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4 Jan. 2008
Swimming Pool
A playing a woebegone deaf-mute who triumphed over her disabilities when she became a champion paralympics swimmer.
18 Jan. 2008
Hair Clip
Theirs may not be a complete family but who says a single dad can't raise two daughters by himself? Nick (Michael De Mesa) does an exceptional job at it given his close relationship with Pamela and Dindin. But what if their simple but happy existence is suddenly struck with one of life's cruel jokes? Nick becomes accused with rape, which he swears he did not commit, but all circumstantial evidence seems to point at him. Though his daughters' belief in him remains unshakeable, how can they prove his innocence in court?
25 Jan. 2008
The comic romantic story of a religious, conservative girl Flor (Mariel Rodriguez) who falls for a streetwise sanggano Louie (Zanjoe Marudo). Their love story begins when they meet each other during an unfortunate holdup in a bus. The two have an unlikely love affair, and eventually, the one changes the other for love.
1 Feb. 2008
Kat-Kat (Eliza Pineda) experiences her first brush with young love at 13. She becomes instantly attracted to Roel (Joshua Dionisio) after she laid eyes on him at the carnival where his family sells popcorn every December. Then she gets heartbroken when she learns that Roel is interested in her friend (Mikylla Ramirez) and merely wants her to act as their "bridge". She begins to dream again however when Roel suddenly turns his attention to her. With him she encounters all the firsts in her life: first time to be showered with love other than her parents, first kiss, first hug, first date and other kilig ...
8 Feb. 2008
Jay (Geoff Eigenmann) whose wife left him when she realizes that he will never see again. Despite his efforts to save their marriage, Jay still ends up alone with their kids and his parents to care for him. On the other hand, Lisa (Valerie Concepcion) is a polio victim whose disability always hinders her from being accepted by others. They are two people who thought they will spend their whole lives in misery 'til their paths crossed.
15 Feb. 2008
As someone who comes from a very wealthy family, the life of Darlene ('K.C. Concepcion') practically evolves around boys, parties and all the luxuries in the world. Perhaps her attitude can't be helped since she's daddy's favorite girl. Everything she wants she gets with just a snap of her finger. All these changed however when her parents met a tragic accident, which claimed her father's life and rendered her mom paralyzed. Suddenly, she finds her family bankrupt and it's up to her now to support her ailing mother. Can she survive living the hard life?
22 Feb. 2008
They say that great love comes along once in a lifetime. So when you find it, you should hold on to it and never let go. But matters of the heart are always marked with a mesh of complications. Just like Cathy (Regine Velasquez) and Gian (Albert Martinez) who lost their chance to be together twice in their youth. But after twenty years of separation, their dreams pull them back together again. Will they choose to fight for their love this time or is it simply too late for them?
7 Mar. 2008
There is nothing wrong with dreaming big as it drives us to reach beyond our own limit. It becomes a hindrance however when we fail to distinguish reality from mere fantasy. The story of Lola Angge (Susan Roces) as told by her grandson (Jiro Manio) takes us to her fancy life as a woman of status when in fact she's merely a "scrap queen", living in a small shanty with her garbage collection. Upon living with her, Jonel's family is left without a choice but to accept her maltreatment since they have nowhere else to go. He fails to understand however why his Lolo Dom tolerates his wife's ...
14 Mar. 2008
To heed love's call or to follow the Lord's calling? Such is the dilemma of pen pals Sheila (Roxanne Guinoo) and Dennis (Joross Gamboa). Corresponding with each other for 8 years, Sheila and Dennis's friendship eventually develops into something more. However Dennis' vocation as a seminarian hinders them from truly pursuing what they feel for one another. Difficult as it is, they must choose which path to take and eventually realize their true destinies.
28 Mar. 2008
Nina (Hazel Ann Mendoza), who has been adopted by some relatives in Manila, shares to her younger sister Jasmine (Maja Salvador) how wonderful city life is. The young woman paints such a beautiful picture of her experiences in Manila that Jasmine could not help but long for the same thing. Coming from a financially-strapped family living in the province, nine-year-old Jasmine wished that she can be adopted by their well-off relatives too, so she can also have the comfortable life Nina is experiencing. It was too late however when she realizes that Nina merely embellished the story of her glorious ...
4 Apr. 2008
Is it possible for two people to fall in love even at the age of 80? Love indeed knows neither time nor reason for Lola Etrona (Gloria Romero), who is reunited with her childhood sweetheart, after years of misery from a loveless marriage. Hailed as the most beautiful girl in their town back when she was in her teens, her dream of becoming a teacher and spending forever with her beloved Panyong (Eddie Garcia) was suddenly crushed when her father forced her to wed a much older man. But even though she moved away from her barrio she kept Panyong's memory alive by telling her son stories about ...
18 Apr. 2008
Rhea (Empress Schuck) suffers unimaginable pain as she becomes a victim of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her own father and brother. Trying to put her painful past behind her, Rhea leaves home and assumes the identity of a boy named Lester in an effort to forget her horrible experiences. As Lester, Rhea lives a life so far removed from her past and manages to become friends with Ian (Oyo Boy Sotto). When Ian discovers his friend is actually a girl, he encourages her to deal with her pain so she can move on with the rest of her life. Can Rhea find the courage to confront the ghosts ...
25 Apr. 2008
For someone like Ruben (Carlo Aquino), who was born and raised in the slums of Tondo, poverty, crime, and vice are part and parcel of everyday life. Since he grows up without a father and because his mother (Aleck Bovick) works abroad, he learns to become independent. His only wish in life is to meet the woman of his dreams. Anette (Denise Laurel) is everything in a woman that he ever asked for and more. The two fall madly in love, but Anette's wealthy parents reject their relationship-much like what happened to his own mother who was shunned by his father's family. Will Ruben have to let go of the one ...
2 May 2008
Bert (Gabby Concepcion) is the devoted driver of a rich Chinese family. He is so loyal to his boss Federico (Tirso Cruz III) that he tolerates the fact that his boss is cheating on his wife, Chona (Rio Locsin). In return, Bert is generously rewarded for his late night work just so Federico can meet with his mistress. Later on however, he starts to feel guilty because he sees how Chona suffers in silence because of her husband's coldness. But Bert cannot tell her about Federico's illicit affair for fear of losing his job. Will he finally muster enough courage to tell Chona the truth? How will Bert's dilemma ...
9 May 2008
Eighteen-year-old Adela (Bea Alonzo) becomes a surrogate mom to Abby (Julia Montes), an unwanted baby from a prominent family. She basically puts her life on hold while she raises a child not even her own. Abby grows up believing that Adela is her real mom, until her grandmother tells her the truth. Devastated, Abby eventually learns to accept the real circumstances of her birth. Meanwhile, Adela is slowly living her own life, but she still refuses to let go of Abby. Can she learn to do some growing up of her own so she can finally raise her own family?
23 May 2008
The pregnant Rita (Pokwang) is abandoned by her husband who takes her two other older sons and leaves the youngest son with her. Though heartbroken, Rita was able to raise her son and paying off her husband's debt by selling toys and bringing joy to other kids for seven years. When Rita couldn't bear being separated with her sons, she decided to see one of them in his school. Will Rita be able to patch things up with her son? Will she able to bring joy to their faces similar to the entertainment that she gives to other children?
30 May 2008
Story of Freddie (Jomari Yllana) and Leah (Ara Mina) who find love again after their respective unhappy marriages. Despite their families' objections, they decide to fight for their relationship and live a contented life. The sea will be the witness of their undying love, but it will also bring tragedy down upon them. Will they be able to fight fate?
6 Jun. 2008
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20 Jun. 2008
The story revolves around Alex (Diether Ocampo) who has to leave his family behind to seek better opportunities in Japan. Years later, his affair with a Japanese woman results in a son named Nori (Quintin Alianza). When he returns home, he brings along Nori and introduces him as his adopted son to his daughter Andrea (Eliza Pineda). Andrea is too young to understand that Nori is the reason why her own mom left them soon after her father's homecoming. How will Alex raise his two children on his own?
27 Jun. 2008
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11 Jul. 2008
Story of two women vying for the love of one man. Farida (Sheryl Cruz) whose family life gets shaken as Ana (Jodi Sta. Maria) desperately wants to win the heart of her husband Esmail (Bobby Andrews). In the course of Ana's wicked desires, the fates of Farida's children head a turn for the worse most especially that of her eldest daughter, Rahina (Empress Schuck). What drastic measures will Ana do just to make Esmail hers? How will a child deal with a woman who's determined to tear her family apart?
19 Jul. 2008
The story of Margarita (Gretchen Barretto) forced to work off her sweat for her family while her good-for-nothing husband stays happily unemployed most of the time. Eventually though, she finds a good-paying job through the help of the town Mayor (Phillip Salvador) who becomes her good friend, and much later, her lover. Is it wrong for Margarita to fall for someone who can fulfill her needs for her family and as a woman? How can she stay faithful if the man she married does nothing but run away from his responsibilities?
26 Jul. 2008
Ice Cream
Find out where 'Charice' is getting those deep emotions when singing heartwarming songs that made her popular in Korea, United Kingdom, Italy, USA and the rest of the world. The episode will narrate the struggles of this young diva including the reason why she no longer uses the last name "Pempengco."
2 Aug. 2008
Gerry (Smokey) is an average guy with a decent job, and Kong (Bemjie) is a seemingly dangerous thug who is actually harmless and just misunderstood. They both discover through an unexpected encounter that looks can be deceiving and they form a strong bond despite their differences. But what if the malice and cynicism of people around them persist in destroying the trust which they fought to build? Will they have faith in their friendship or will they be swayed by mob?
9 Aug. 2008
Set in Isla Puting Bato, a poignant story about poverty that drifted the families and the extent of a mother's love, not only to her children but also to her grandchildren if needed. Lola Elena, left by her daughter Inday, strives to feed her five grandchildren and send them to school. But poverty and lack of education were a major threat to Lola Elena's goal. Despite their situation and her old age, she continues to support them and give them what they need even if it means giving all her strength and energy and risking her own life.
16 Aug. 2008
Marie (Sarah Geronimo) came from a broken family. Her parents separated when her mother found out that her father had an affair with another woman. She, her mother Lucing (Cherry Pie Picache) and her elder brother, Marko (Jason Abalos) moved out from their house and started living in rented houses. Despite of it, she was living a comfortable life - she was enrolled in an exclusive school and had what she needed, not knowing that her mother was having a hard time at work already. They started moving to different places - from a fully furnished house, to more cramped studio-type apartments, dealing with annoying ...
23 Aug. 2008
Liwayway (or simply Rosie by day) (Cristine Reyes), a woman who's forced to work as a G.R.O. in a strip joint. Some may look down upon this kind of job, but all Liwayway cares about is to earn enough money for her to use in her search of her long-lost father. Along this journey, what various struggles will Liwayway face before she achieves such a simple dream? Will she find the one man who really means a lot to her, or will one big revelation suddenly push her on a different course?
30 Aug. 2008
Board Game
Dennis (Rayver Cruz) and Myra (Maja Salvador) met at a popular hang-out in front of their school. Dennis invited Myra to judge a boardgame and got her class schedule. The next day, Dennis went to Myra's class and decided to cut class and go on a date. They made love on the sixth day of their relationship and Myra got pregnant. Fear that she would intervene with Dennis' life, Myra decided to hide her pregnancy but her cousin found out about her situation and told Myra's mother. Furious, Myra's relatives filed a case against Dennis and thus ending their relationship on a sour note. One and a ...
13 Sep. 2008
Pangking (Matt Evans), the campus heartthrob, and Aming (Kim Chiu), an ordinary and simple girl in class, started off as best friends. Aming became King's bridge in courting Neneng, one of Aming's girl friends. Unexpectedly, King fell in love with Aming. Their friendship grew deeper as a romantic relationship between them began. Conflicts arise and rivalries emerged when Aming's circle of friends and their teachers showed objection against their relationship. Many of the girls in class felt envious of Aming because she almost had King in her hands. Their teachers were also against them...
20 Sep. 2008
The story of Chris Zamora (John Lloyd Cruz), a family man whose unstable personality compels him to believe that he's the devil's advocate. Second to the youngest in a brood of 13, Chris developed a rare mental illness because of a lack of family care and medical attention.
27 Sep. 2008
Malou (Dawn Zulueta), a 40-year-old single mother who falls in love with Roger (Jake Cuenca) who's 9 years younger than her. But more than their huge age difference, their main struggle is the fact that Roger happens to be a prisoner wrongly accused of attempted rape. Fate is on their side though because it was their regular participation in Bible studies which brought them together in the first place. But with the society's prejudice towards convicts, will Malou's family accept her choice of a life time partner? Can she trust someone like Roger despite his past? And how can they build a ...
4 Oct. 2008
Marlon is boy pimp who grew up in poverty and bad influences from his surroundings.
11 Oct. 2008
Jay Bogayan in real life, Bugoy Drilon (Mark Bautista) grew up in an impoverished family in the town of Ocampo. Since childhood, he has dreamed of finishing his studies and performing on stage. His dreams were put on hold when his father became alcoholic and Bugoy had to work as a janitor in the university to finance his education. His life changed forever when he got the chance to audition for PDA 2, and the rest, they say, is history.
25 Oct. 2008
Aurora (Aiko Melendez) was sentenced to life imprisonment due to two cases of estafa. Prior to that, Aurora has been obsessed on her pursuit of true love from her different lovers. Though she was already a mother of seven children, Aurora learns how to value her relationship with them only when she got jailed. Under the said circumstances, is it too late for her to express her love to them? But how can she be a responsible parent if she's put behind bars forever?
1 Nov. 2008
Sonny (Joem Bascon) and Laila (Precious Lara Quigaman) are a young couple who sought the help of an abortionist named Susan ('Jacklyn Jose'). As a manghihilot, Susan would frequently help women get rid of the baby in their womb. But because the act gives her so much guilt, Susan would light a candle and offer prayers to the souls on the unborn children she killed. However, when one of her patients ended up dead, Susan started seeing things she never imagined were possible. An apparition of a bloody woman would often follow her wherever she goes. In her dreams, the woman would appear carrying a child ...
8 Nov. 2008
Mio (Ketchup Eusebio), a young man with a sad past, who finally gives in to his mother Choring's (Gina Pareño) request for a long-overdue visit to their poor town in Bicol. He dreads the homecoming since the town has given him painful memories like the death of his father and the reason that pushed all his sisters to leave for Manila a long, long time ago. Their bus ride to Bicol becomes a memorable trip down memory lane for Mio as he discovers that even the smallest things can become blessings depending on one's perspective. He finally realizes that these simple details can offer an escape ...
15 Nov. 2008
Leather Shoes
Ricardo is a man who is never serious in a relationship. But he falls in love with a prim and proper woman, Liza, which will give way to change.
22 Nov. 2008
Eloisa (Alessandra de Rossi), a hardworking woman born into poverty who does everything she can to support her family even at an early age. When she is diagnosed with cancer, she still chooses to continue working instead of getting proper treatment. She beats the odds by living past the time that her doctors expected her to live to, but another complication comes her way when she finds out she is pregnant. Despite the added danger to her health, she chooses to carry the child to full term. Will Eloisa get her wish of having a child or will she succumb to her battle with cancer?
6 Dec. 2008
Story of two young lovers, Johnny and Aida, who are out to prove that real happiness can be found even after suffering a painful betrayal.
13 Dec. 2008
Anita (Judy Ann Santos), a mother of three who has no idea how to raise her children after her husband's unexpected demise. Her youngest child starves to death soon after that and such tragic loss finally makes her lose hope for their future. As such, she decides to end their poverty-stricken lives by poisoning her kids. Anita's attempt to take the easy way out fails, however, as her eldest son Seloy catches her in the act and puts his sibling in the care of their nearest relatives instead. After what happened, has Anita totally lost her chance to becoming a good mother to her ...
20 Dec. 2008
A heartwarming story of a little girl (Sophia Baars) whose only wish is to have a merry Christmas and a surprise gift from Santa. Her grandfather (Spanky Manikan) hears her heart's great desire and tries his best to make her dreams come true.

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