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Mystic India, A Must See
pramukh192127 February 2006
This was a great non-fiction, true account of a young boy's journey through India. It shows the courage, persistence, and knowledge of a young Indian boy, while depicting the magnificence of the Indian land, people, and festivals. This is a must see film for any fan of culture, history, and magnificence; a student of architecture or beauty; or anyone who wishes to spend their time watching an enjoyable film. This great film will broaden your horizons for and toward the magnificence that is India, the beauty of its festivals, and the true nature of its people. The film, which started as one boy's journey, to attain true spiritual knowledge, does not end with his final footsteps, but it is a journey that begins within each and every person as they marvel at the magnanimous nature of this boy's travels and spiritual intent.
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Simply Amazing
dlakhani8811 July 2006
Mystic India takes you through icy peaks to the cool blue Lake Mansarovar, into the wild jungles of Sunderbans and the reforests of Assam, through barren deserts and to the silent shores of South India. Explore and learn from the majesty and mysticism of India's art and architecture, music and dance, faces and festivals, customs and costumes which are brought to life on the giant screen.

This entertaining, educating and enlightening giant screen film rediscovers India, a land of many mysteries and fascinations. It is the world's first large format epic on India. A period film set 200 years back in time, it retraces the incredible journey of an 11-year old child yogi, Neelkanth. In 1792 AD, he walked for 12,000 km continuously for 7 years, barefoot and barebody, through the length and breadth of India, from the Himalayas to the southern sea-shores. A must see...10/10 5***** Simply Amazing!!!!
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Great Film - must see
riteshg24 November 2005
Great film, its a must see for everyone. Puts together a snapshot of India and its culture in less than an hour, with the endearing story of Neelkanth - a child yogi who traveled across India on foot. Children and adults will all enjoy this film, and learn from it. The only limitation is that since its in 70mm, only Imax and such theaters will show it, so everyone won't be able to see it in their city. But the upside is that only a large canvas does justice to this film and country - with the colors and lights of India, interwoven by Neelkanth's travels, it deserves a huge 70mm screen. The scene of the chariot festival with thousands of people celebrating is breathtaking.
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Excellent documentary/movie for everyone
yoga633 March 2007
The movie shows full breath and depth of India's vast culture on the backdrop of life story of Neelkanth, a young yogi. As an Indian, I walk away with pride and feeling confidence of my heritage and myself. My kids also liked the movie a lot. I assume, non-Indian, will find it very informative, interesting, and of course mystic. After watching the movie, one may feel like experiencing the parts of India, as the Neelkanth did. So, this movie can be bing boon to India's tourism industry.

I wish there is a web-site to follow up, so the viewers can further dive into the mysticism of India.
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Great Photography, but a little too Idealistic
mthaker-125 November 2006
The Positives: Videography and photography are absolutely astounding and are what make this film worthwhile to see. The sights of India are well-represented by the giant screen and excellent angles and shots of the photography crew. Because the land's physical terrain is so diverse, the travels of Neelkanth Varni (a young Hindu yogi who later establishes the Swaminarayan Sampradaya) truly reveal the natural beauty of 18th century India.

I also thought Peter O'Toole did a good job explaining (though its VERY brief) the basic characteristics of ashtanga-yoga, the fundamental practice of classical Hinduism and Buddhism.

The Negatives: Because the film's goal was to sample the culture, natural beauty, and spirituality of India, none of the topics represented got enough exposure, in my opinion. The film tried to do a little TOO much by covering every topic it possibly could. I thought that if they followed the story of Neelkanth a little more closely, the film would be a little more successful in both exposing the art and architecture of India and the inspiring accomplishments of Neelkanth Varni.

The other major negative persists throughout the film: the tone of the commentary shows an idealistic India, when in actuality, Hinduism was experiencing a significant decline in the early 18th century. Though the portrayal of Neelkanth was based on factual history, the film is a romanticized synopsis of Hindu thought and culture.

The goal of the film is to show India in all its beauty and diversity. I think it accomplished that goal overall. It's definitely worth seeing.
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Fantastic Documentary - And a Stunning Film
solitary_mariner13 June 2013
Mystic India is an absolutely breathtaking and stunning piece of film work and has a soundtrack to match. Unfortunately it is not very well known as it was shot in 70mm for Imax. This documentary takes you you from the lowlands and jungles of India to the towering Himalayas whilst following in the footsteps of 11 year old Nilkanth as he sets out on a 12000km journey of enlightenment in the year of 1792.

The Rath Yatra festival in Jagannathpuri is a scene not be missed and for me, was the highlight of this movie. It included over 8,000 participants and chariots taller than five stories high.

Narrated by Peter O'Toole, with amazing music Mystic India will take you to to locations that you can only ever dream of seeing. This is one for the bucket list of films to see - you will not be disappointed. A guaranteed feast for the eyes, the ears and the soul.
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