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Competition: Win ‘Northmen’ on DVD

Northmen is an action-packed and brutal Viking Saga that brings together a top-class cast and some truly bone-crushing fight sequences. Shot against the breathtaking backdrop of South Africa’s Cape Province, the film stars True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten, Tom Hopper (Black Sails), Ed Skrein (Game of Thrones), James Norton (Rush), Charlie Murphy (Philomena) and Johan Hegg – legendary frontman for Swedish heavy metal band, Amon Amarth.

Available for download 20th April and on DVD 27th April, Northmen is thrilling, violent, bloody and boasts some of the best and most realistic fight scenes in years.

To win a copy of Northmen on DVD, just answer the following question:

Which of the following films also starred Northmen’s Ryan Kwanten? Is it:

a) Avengers Assemble

b) Red Hill

c) The Wolfman

Email your answer to, making sure to include your name and address. You can also leave your answer on our Facebook page,
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Win A Great Horror DVD Bundle With ‘Byzantium’

To celebrate the release of Byzantium on DVD, we are offering our readers the chance to win a horror DVD bundle!

Upon the wind swept shores of a desolate coastal town stands the Byzantium guesthouse. After years of being abandoned, its doors are about to be opened again by the predatory and seductive Clara (Gemma Arterton), who plans on turning the hotel into a brothel, and her young and introverted daughter Eleanor (Saoirse Ronan). But these mysterious women have a dark secret that goes back 200 years and is about to reach its ungodly and deathly climax. Check out the trailer:

To win yourself a bundle including Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Sightseers, Chernobyl Diaries, Wolf Creek and a Byzantium Steelbook, answer the following question: What is the name of Gemma Arterton’s character in Byzantium?

a) Eleanor

b) Clara

c) Nadia

Send your answer, with your name and address, to the
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'Iron Man 3' poster: Gwyneth Paltrow looks sad

'Iron Man 3' poster: Gwyneth Paltrow looks sad
The flood of intriguing Iron Man 3 posters continues! Just a couple weeks after releasing an image of Don Cheadle dressed up like a robo-American Flag, Marvel has tweeted an evocative shot of Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts. Paltrow spent the first couple Iron Man movies witty-bantering with Robert Downey Jr., but the new shot finds Paltrow looking despondent, cradling a slashed Iron Man helmet. Seriously, she looks sad. Like, take out the helmet, and this could practically be a poster for Proof 2: Proven. Check out the image below:

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Iron Man 3
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On the Peninsula

How Robert Lipsyte, author of the new memoir An Accidental Sportswriter, stood athwart the sports page yelling, "Stop!"

When a young man on the make tells me he wants to be a sportswriter, I tell him to read one book. It's called SportsWorld by Robert Lipsyte. Starting next month, I'll tell him to read another: An Accidental Sportswriter, which is functionally Lipsyte's sequel. In sportswriting's cosmic baseball card set-Jimmy Cannon! Dan Jenkins! Charlie Pierce!-you can find men who wrote as pretty as the former New York Times columnist. But Bob is the five-tool sportswriter. His beat is the ballpark, the '60s, African-American history, women's lib, Muslim theology, sports as metaphor, and-most interesting for you, young sportswriter-the craft of sportswriting itself.

Related story on The Daily Beast: Four Missing New York Times Journalists

Lipsyte is the guy who makes us ask the pencil-stopping question: Are sportswriters wasting their careers?
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Competition: Five copies of ‘Savage’ to win on DVD

Released on DVD on March 14th, Savage is the debut feature from writer-director Brian Muldowney and stars Darren Healy (Disco Pigs; Layer Cake) and Nora-Jane Noone (The Day Of The Triffids; The Descent; The Magdalene Sisters) in a gritty and brutal “Straw Dogs”-meets-“Taxi Driver” exploration of violence, obsession and revenge that has been described as “uncompromising… utterly compelling… [and] not for the faint-hearted”.

Dubliner Paul Graynor (Darren Healy) works as a freelance press photographer, visually documenting the day-to-day events of a vibrant city that, like many others, is becoming increasingly hostile and threatening. What Paul doesn’t realise is he is about to become front-page tabloid news himself. Walking home alone at night after a date with Michelle (Nora-Jane Noone), the care worker who is responsible for looking after his ailing father, Paul is accosted and violently assaulted by two youths.

Left unconscious by his attackers, he awakes several
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Stephen Colbert in the Zeitgeist – November 22, 2010

Hey, kids! Time to get caught up on the news while Stephen and the rest of Team Colbert take a well-deserved break from the show, which I’m sure they all need very much to complete their recovery from Rally weekend. Our round-up today includes one final (I hope) Rally item, some comments from Robin Williams, an early look at some end-of-the-year sort of things, and word of a possible trip to Florida for Jon and Stephen in the spring. Settle back with a beverage, and enjoy!

Even us old folks know how to rally FlowTV, an academic journal on television and media culture, recently featured an article on the Sanity/Fear Rally that explored one aspect of the rally that virtually no one else even noticed: namely, that the audience wasn’t just the Tds and Tcr core demographic of 18-25-year-olds, but a broad range of ages, with
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At&T's iPhone Boom, Nokia's Layoffs: A Tale of Two Mobile Titans

Proof that, despite the hammering Apple got for the flaws on its iPhone 4, it's still the smartphone of choice. At&T today released figures showing that 5.2 million iPhones were activated on its network in the last quarter: 400,000 units more than analysts had predicted. Translation: despite At&T's reputation (Disconnecting People?) its iPhone monopoly means it's drawing people away from other carriers.

Now, compare and contrast with Nokia. The Finnish phone giant has just posted its Q3 results and the company is looking better than many analysts expected, with profits of $451 million. Compare that to last year's losses of $1.2 billion, and new chief Stephen Elop can be pleased with his first six weeks in charge. There is, however, a downside, although it's not the investors who should be worried--shares soared by 8%-- but rather Nokia employees. Alongside the profits comes news that 1,800 jobs are to be lost.

Most of the job losses are,
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Eminem's Return Thrills Detroit Fans

Surprise guests and solid performances cap Shady's homecoming show at Comerica Park.

By Rahman Dukes

Eminem performs in Detroit on Thursday

Photo: Kevin Mazur/ WireImage

Detroit — Thursday (September 2) was a night that the people of Detroit will never forget. Eminem, who hadn't performed in his hometown for years, co-headlined a show at Comerica Park with Jay-z. And if you ask Em's fans, it was more than worth the wait.

"It was pretty sweet," said Jon Bitz. "Eminem was out there, doing his thing. I thought it was pretty much the best concert I've ever been to."

Jay-z and Eminem pulled out all the stops at the show, which was chock-full of surprise guests. Local resident Juvenal Gutierrize said the re-emergence of Dr. Dre sent a number of ladies into a frenzy. "It went crazy when Dr. Dre came out. A bunch of girls lost their panties," said Gutierrize. "There was panties flying all over.
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Atonement Director Joe Wright to Helm Live-Action The Little Mermaid

Director Joe Wright (The Soloist, Atonement) just wants to be a “part of that world.” Proof of this can be found in Variety’s report that the British filmmaker is currently attached to direct a live-action adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairytale The Little Mermaid. The film, I’m going to assume you have a soul and are thus already familiar with its premise, is currently being developed by British production company Working Title Films who have championed each of Wright’s last three films Pride & Prejudice, Atonement, and The Soloist.

Hit the jump for more info on the project as well as a reason why this adaptation of the tried and true story is already unique.

Per Variety, the pic has been adapted by British writer Abi Morgan (Brick Lane) and was inspired by a puppet-production (as most great films are) of the tale by The Little
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DW setting 'Bones' role for Ronan

DW setting 'Bones' role for Ronan
Saoirse Ronan has joined Rachel Weisz and Ryan Gosling in Peter Jackson's adaptation of The Lovely Bones for DreamWorks.

Ronan will play Susie Salmon, the central character in Alice Sebold's book. In the 2002 best-seller, the story is told through the voice of Sussie, a young girl who is murdered but continues to observe her family on Earth after her death.

She witnesses the impact of her death on her loved ones, while her killer skillfully covers his tracks and prepares to murder again.

Weisz and Gosling are playing the grieving parents in Bones, whose script was written by Jackson, Philippa Boyens and Fran Walsh.

Carolynne Cunningham, Jackson, Walsh and Aimee Peyronnet are producing Bones, which begins filming in October in Pennsylvania and New Zealand. Executive producing will be Film 4's Tessa Ross alongside Ken Kamins and Jim Wilson.

Paramount Pictures is distributing.

Ronan -- whose first name is pronounced Seersha -- is a relative newcomer to Hollywood, with credits that include roles in the Irish television series Proof and The Clinic, though she is quickly moving to establish herself.

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