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7 Jan. 2012
The story of the exceptional strong father-and-daughter bond between Ete (Phillip Salvador) and Dang (Kathryn Bernardo), especially when Ete became mentally ill. During their family's difficult times, it was Dang who stood by her father even if her mother, Pion (Snooky Serna), was already giving up.
14 Jan. 2012
The story of two brothers who had to struggle to go through to achieve their dreams. Witness in the story how Jeff (Rodjun Cruz) gave up everything in order to help his younger brother Kurt (Rayver Cruz) gain his self-esteem back after his left leg was amputated after being diagnosed with bone cancer, and how music moved them to reach their goals, despite disappointment and rejections.
21 Jan. 2012
Randy is a hired killer who will do anything to support his family, especially his sick brother Chris.
28 Jan. 2012
Singsing (IV)
Tita (Pokwang) is a devoted wife and mother who pursued working as a field health worker to support her family. Her job took a toll on Tita's life when she discovered her husband's infidelity, which later on led to their marriage's annulment. Things got worse for Tita when she lost the custody of her children.
4 Feb. 2012
Journal (II)
Joie (Jessy Mendiola) is a 16 year-old who secretly writes to her 'future boyfriend' in her journal long before she even meets him. Then she becomes friends with Nono (Sam Milby), a charming guy whom she treats like an older brother at first. But they soon find themselves falling in love with each other despite her parents' disapproval. Is their love strong enough to withstand the trials they'll encounter along the way?
11 Feb. 2012
Gayuma (II)
After being turned down several times, Lenny's persistence paid off when Yvonne (Bianca Manalo) became his girlfriend. Just when Lenny (Alfred Vargas) thought everything was going well for both of them, he proposed to Yvonne thinking that she would be willing to marry him. Yvonne did accept his proposal but three days before their wedding, she got cold feet and runaway. Frustrated, Lenny sought the help of a witch doctor to make Yvonne fall for him through a love potion. Will the potion work or will it drive Yvonne away from him?
18 Feb. 2012
Ramon is an underground boxer who grew up as a battered child. At the time Ramon decides to change his way of living, unfortunate events force him to commit crimes that enrage his family.
25 Feb. 2012
Jane (Vina Morales) is a teacher who stood up to her faith and became a nun despite her family's disapproval. But Jane eventually left the convent to marry the man she unexpectedly fell in love with. Unfortunately, Jane's faith will be tested with her husband's infidelity.
3 Mar. 2012
School Uniform
Toto (Christopher De Leon) and Josephine (Sandy Andolong) did everything to provide for their family. Fate challenges Josephine's strength as a wife and a mother as the lives of her children go astray. While Toto wanted to let go of their responsibilities to their children who failed them, Josephine remained the light of their family and a champion mother who gave her unconditional love to all her kids.
10 Mar. 2012
Cross-Stitch (II)
Liza (Iza Calzado) is a woman who got into an unconventional affair with a man named Egay (Zanjoe Marudo) who was paired with her by a dying friend, who was incidentally Egay's wife (Rica Peralejo). Egay was reluctant at first but decided to respect his wife's dying wish. Liza was also doubtful but accepted Egay because of her lingering fear of ending up as an old spinster. Can a relationship last a lifetime even without love? Or will love find its way to two people willing to open up their hearts for a second chance?
17 Mar. 2012
Justin (Nash Aguas), Nikko (Paul Salas), and Rio (Mika Dela Cruz) were caught in a love triangle as the two young boys both fell in love with the same girl. As they battle to win Rio's heart, will their friendship still prevail over love?
24 Mar. 2012
Kalendaryo (II)
Pauleen Chavez is a blind woman suffering from a brain tumor.
31 Mar. 2012
Meynard (Francis Magundayao) and Raymond (John Manalo) are best friends who have always dreamed of riding a ship and exploring the world together. When they finally had the chance to fulfill their ambition, Meynard and Raymond's dream turned into a nightmare after the ship's crewmen threw them out in the sea and left them afloat for 17 hours.
14 Apr. 2012
Polo Shirt
After finally having the guts to admit to his family that he is gay, Bonsai (Janus del Prado) left for Manila to live the life that he had always wanted and forget the pains that his family has given him. As he enjoys the freedom of expressing his sexuality, Bonsai became shocked and terrified with the sight of his youngest sister Celine (Katrina Michelle Legaspi (Trina Legaspi)) as a lesbian. With the fear of seeing his sister experience what he has been through, how will Bonsai protect Celine from the discrimination and judgment of their family? Will the siblings ever get the acceptance and approval of ...
21 Apr. 2012
T-Shirt (II)
Gigi (Sharlene San Pedro) at the age of four lived with her grandfather Domeng (Dante Rivero) after her father died and her mother left her. Still, she was very optimistic and had high hopes and dreams. Because of poverty, Gigi stopped schooling and went to Cebu City to work as a maid. But Gigi's dreams became a nightmare when she was raped repeatedly by his employer, Jaime (Justin Cuyugan). Unfortunately, she got pregnant and went back to her grandfather. She had to face difficulties of being a young mother. But it really wasn't easy. Gigi got tired of taking care of her daughter, Angel. She once blamed her ...
28 Apr. 2012
Kape (II)
Michelle (Dimples Romana) filed an annulment case against her husband (Lloyd Zaragoza) who was perennially beating her all throughout their marriage. Along the ordeal, she met a lawyer named David (Ian De Leon) who, like her, just came out of a bad relationship. As both struggle with their own failed romance, Michelle and David found themselves falling for each other. Amid the disapproval of their families and the judgment of the society in their budding relationship, can Michelle and David prove that their love is genuine? Is there life after a failed marriage?
5 May 2012
Kwintas (V)
Though she has met her great love, Mariz (Aiko Melendez) could not be with Nonit (Jomari Yllana) because of the promise she made to her family that she will not get married until her siblings finish college. After learning that Nonit got married, Mariz spent all her life providing for her family and she believes that it is her destiny to become an old maid. It is also by destiny that she will meet Nonit again after many years. Will Mariz fulfill her dream of being with her great love?
12 May 2012
Baunan (II)
Adelaida (Cherry Pie Picache) is almost had a perfect marriage with her husband Onofre (Al Tantay) except for one thing missing - their own child. Eager to raise one, they both decided to adopt not only one but five children. Life was okay until their kids found the truth about their real identities. How far can a mother sacrifice for her children who keep on driving her away?
19 May 2012
Xerces (Rayver Cruz) is a very obedient son who brought nothing but achievements to their family. As Xerces continued to excel in his life, his younger brother Ponso (Joseph Marco) had become his total opposite. From childhood until they grew up, Xerces was always being praised while Ponso was always being belittled not just by the people around them but somehow, by Xerces as well. Until a day came when it was Ponso's time to give his Kuya a lesson of life that cannot be learned from books.
26 May 2012
Lubid (II)
Gemma (Yen Santos) aspired to finish her studies and give her family a better life. Aside from poverty, Gemma had difficult time in achieving her dream because her father did not want to send her to school. With the lack of support, she decided to compete in Rodeo Masbateño and became one of its cowgirls. Gemma did not mind the danger of being a cowgirl because, aside from her financial needs, being a cowgirl gave Gemma the happiness that she could not find from her father.
9 Jun. 2012
Bangka (II)
Rizza Abaño (Abby Bautista) is an 11-year-old girl who is so motivated to finish her studies even if she has to swim in an open sea just to get to school. Amid the difficulties and even after her elder brother, Richard (Arjo Atayde), stopped going to school, Rizza remained determined to reach her dream and still believed that poverty is not a hindrance to success.
16 Jun. 2012
Bahay (II)
Tikboy (Matt Evans) is a child who, together with his siblings, grew up with an abusive and irresponsible man. Tikboy and his siblings were so physically and emotionally battered by their father, Nelson (William Lorenzo), that they no longer see him as a parent to long for but a monster to avoid. Little by little, because of their father's violence, Tikboy's house and their family were left broken.
23 Jun. 2012
Lola Auring Matias (Anita Linda), a 78-year-old woman who braved the streets of Manila alone each day in search for her missing husband, Lolo Luis (Tony Mabesa). For two weeks, she went around the city with two missing person posters of Luis pinned on her dress. Every day, Lola Auring was full of hope that she and her husband will meet again. Luckily, a good Samaritan was touched with the old lady's dedication that her picture was posted in one of the social networking sites. Thousands were inspired with Lola Auring's true love for Lolo Luis that a campaign was made to help her. With the ...
30 Jun. 2012
Manika (II)
Nene (Jane Oineza) is a 15-year-old girl who was recurrently raped by her stepfather. But her world drastically changed when her mother even assisted her live-in partner in the act of rape. Since then, Nene cursed the beauty that she possesses. How can someone who lost her self-respect regain her love for herself?
7 Jul. 2012
Jacket (II)
Jevon (Gerald Anderson) is a loving son who seeks justice for his family that was massacred, leaving his father (Toby Alejar) and brother (Kit Thompson) dead while his mother (Irma Adlawan) badly injured and siblings in shock. Will revenge serve its purpose of giving justice to Jevon's family? Or is forgiveness the key to the start of their family's healing from the tragedy?
21 Jul. 2012
Korona (II)
Discover the trials that Venus Raj had to go through before she joined Miss Universe through her empowering personal tale. How did she deal with the public's criticism on her physical appearance? What made her decide to fight for her crown after she was disqualified? How did she handle her newfound fame after her 'major-major' achievement?
28 Jul. 2012
Acmad (JM de Guzman) is a man who fell in love with a beautiful but elusive lady named Flor (Marlann Flores). Despite Flor's rejection and harsh treatment, Acmad did not give up and remained driven to win Flor's heart. Until one day, Flor shocked Acmad when she agreed on living together with him in exchange of P700. How long can a man survive an unrequited love?
4 Aug. 2012
A special heartwarming story of a 70-year-old man named Lolo Jessie ('Nanding Josef') and his pet dogs Simba and Brownie, who taught him the meaning of a true family. Although grateful for his nephew who let him stayed with his family, Lolo Jessie had no choice but to leave because his nephew's wife was not in favor of having dogs in their house. Lolo Jessie loved Simba and Bownie so much that he cannot abandon them and even promised to take care of them for the remaining years of his life.
11 Aug. 2012
Karina (Angeline Quinto) is a native of the Bagobo tribe who fell in love with a good-looking Ilonggo named Ariel (Jason Abalos). Aside from Ariel's family who is against their love affair, the cultural differences between Karina and the man she loves will complicate issues in their relationship. Will their love survive despite all hindrances and challenges?
18 Aug. 2012
Tinapay (II)
Flor (Mylene Dizon) is a devoted wife, mother, and daughter-in-law who did everything to keep her family complete. Deeply in love with her husband Tony (Jake Roxas), Flor remained kindhearted and caring to her mother-in-law, Lagring (Daria Ramirez) even after she found out that the grandmother of her sons did not really like her. But a day came when Flor found the courage to fight back when Lagring tried to physically hit her. Unfortunately after the incident, Tony took the side of her mother and ousted Flor from their house and kept the kids away from their mother. After more than a year, Flor decided...
25 Aug. 2012
Most of the time, Apple ('Brenna Peñaflor') was being scolded by her mom Josie (Assunta de Rossi) for always giving more time with church activities rather than her studies. Despite the strictness of her mother, Apple remained a very thoughtful kid to her family and a caring friend to her fellow kids. What will happen when one day the loving little girl dies?
8 Sep. 2012
Stuffed Toy
Despite their different personalities and priorities in life, Lola Joy (Coney Reyes), Lola Jane (Pinky Marquez) and Mamaita Rose (Boots Anson-Roa) were able to find unity and showed love to each other when their grandson Travelito was born. What were the sacrifices they had to make to ensure their grandson's welfare? What will happen to Lola Joy, Lola Jane and Mamaita Rose when Travelito is suddenly taken away from them?
15 Sep. 2012
Rosalyn (Iza Calzado) is a doctor who suffered from major depression due to a series of unfortunate incidents in her life, particularly because of her philandering father, Gilbert (Bembol Roco). At first, she was diagnosed to have paranoia and major depression; but later on Rosalyn was brought to a psychiatrist who declared that she was ill with bipolar disorder.
22 Sep. 2012
Bangkang papel
Ritche (Edgar Allan Guzman) dreamt of being a seaman to prove to everyone, especially to his father, that even though he is gay, he can still succeed in life. But because of the fear of being insulted and belittled by his classmates, Ritche decided not to show his true identity. How hard is it for a young man seeking for the society's approval to come out of the closet?
29 Sep. 2012
Singsing (V)
Secretary Joel Villanueva (Diether Ocampo) and his wife Gladys (Maricar Reyes) had a good married life until they found out that Joel could not have a child because of his rare medical condition. Joel was in denial of the fact that it was him who has a problem. But as he saw Gladys' desire to have a child, Joel began to realize that he needed to see a doctor. Both of them were enthusiastic about their situation until Joel had his second operation abroad wherein their doctor told them explicitly that Joel could not produce a child. But just when a lot of doctors said that they will never have a ...
6 Oct. 2012
Relo (II)
A touching heavy family drama of a dedicated father and husband, Sherwin (Zanjoe Marudo), who suffered from liver cancer.
13 Oct. 2012
Merly (Erich Gonzales is the trusting younger sister of Yolly (Diana Zubiri) who did everything that her ate asked of her, including the idea of having a relationship with Ramon (Patrick Garcia) whom Merly barely knew at all. Believing that Yolly's intention for her was good and pure, Merly followed Yolly, only to find out that she was just manipulated by her older sister. How can betrayal and infidelity shatter the solid bond between sisters?
20 Oct. 2012
Upuan (II)
Letty (Gladys Reyes) is a selfless and dedicated teacher of Aetas living in remote areas. With Letty's full commitment to her students, a time came when her relationship with her family was sacrificed. As a result, her family suggested that she should stop teaching. How hard is it to let go of something that you value so much?
27 Oct. 2012
Kandila (III)
Anna (Manilyn Reynes) is a mother and wife, whose third eye is open. Anna's happy married life started to suffer when she confessed her extra-ordinary ability to her husband Sonny (Gio Alvarez). Granting her husband's request, Anna tried her best to live a normal life and ignore her third eye. But everything changed when Anna's husband and youngest son started to see the spirits and feel the souls around them. How is it for a family to live with their third eyes opened?
3 Nov. 2012
Eliza (Gina Pareño) and Lito (Dante Rivero) are childhood sweethearts who after 45 years, when their spouses died already, were reunited to fulfill their promises of love to each other. Amid the strong resistance of their children, how will Eliza and Lito realize their ultimate dream to walk down the aisle as each other's first and last love?
10 Nov. 2012
Flash Cards
Fidel (Ariel Rivera) was able to recover from the heart attack but that incident caused his loss of comprehension and speech. With no money for Fidel's therapy, Fidel's wife (Ana Roces) asked their little daughter, Jonah (Casey Da Silva), to be a teacher to his father. Instead of playing with friends, Jonah was stuck with Fidel. Can a family remain strong when the supposed foundation suddenly becomes weak and helpless?
17 Nov. 2012
Cellphone (III)
Lyn (Yen Santos) is a conservative lady who based her life decisions on different kinds of sayings that she learned from her mother (Cherry Pie Picache). Lyn connects everything that happens to her to the old beliefs, from the right time to be in a relationship up to the reasons why she is suffering. In the end, which will matter more--Lyn's long list of sayings or real feelings that she and John (Kean Cipriano) have for each other?
24 Nov. 2012
Flower Shop
Bebeng (Dina Bonnevie) is a dedicated wife and mother to her 13 kids, who would always draw strength from her flower shop business in times of trials. Bebeng and her husband together with their thirteen children enjoyed a happy family life until several tragedies came their way--their eldest son was diagnosed with cancer, their third daughter got pregnant early, their sixth son was epileptic, while her 12th daughter died because of pneumonia. Because of these misfortunes, Bebeng eventually lost her flower shop and almost lost her will to continue living. On the verge of giving up,...
1 Dec. 2012
Pulang laso
Kevin (Carlo Aquino) and Alan (Joem Bascon) are both bisexuals who just met through a casual sex. Soon they found themselves falling in love with one another and eventually entered in a relationship. Their affair was filled with happiness until they knew that Kevin was infected with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and his case was already in AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) condition. Later on, Kevin confessed to Alan that he acquired the virus because of engaging in casual hook ups with his clients. What will happen when Alan discovers that Kevin infected him with AIDS? Will ...
8 Dec. 2012
Police Uniform
Roanna (Empress Schuck) is a beautiful lady whose greatest ambition is to become a nun. But after her brother's death, Roanna left her dream of becoming a nun and pursued a different path, which is to become a cop. Amid her efforts to fulfill her goal, a man from her past, Jason (Joseph Marco), returned in her life to profess his love for her. Love grew between them, until Roanna became a full-fledged policewoman. Jason barely understood Roanna's job which resulted to conflicts between them. Will Roanna's dangerous job put her personal life at risk?
15 Dec. 2012
Ben (Martin del Rosario) is a young man who bravely faced all the odds, even the maltreatment of his family, just to achieve his goal of finishing his studies. In a life full of darkness, how can one find the light that will drive him to fulfill his dreams?
22 Dec. 2012
Persie (Joey Marquez) and Cristy (Aiko Melendez) loved each other so much that Persie accepted his wife's past which involved having a son with her first husband. They almost had a perfect family life with their three sons until a disagreement led them to decide to go on with their lives separately. How will their children mend the broken relationship of their parents? Will their sons be enough reason to bring back the love of Persie and Cristy for each other?
29 Dec. 2012
Marriage Contract (II)
Instead of having their dream church wedding, Enez (Shaina Magdayao) and Marvin (Bryan Santos) just had a civil wedding because Enez became pregnant at a time when they were still financially unstable. The two started building dreams as a family but in the process, Enez's strength and character were put to test when Marvin suffered paralysis on different parts of his body and later on got comatose. Despite the misfortunes, Enez never left her husband.

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