kiss. Zelda is less enamoured of Walker's pursuit of her and hides out with Cassie,who has been persuaded into ...
8 Aug. 2004
Unexpected Revelations
Eugene's parents visit his grave and are threatened with arrest by the Baron,leading the islanders into defiance by keeping a vigil to mourn the dead youth. They also trick the Germans by thieving a pig upon which they feast. Bernhardt goes on a bombing mission,promising Angelique he will drop his bombs in the sea. His mission is declared a failure as most of his comrades are shot down but he survives,to Angelique's great joy. The Baron takes a shine to 'Mr. Brotherson' as a good worker but Philip must be careful. Cassie begins an affair with Wimmel and Walker ...
15 Aug. 2004
Unusual Successes
June is singing at the club when a man accuses her of being a Jerry lover and she is hit in the face with a glass. Back at the shop she discovers that Angelique is in love with Bernhardt whilst Walker seeks out the man who injured June and beats him to death. James admits to Eugene's parents that he feels guilty for having persuaded him to surrender and consequently be shot. He gives Philip all the information he has on the Germans on the island and Sheldon agrees to take Zelda and Philip to England. Wilf is to take Wimmel fishing to cause a diversion but Wilf's son ...

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