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Not much here
upintherainbow7 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This show comes across as one of those shows that goes "Hmm what issue can we tackle next?", picks a character and tackles the issue. This is not always a bad way of writing a show if it is done well. Its not.

Potential spoilers I guess. ************************

For example, in one episode a girl wants breast implants. Body image issues? Check. A girl lies about her heritage and is ashamed of her Native background. Its just so...issue filled, but with no substance or forcing you to dig deeper into the character. Its not even these story lines that get me, since all shows can sound bad when the story lines are described but the complete lack of subtlety used. (And when I say complete I mean it)

I'm sure this show can be entertaining but there are so many better shows out there. I wouldn't waste your time with this one.
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