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4 Jan. 2014
Dos por dos
Jess (Arjo Atayde) became a mother to six kids abandoned by their parents. How can a gay man give to his "children" the love and care he was not able to have from his own mother?
11 Jan. 2014
Marriage Contract (III)
Elena (Maricar Reyes) feels pain when she discovers that her ideal husband Leo (Ariel Rivera) turned out to be married to someone else. Can Elena give up her dream family and let go of her greatest love or will she give in to her husband\s plea to save their relationship?
18 Jan. 2014
Gloria is a devoted mother who was forced to abandon her kids to work in another town. What did Gloria do that made her children hate her so much?
25 Jan. 2014
Neneng (K Brosas) is a cheerful and loving mother, who suddenly gets hooked in texting a young guy named Janus (Khalil Ramos). What pushed a dedicated housewife to escape from her "real life" and give her time to a total stranger?
1 Feb. 2014
Pagkain (II)
Iza Calzado (Empress Schuck) was an insecure girl who bravely faced her problems and resolved her obesity issues. Living in a broken family, how did Iza empower herself to win her personal battle with her weight? How did her seemingly simple weight problem became a crucial turning point in her life?
8 Feb. 2014
Itak (II)
Being a super fan of actress Sheryl Cruz, Tirso (Sam Concepcion) dreamt of nothing but to have a girlfriend as beautiful as her. So when his father told him to marry someone who was a far cry from his dream girl Sheryl, he left their house and lived away from his family. Will Tirso still run away when he finally sees a Sheryl Cruz look-a-like?
15 Feb. 2014
Gitara (IV)
Maynard (Xian Lim) is the playboy who captures the heart of Zandrae (Bangs Garcia), a girl who grew up with a lot of insecurities due to her dark skin tone and unsupportive family. Feeling loved and valued by Maynard, Zandrae will let her world revolve around him. What will Zandrae do when she discovers that the guy she loves is just playing with her?
22 Feb. 2014
Card (II)
Neneng (Janella Salvador) and Celo (Marlo Mortel) are rival honor students who will eventually find themselves bound by love. How will their love-hate relationship lead to romance? Will competition reignite between them once one of them gets more successful than the other?
1 Mar. 2014
Arroz Caldo
Mely (Pokwang) is a martyr wife to her philandering husband and a dedicated mother to her beloved children. Since Mely does not want her kids to grow up in a broken family, she keeps her husband's infidelity to herself. How did Mely manage to hide the truth from her children for 15 years?
8 Mar. 2014
Jenny (Abby Bautista) grew up craving the love and care of her working parents. Because no one is closely looking after her welfare, Jenny is raped at the age of seven by their laundry-woman's live-in partner. For her to be able to overcome the mental and psychological trauma of the vicious assault, Jenny father entrusts Jenny to her grandparents who live far from them. How will this supposed haven of love turn into a molestation ring for Jenny?
15 Mar. 2014
Bahay (IV)
Brothers Okoy (Jason Abalos) and Luman (Dominic Roque) have a promise to be at each other's side for the rest of their lives. Driven by their dream of having better lives, Okoy works hard and sacrifices almost everything to help his younger brother finish his studies. How will Okoy accept that fact that his beloved brother, whom he has taken care of all his life, has given up on him at his most trying time?
22 Mar. 2014
Rosa Fontanes struggled and faced every trials in order to support her family. She started as an amateur singer until she decided to work abroad to give her family a better future. Fontanes have worked in Dubai, Egypt, Lebanon and lastly in Israel where she worked as a caregiver and the place where she finally discovered the real purpose of her talent as a singer. She joined the X Factor Israel and her talent impressed the judges and the audience which paved the way for her victory as the first winner of the reality singing competition.
29 Mar. 2014
Kwintas (VI)
Angie (Coney Reyes) and Bert (Bembol Roco are former lovers who get their second chance at love after their respective spouses' deaths.
5 Apr. 2014
Orasan (II)
Jhonny and Aileen fell in love during their summer job. Everything seems so right for the two until Aileen starts to demand so much time from Jhonny even though Jhonny is studying and working then at the same time. Will Jhonny get tired of loving Aileen when their closeness feels too close for comfort?
12 Apr. 2014
Bus (IV)
Despite her family's dismay over her May-December love affair with Ernesto, Jhenny takes the risk of continuing her relationship with the middle-aged bus driver, who promises to love her no matter what. What will Jenny do once she finds out that the man she loves is taking advantage of her for her money?
26 Apr. 2014
Cellphone (IV)
Bambi is a mother who promised to herself to never control her daughter's life like the way her father did to her. However, from simple gestures of helping Donna gain friends through texting, Bambi eventually gets so involved with the love life of her daughter that everything needs to pass through her approval. How can a child make her mother realize that she is old enough to live her life by herself?
3 May 2014
Jose is an eight-year-old boy who stands as a parent to his seven younger siblings after their mother and father abandoned them. Jose brings his one-month-old sibling with him when he goes to school. And every time his youngest sibling cries, Jose, with his brother in his arms, runs to a room in the school and ask alms from his teachers. What inspires a child like Jose to stand up and raise his little siblings? What will Jose do when his mother comes back after so many years?
10 May 2014
Sanggol (III)
Dina finds out that her husband, Carlo, has fathered two children with another woman. Dina accepts Carlo back into her life after years of separation, but this time, she also faces the responsibility of being a mother to his two children from his past relationship.
17 May 2014
Susan is a married woman who falls in love with Andres the younger brother of her husband, Lito.
24 May 2014
Clark is a young boy with leukemia. His mother Julie is caught in a situation of sacrificing her three other children's health to prolong the life of her eldest son through a bone marrow transplant.
31 May 2014
Panyo (II)
Susan and Cecile are best friends, whose friendship is strained because of one guy, Rope. Rope is Cecile's ex-boyfriend, who is now courting Susan. Can true love blossom between Susan and Rope amid Cecile's resentment?
7 Jun. 2014
How did young Efren, the famous healing priest, discover his gift of healing and his ability to see the souls of departed people? What were the hardest trials that put his faith to the test?
14 Jun. 2014
Notebook (III)
Reshee, Kay, and Joy form their SheKaJoy Angels barkada at school. Will the friendship be over when one member of the group breaks one of their rules by getting pregnant?
21 Jun. 2014
Bibi is the protective father of Dandoy. Bibi yearns for his son to finish his studies. But their relationship is soon put to test when Dandoy stops schooling to concentrate on his hobby, longboarding. How can a son prove to his father that he made the right decision?
28 Jun. 2014
Berna is from a rich family and an academic achiever. She aspires for a better life and longs to marry a man who can provide her that. But after college, Berna meets and falls in love with Mark, a handsome and hardworking jeepney conductor. With her family's disapproval, how far can Berna go to fight for her love for Mark?
5 Jul. 2014
Boxing Gloves
At a young age, Nikki dreamt of becoming a boxer because he saw it as a way to give his family a better life. But instead of boxing, fate led him to the dangerous world of street fighting. Why did Nikki find himself hooked with such an illegal sport? Will he stop risking his life in street fights once his family asks him to do so?
12 Jul. 2014
Jessa has glaucoma which she inherited from her mother. At the young age of 18, she was completely blind. She worked as teacher to the students who are visually impaired like her and she was also crowned as Miss Philippines on Wheels, Signs and Visions 2013.
19 Jul. 2014
Life story of the girl behind a viral Youtube video Paula Jamie "PJ" Salvosa, better known as the "Amalayer" girl. Despite growing up without a mother, PJ never felt any loss because the love of her father and grandparents made her complete. However, the darkest moments of her life descended on her when she became a victim of cyber bullying because of one mistake. How hard was it for PJ when she was criticized and tormented by people who barely knew her? How did she learn to accept and forgive herself and the people who hurt her?
26 Jul. 2014
Wedding Gown
This is the story behind the viral video dubbed as the "heartbreaking wedding" of Hazzy, a 29-year-old patient diagnosed with advanced stage 4 liver cancer, and his girlfriend of four years, Liezel. Can eternal love blossom when your beloved's days are numbered?
2 Aug. 2014
Che and Mark have a so-called mutual understanding relationship. Although they are not officially in a romantic relationship, Che and Mark feel love and contentment in their lives. Everything seems to be perfect until Mark admits to Che that he has fallen in love with another girl who is pregnant with his child. Che is heartbroken. Is moving on possible for Che when everything constantly reminds her of Mark and their happy times together? Can she forgive someone who has given her so much joy but has caused so much pain at the same time?
9 Aug. 2014
Saklay (II)
Johnny Medrano is one of the finalists of Gawad Geny Lopez Jr. Bayaning Pilipino 2014, who supports his family and serves his community despite an orthopedic impairment that rendered him unable to walk.
16 Aug. 2014
Red Envelope
Lyca is a small kid with big dreams from Tanza, Cavite. She gained popularity for her heartfelt, amazing performances in The Voice Kid and for her humble background as a daughter of a fisherman. She would also sometimes help her mother scavenge for junk to sell.
23 Aug. 2014
Lui and Paul, who are forced to make ends meet for their family after Lui's father, Eddie, was struck with a serious illness. How did Paul manage to finish on top of his class amid all the financial and emotional trials that he and his family had to face?
30 Aug. 2014
Sulat (III)
Marie, who has dreamed of becoming a nun since she was young, has never entertained guys who wanted to court her. But not until Marie meets Nick, her first love whom she thought she will forget once she enters the monastery. What will Marie do when her first love returns to her life now that she is already a nun? Will Nick put Marie's vow to test?
6 Sep. 2014
Leng was raped by her own father at the young age of 13. What will a sexually abused child think of her mother who does not believe her at all? Is a normal life possible for someone who had such a traumatic experience? Will she ever trust her family and believe in love again?
13 Sep. 2014
Hiro Mallari is a teenage boy whose life turned upside down when he lost his one true love, Michelle Ann Bonzo, in a tragic accident.
20 Sep. 2014
Igge is a good-hearted son who took on the role of father to his half-siblings after their mother died. What will Igge do when, after all his sacrifices, his siblings decide to leave him?
27 Sep. 2014
Contrary to public perception that he is well-off, the half-German and half-Filipino teen singer will share in "MMK" the life of poverty that he faced since birth. Together with his grandmother and uncle who raised him, JK grew up thinking that he should work hard for everything that their family has. When did JK realize he wanted to become a singer? How did he manage to wow the three coaches despite the fact that he lost his mother five days before his audition in "The Voice Kids?"
4 Oct. 2014
Birth Certificate (II)
Joshua, at the age of 6, left his family in Antique with the hope of having a better life. But after feeling lonely in the custody of his strict aunt, Joshua decided to run away. From then on, he experienced the harsh reality of life in the urban streets and squatter areas of Antipolo. How did Joshua manage to pursue his education despite sheer poverty?
11 Oct. 2014
Sim Card
Joven is a young man who managed to avoid his gay admirer through the help of his pretend girlfriend, Rachel. Can Joven and Rachel's make-believe relationship develop into true love?
18 Oct. 2014
Lobo (II)
Myla is the loving and hardworking daughter of a seaman. Being the only daughter in the family, Myla is considered to be her father's favorite. Despite working abroad, Dionisio remains close to her daughter. He always reminds Myla to work hard to finish school and earn a degree. However, their solid father-daughter relationship is tested when Dionisio's marriage to his wife takes the rough road. Amid the most trying times, can a daughter turn her back on her beloved father who inspired her to strive harder and achieve her dreams?
25 Oct. 2014
When Paolo is diagnosed with leukemia, he becomes cynical and loses his will to live, thinking that sooner or later, he will still die. Paolo is at his lowest point when he meets Rovil, whose leukemia is much worse than his. But, unlike Paolo, Rovil is optimistic that she will overcome her illness. She teaches Paolo to value every moment they are alive by living life to the fullest and making unforgettable happy memories. How can a terminal disease give Rovil and Paolo their little infinity? Is love enough to bravely face death?
8 Nov. 2014
Nurse's Cap
Fatima Palma gained online fame when a video of her entertaining a patient in the hospital with her rap performance went viral.
15 Nov. 2014
Pedicab (III)
When one of the prison gates collapsed because of the typhoon, Jomar immediately thought of his family's safety. He then did his best to search and rescue them. But upon reaching home, he had to face his worst nightmare: his mother and three other siblings were killed by the typhoon. Despite his mourning, Jomar chose to rebuild their house and made ways to give his beloved family members a decent funeral. After his mother and siblings were laid to rest, Jomar did not take advantage of the incidental freedom caused by the tragedy. With his innate goodness, he decided ...
22 Nov. 2014
Manika (III)
Cynthia is a loving wife and mother who puts her family's welfare over her happiness. She wants her family intact so much that she endures her miserable life with her abusive husband who is unreasonably jealous, overprotective and possessive even with their children. Will Cynthia find the courage to stand up for her children when she discovers they have become victims of domestic abuse by their own father?
29 Nov. 2014
Diary (IV)
With her father's strict upbringing, Karen promises herself that she will never disobey her parents and will never be in love. But her world turns around when she meets and befriends Christian - her first love. But since she is afraid to confess her real feelings for Christian, Karen finds contentment in writing her emotions and messages of love in her diary. Will Christian discover Karen's well-kept secret? What will Karen do once she discovers that her first love is already committed to someone else?
6 Dec. 2014
Liham (II)
The world of Fr. Francis begins to change when he meets the charming and confident nun named Joanna, who asked him to get involved in a non-government organization that sympathizes with radical groups. From being simple acquaintances who march together to Mendiola, Fr. Francis and Sis. Joanna became good friends as they enjoy lengthy talks about their vocation, their common cause of helping and serving other people and their personal lives. As they appreciate and enjoy each other's company every single time, Fr. Francis and Sis. Joanna's friendship developed into a ...
13 Dec. 2014
Leng can't help but fall in love with her serious and strict boss Ronnie, a single parent to two children. How did Ronnie and Leng's secret love affair start? What will they do when Ronnie's family goes against their relationship?
20 Dec. 2014
Salamin (IV)
At 5 years old, Rochelle's body was overtaken by progeria, a rare genetic condition that causes a child's body to show signs of aging. She was told by her doctor that she could expect to live only up to 15 years old. As the sad truth settles in Rochelle's mind, she decides to live her short life to the fullest and experience things normal people experience-including falling in love. Will love keep Rochelle's high hopes to live, or will it cause her more pain?

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