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1 Jan. 2011
Ice Cream
This is a story of a gay cross dresser Jonel and a nurse Lory who started as friends. Jonel faced difficulties when he had to decide of should he love Lory if ever since he was a child, he wanted to be with a man. In the end, Jonel followed his heart. He married Lory and built a family with her. He changed his image but not his personage. Jonel is still a gay who proved that he can love a woman whom Lory wholeheartedly accepted.
8 Jan. 2011
Internet Shop
Nora has done a lot of odd jobs in order to gain extra income for her family, but it's still not enough to cover their daily expenses. So when her gay friend tells her that she could earn easy money through cybersex, she immediately tries it our despite her husband's protests. Nora insists that Boy shouldn't make a big deal out of it since her customers can't touch her anyway. But is her desire to provide a better life for her family worth sacrificing her relationship with her husband and children?
15 Jan. 2011
Collin doesn't believe that there would be a woman that could love him for who he is. At the age of 13, his both legs were amputated after a bus accident. So one day, when Jane offered him love, Collin didn't easily believe because he thought Jane is just fooling him. But because Jane truly loves him, Collin eventually accepted Jane and her love for her too. They faced difficulties when their parents went against their relationship.
22 Jan. 2011
A heartbreaking story about how the relationship between mother and daughter can be destroyed because of their love for the same man. Carla resists the charms of her suitor Marlon because of their age gap. Although she refuses to be committed to a younger guy, she tells him that it is okay for them to remain friends. But trouble begins when she discovers that her daughter Anna has developed romantic feelings for Marlon. Unexpected events turn mother and daughter into rivals vying for Marlon's love.
29 Jan. 2011
Daniella (Abby Bautista), a rich kid, is content playing alone in the house since her parents have provided her with all the material things that she asks for. But her sheltered life begins to change as she meets their maid's daughter, Lira (Amy Nobleza). With Lira as her playmate, Daniella gets exposed to street games, street food, and small carnivals, though her mom would often scold her about engaging in such activities. Things change when Lira accidentally discovers that Daniella's dad has an affair with another woman. Lira thought that as a friend, it was her duty to tell Daniella the ...
5 Feb. 2011
Solly (Toni Gonzaga), a pretty singer whose beautiful voice captivates the heart of a young boy named Jun (Nash Aguas). It's love at first sight for Jun so he immediately asks his father (Robert Seña) to formally introduce him to Solly. But because of their age gap, Solly doesn't really take Jun seriously, thinking that his affection for her would fade in time. But what if it's true love after all? Is it possible for Solly to fall for someone who's way younger than her?
12 Feb. 2011
Zandro (Zanjoe Marudo), a student-activist who is known as a ladies' man in their campus. He was able to manage three girlfriends at a time. But then he fell in love with Knoll (Bea Alonzo), an optimistic scholar he couldn't hurt because of her innocence in love and relationships. He confessed about his other girls and they opted to go their separate ways. After college, they lost communication. He got tired of his old life. He broke up with all his girlfriends. Wanting a new and better direction, Zandro joined the corporate world and met his new girlfriend in the person of Debbie (Jodi Sta. Maria). They ...
19 Feb. 2011
School ID
May (Melissa Ricks) and Bobit (Matt Evans) are college sweethearts who would often break up because of their personal differences. But when May's father passes away, she realizes how much Bobit loves her as he shoulders some of her financial obligations and helps her find a teaching job so she can graduate from college. They inspire each other to become better persons as Bobit also pursues his dream to become a policeman. But their relationship is ultimately put to the test again when May discovers that Bobit had flings with other women. Can a man really love a woman when he's being ...
26 Feb. 2011
Ugly and impoverished Jawo (Rayver Cruz) crosses paths with the beautiful and wealthy Christie (Shaina Magdayao). Although they are worlds apart, Christie will fall for Jawo's kindheartedness after he saves her life in an accident. It's as if they are destined to change each other's lives as Christie teaches Jawo how to read and write; while he, in turn, lets her experience simple joys such as eating street food and laughing out loud. But because of their differences, Christie's mother, Amparo ('Jacklyn Jose'), disapproves of their relationship and will do anything to break them apart. How ...
5 Mar. 2011
Marivic (Aiko Melendez) and Dindo (Dominic Ochoa) are siblings who have grown to hate each other following the tragic separation of their parents. To make matters worse, they are forced to live with their relatives separately since they were kids. Marivic is raised by their mother's well-off family while Dindo is put under the care of poor relations of their father. Marivic becomes a snob because of her affluent upbringing while Dindo had to work for his adoptive parents' restaurant at the age of nine. When Marivic treats Dindo like a helper and not as a sibling, he vows that no one can make ...
12 Mar. 2011
The story of Star Power grand winner Angeline Quinto who struggled with her complicated family ties as well as her dream to become a singer.
19 Mar. 2011
Jay (JM de Guzman), a fresh grad who's determined to give his family a better life. In the beginning, he lands a profitable job in Macau which paves the way for him to gain his grandfather's respect. But he's eventually forced to resign from his job and come home a failure in his lolo's eyes. Jay immediately jumps at the chance to work abroad again as an old acquaintance offers him a teaching job in Beijing. But when he reaches Bangkok to meet his employer, he gets the shock of his life when he learns that he's about to be used as a drug mule by the West African Drug Syndicate (...
26 Mar. 2011
Manuela (Bangs Garcia), the town beauty in Saranggani who captures both the hearts of her close friend Isyot (Rodjun Cruz) as well as the chief of police, Manuel (Gabby Concepcion). The conflict begins when Manuela has difficulty choosing between the two who seem to have her best interests at heart. As if things couldn't be any more confusing, she agrees to marry both Isyot and Manuel when they finally proposed to her. What will happen then once the men discovers the truth?
2 Apr. 2011
Jovit (Carl John Barrameda) once sold Chinese dimsum via pushcart to augment his family's income. But even as a young boy, he already dreamed of becoming a famous singer despite his parents' disapproval. Other people also tried to discourage him because of his looks and status in life. How will Jovit rise above such harsh criticisms against him? And what will inspire him to join Pilipinas Got Talent?
9 Apr. 2011
Birth Certificate
Carol (Pokwang) was given away by her mother when she was still a baby. History repeats itself when she's also forced to give up her own son because of her financial situation. The fact that Carol knows how it feels to have no family makes it more difficult for her to get over her guilt and longing for her child. Until one day, she finds herself taking care of a baby girl named Bronchelle. Will Carol finally find peace in her life?
16 Apr. 2011
Lisa (Bangs Garcia) and Efren (Ejay Falcon), who have sworn to love each other despite the disapproval of the former's family. Lisa's relatives want her to break up with Efren, thinking that he will only bring her harm. But the irony of it is that Lisa's father, Fidel (Mark Gil), seems to be the one who's set on ruining her life since he is deeply obsessed with her. To make things worse, Fidel is determined to break the couple apart even if it means hurting his own daughter. How will the couple deal with Fidel's obsession? Will they succeed in discouraging his immoral advances or not?
30 Apr. 2011
Edgar (AJ Perez), an orphaned teenager who will take his younger brother, Dagul (Bugoy Cariño), on a journey from Novaliches to Samar by foot. With no money in their pockets, the two will go in search of their relatives, not knowing what kind of reception awaits them there. They are forced to rely on each other as well as the kindness of people whom they will meet along the way. Edgar vows that he will do everything he can to protect Dagul, but several unforeseen events will put their brotherhood to the test. Is Edgar strong enough to take responsibility over a minor? And how will he ...
7 May 2011
Charles (Sam Milby) has a great passion for music. But a fire leaves Charles severely injured, including his fingers which affects his ability to play the piano. Since then, his self-esteem suffers a great deal and he often has difficulty getting into a serious relationship because of his insecurities. But just when he thought he would never love again, he meets the beautiful Andrea (Cristine Reyes) who'll encourage him to revive his passion for music. But is love enough to make Charles forget about his past heartaches that seemed to have scarred him for life?
14 May 2011
Susana (Ai-Ai de las Alas), a devoted mom whose world turns upside down when her sons Roderick (John Wayne Sace) and Ray-an (Lester Llansang) are both diagnosed with incurable diseases. Despite their lack of financial means, Susana will try her best to provide the best possible care for them. But things will get worse as she realizes that she's helpless in the face of her children's suffering. Is she strong enough to handle such a family crisis?
21 May 2011
Emily (Alessandra de Rossi) is a feisty 22-year-old who's always there to protect her best friend Diane (Trina Legaspi), 18, whenever they find themselves in trouble. They've overcome so many hurdles together that they couldn't think of anything that might ruin their friendship. But one summer vacation, Emily meets Dianne's father Teddy (Jomari Yllana) and instantly falls for his charming personality. So when Teddy declares his love for her, Emily agrees to become his girlfriend but she insists to keep their relationship a secret from Diane. When push comes to shove, however, will Emily choose to give up the ...
28 May 2011
Imelda (Kaye Abad) and Macoy (Ian De Leon) who have a very close brother and sister relationship. Both of them have dreamed of raising their own families someday. As such, they couldn't be any happier when they eventually found their respective partners in life. But what happens once they discover that their partners have been deceiving them all along? Is there anything more painful than being betrayed by the people you love the most?
4 Jun. 2011
At the age of three, Nikko (Arron Villaflor) is abandoned by his mother (Nikki Valdez) in a makeshift movie house in Tacloban. He grows up searching for a place he could call home and a family who will make him feel loved. He meets a few people who could have given him what he longed for, but something always goes wrong along the way. There's Lola Aning (Daria Ramirez) whose relatives didn't like him, a family of drug users and a couple who also left him in the end due to an unfortunate turn of events. But is his sad plight in life enough reason for him to end his life by jumping off San Juanico bridge?
11 Jun. 2011
Gretchen (Nikki Bacolod) has been semi-bald ever since she was a kid (Sharlene San Pedro). Her rampant hair loss persists into her teenage years, causing her a lot of heartaches and discrimination by the people around her. Gretchen eventually discovers a temporary solution to her problem when her best friend (Charee Pineda) gives her a wig as a gift. But can she truly gain her confidence back if she concentrates on improving her outward appearance rather than her deeply buried insecurities? And will she be able to find someone who will accept her for who she really is?
18 Jun. 2011
Darwin Calvario (Piolo Pascual) of General Santos City, a tricycle driver who tries his best to be a good provider to his wife Chona (Maricar Reyes) and their newborn baby. Earning money for their daily needs is difficult enough already, but his strength as a family man is put to the test when he finds out that his baby is suffering from imporforate anus (no anal opening) and needs to undergo an immediate operation. Amidst his frantic search for funds that would cover his son's hospital bills, Darwin stumbles upon a bag containing a huge amount of money in the backseat of his tricycle one day....
25 Jun. 2011
Gamay (Assunta de Rossi), an ambitious girl who grew up near a fish port in General Santos City. Having been exposed to poverty at a young age, she dreams of providing a comfortable life for her family, which she eventually achieves through sheer hard work. Because she's too focused on her work, she has neglected the needs of her husband ('Wowie de Guzman') and their children. By the time she realizes it, however, Gamay's relationship with them has gone sour. Is it too late for her to correct her mistakes?
9 Jul. 2011
Bert Sanchez (Joseph Marco) is a former street vendor who achieved his dream to become champion cyclist in Asia. Bert believes that anything is attainable through sheer will and hard work. Tragedy strikes when at the peak of his athletic career, Bert is suddenly diagnosed with a serious illness and loses his right leg in the process. Will he have the courage to pick up the pieces of his life and start over again?
16 Jul. 2011
Grace (Erich Gonzales) and Philip (Albie Casiño) are siblings who both long for the love of their father Rodrigo (Cris Villanueva). But he already has a family of his own and barely gives them the time of day. Although their mom (Ana Capri) tries her best to provide for their needs, Grace and Philip can't help but criticize her lack of courage to fight for their right to be acknowledged by their father. Will they ever find a way to win their father's affection?
23 Jul. 2011
Callao Cave
Andoy (Zaijian Jaranilla) is a lonesome boy who was raised solely by his father, Jerry (Zoren Legaspi), who is seldom home. To chase away his misery, Andoy secretly signs up as the youngest tour guide to the famous Callao Cave. He's so good at entertaining tourists that he quickly becomes well known in their town. But instead of being proud of his son's accomplishment, Jerry is furious when he learns about the whole thing and even forces Andoy to quit his job. Will Andoy follow his father's wishes or will he fight for the one thing that gives him self-fulfillment?
30 Jul. 2011
Edison and Eric are identical twins (Carl John Barrameda). At first, the brothers were happy with the fact that they look alike and even used it to their advantage. They would exchange classes and do favors for one another. But everything changed when Edison confessed to everyone that he's gay. Eric had difficulty accepting his brother's sexuality as well as its adverse effect on his own reputation in high school. How long will Eric carry a grudge against Edison for being gay? What will it take for him to forgive his brother for being true to himself?
6 Aug. 2011
Gloria (Gina Pareño) spent most of her life taking care of her five grandchildren. The strength of her character is further put to the test when a road accident leaves her two grandchildren, Jocelyn (Nikki Bagaporo) and Glory (Amy Nobleza), dead. Gloria's bent on pursuing criminal charges against the driver, Erning (Nonie Buencamino). It was truly a cruel twist of fate since Erning is also a good family man, who never meant to harm anyone. Should justice prevail or will Gloria choose to forgive Erning instead?
13 Aug. 2011
Apple (Kim Chiu) is a nurse who has been secretly in love with her longtime friend/co-worker Rico (Edgar Allan Guzman). With the help of her friends, she finally captures his attention when she starts making changes with her looks. But Rico is already committed to another girl. Will Apple fight for his love or will she choose to give up easily?
20 Aug. 2011
Life hasn't always been easy for Marcelito Pomoy (JM de Guzman) whose childhood was filled with difficulties and a deep longing to be reunited with his real family. To survive the streets of Surigao, he took up various odd jobs like working as a pin boy in a bowling alley and a balut vendor at one point in his life. He found comfort in singing Regine Velasquez's songs to pass the time, not knowing that it will lead him to instant fame someday. In the meantime, Marcelito did not give up his dream to search for his biological parents. Will he finally become fulfilled once he's reunited with them? But what if the...
27 Aug. 2011
A son makes a sudden realization that his parents' seemingly perfect marriage is actually filled with deceit and betrayal. Jason (Martin del Rosario) really looks up to his parents' relationship. His father, Bong (Ian Veneracion), is a pastor while his mother, Myrna (Mercedes Cabral), is a pious woman. But everything changes when Jason discovers his father's illicit relationship with a younger woman, Karen (Marlann Flores). In order to save his parents' marriage, Jason decides to court Karen who eventually falls for his charm. How will this turn of events affect Jason's relationship with Bong? Did he really do the right thing ...
3 Sep. 2011
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10 Sep. 2011
Ofelia (Laurice Guillen) makes life a living hell for her daughter-in-law Becky (Charee Pineda). For some reason, she always finds fault in Becky even though the latter makes it a point to please her. But despite Ofelia's oppressiveness, Becky keeps her mother-in-law's maltreatment a secret from her husband Toto (Janus del Prado) for ten years. What will it take for Ofelia to realize that Becky is actually a good catch for her son?
17 Sep. 2011
Rene (Rodjun Cruz) unexpectedly falls in love with his stepsister Jovel (Nikki Bacolod). The two become lovers in no time and have no trouble living together under one roof. But despite Rene's unconditional love for Jovel, she later engages in an illicit affair with Janno (Manuel Chua). To make matters worse, the guy turns out to be Rene's best friend. Devastated and filled with hatred, Rene plans to take revenge by killing his lover's other man. Is there no way for Rene to change his mind? Does betrayal justify murder?
24 Sep. 2011
Edlyn (Sharlene San Pedro) is an impressionable girl who has great respect for her father's seeming devotion to their family. But her idyllic life is turned upside down when she learns that her father, Jess (Baron Geisler), is having an affair with their neighbor (Niña Jose). Determined to shield her mom (Ina Raymundo) from heartbreak, Edlyn makes sure that Jess comes home every night, even if it means waiting up for him outside his mistress's house. How long will she live a lie just to keep their family intact? Will her father ever get his act together?
1 Oct. 2011
Bogs (Angel Aquino) begins a quest to stop mining activities as it is taking its toll on various natural resources in their town. But in spite of her good intentions, her family begins to resent the fact that she isn't home most of the time because of her advocacy. To make matters worse, she later loses her sight due to glaucoma. Will Bogs be able to find the balance between her family life and a good cause? Or will she end up losing not only her sight but her loved ones as well?
8 Oct. 2011
Tap Dancing Shoes
Brothers Ramonito (John Prats) and Lourdito (Nash Aguas), popularly known as Happy Feet, narrate the struggle they had to go through just to reach their dream of getting their family out of poverty. Eventually, all their efforts were not put to waste as they ranked second in Pilipinas Got Talent (2010) Season 2, giving them opportunities to show their talents while earning money and making their father appreciating their talent.
15 Oct. 2011
Louie (Jake Cuenca) is a Filipino transgender in Spain who strives hard to gain his father's love. The episode is an inspiring story about how acceptance and forgiveness brought the relationship of a father (Ricky Davao) and son even closer.
22 Oct. 2011
Aurora is a strong-willed woman who stood by the man she loved and worked hard just to make her dreams for her family happen.
29 Oct. 2011
Anita (Rio Locsin) is a woman who came from a failed relationship and falls in love with Hideo (Toru Nagahashi), a Japanese man. Hideo, despite being Japanese is passionate about Filipino culture, particularly its language and music. His son (Ya Chang), however, thinks of Filipino women as nothing more than gold-diggers. When Hideo's son challenges Anita's love for his father, Anita's perfect love story goes downhill. How can a woman prove her love when she is up against his own husband's son How can a relationship transcend culture and belief? What will the cost of understanding be?
5 Nov. 2011
Ester (Ara Mina) decides to work as a manicurist in a parlor owned by her friend Eva (Rica Peralejo). She also agrees to become Eva's (who is an aspiring actress) personal assistant. The two grow really close to each other until Eva accuses Ester of stealing her necklace. Because of the incident, Ester not only gives up her job but her friendship with Eva as well. But an unexpected turn of events will pave the way for them to be reunited again. What happens when Eva is forced to ask help from Ester this time? Would Ester forgive Eva for accusing her of stealing in the past? Is it possible...
12 Nov. 2011
Based on the life story of a New Bilibid Prisons inmate named Willie who spent most of his life outside prison running away from the authorities.
26 Nov. 2011
A touching story about an extraordinary friendship. Anna (Precious Lara Quigaman) saw the good in Poying (Sylvia Sanchez) who is feared by their community for being an "aswang." Despite Poying's unusual behavior, Anna treated Poying as part of her family.
3 Dec. 2011
Paolo (Ejay Falcon) is a certified cynic when it comes to love. He refused to be like his mother (Irma Adlawan) who kept on loving his father (Rey 'PJ' Abellana) despite the latter's abusive behavior. Because of this, he never takes his relationships seriously. But he's bound to break his notions about love once he meets Dino (Tyron Perez (as Tyrone Perez)). Both of them agree to engage in a fling, but Paolo soon finds himself so much in love with Dino that he's willing to lose his pride and self-respect if it means winning over Dino's heart. When will Paolo realize that he's only setting himself up for disappointment...
10 Dec. 2011
Niagara Falls
Juana manages to stand up for her fellow hardworking caregivers in Canada as she battles with colon cancer, which paved the way for the "Juana Tejada Law" to be passed.
17 Dec. 2011
Witness the sacrifices of a son, Abel, (Joseph Marco) who took on the responsibilities of his parents, Andres (Jimmy Santos) and Belen (Susan Africa), who were imprisoned for alleged illegal recruitment activities.
24 Dec. 2011
Mila adopts a baby with whom she never thought she would become so attached. A seemingly perfect family became complete with a child they just took care of on Christmas day.

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