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5 Jan. 2006
Lani was born with a disability but it didn't stop Elmer to loved her. When they lived in Cagayan, Elmer decided to profess his love for Lani and she gladly accepted his love and got married eventually. After a year, Lani got pregnant but Elmer couldn't accept it because he feared that their unborn child might also be afflicted with disability. Soon Elmer realized that it didn't matter if his child will be born with disability.
19 Jan. 2006
Roger was a young man who falls in love with her employer Ising. But their love was bound to be tested when people around them tried to separate the two because of their age differences. In the end, Roger and Ising proved that when it comes to love, age doesn't matter.
26 Jan. 2006
Will Angel (Maja Salvador) still accept Erwin (John Wayne Sace) after she knew that it was only his plan to get close to her just to make his ex-girlfriend jealous? Is LOVE will be enough for them to hold on to each other despite all the differences they have in life? A rich brat and simple lass learn about sacrificing for the sake of love.
2 Feb. 2006
Jun-Jun, Tata and Jepoy left their beloved parents back in Agusan del Sur to earn enough money to pay for their family's mounting bills and help with their father's medical needs. Sadly, their dreams of a prosperous life lead them to an illegal recruiter, who "sells" them to become virtual slaves to abusive masters. But the biggest problem for the brothers is that the recruiter also separated them - a tragedy, considering that they had never been apart their whole lives. Jun-Jun, the youngest and most daring of the brothers, hatch a plan to escape from his employer ...
9 Feb. 2006
Lito admired his father Jose for his kindness and generosity towards the people of Manila. When her father lost the election twice, they tried to keep a straight face and continue to help people. Lito finished his study and eventually took after his father on serving people.
16 Feb. 2006
Tomboy barker Monie grew up with a difficult childhood that resulted to her tough exterior. But when she met the charming Joseph and became friends with him, she gradually showed her true self to him. Joseph never left her in her times of need. Eventually, Monie learned to forget her past and forgave her mother with the help of Joseph.
23 Feb. 2006
Nene never experienced to be loved by her mother. She went to Manila study and became a Goal Commander. Nene dreamed of becoming a soldier. She steeled herself from falling in love. But she fell for a married man and her family disowned her. Nene eventually joined Pinoy Big Brother and became PBB's first Big Winner.
2 Mar. 2006
Because of her tough and bitter past, Ana grew up to be an indifferent woman. Not wanting to be close to someone, she tried to isolate herself. But everything changes when a woman named died Ana was forced to help her solve the mystery of her death.
16 Mar. 2006
Greeting Card
Everything was going smoothly between Sheila and Raymund. After graduating high school they got together and became lovers. But tragedy arose when Raymund was accused of a crime he did not commit. He was imprisoned and went into arduous trial. Raymund was about to gave up when Shiela, his love told her that its not the end of everything and she will support him all the way. Soon enough, Raymund was found not guilty and released from prison. He was reunited with his love Sheila and together they build their own family.
23 Mar. 2006
Beth Tuchinda (Desiree), a Chinese-Filipina woman who was disowned by her parents for having a romance with a non-Chinese man named Udi and together they built their family in Thailand. Years after, Beth and Udi's relationship turn cold and Beth tried to have reconciliation with Udi. But just as when they are starting again, Udi was stricken with illness. Beth took care of her beloved husband and he passed away, she raised their children and created a name for herself.
30 Mar. 2006
A story of hope and optimism and how a man find his way back home after a struggle with addict. Rad learned to use illegal substance at an early age. When he got married and had family, his addiction worsen and his wife left him. Rad lost his mind and because a "taong grasa" in the streets of Manila. Just as when everything is falling apart for Rad, God intervene and Rad was on his way to recovery. But it was not ang easy journey as temptations of vices always find its way to Rad's mind. But Rad was able to overcome these adversities. With the help of his family, Rad ...
20 Apr. 2006
Heny (Bea Alonzo) is a nurse who, like many other people in her profession, dreams of finding a job in another country in order to improve her lot in life. But her plans quickly change when she crosses paths with Gil (Diether Ocampo), a young man admitted to her hospital for what he thinks is a simple stomachache. But while sparks quickly fly between the Heny and Gil, they both soon realize that time is simply not on their side. Gil is diagnosed with an acute and terminal case of leukemia.
27 Apr. 2006
Medalyang ginto
Sheila wanted to impress her father so she dreamt of winning the Gold Medal in swimming division. She left home and trained harder to win the prize but it seems that luck was not on her side. Shiela did not lose hope and on 2005, she was able to bag three gold medals from 2005 Southeast Asian Games and finally won the most important prize - her father's love.
4 May 2006
Regalo: Part 1
An inspiring story of a woman who goes through a painful journey of finding her fulfillment as a wife, a mother, and as a person. Balancing her time between her career and family was rather difficult for Daisy. But things even became more complicated when her eldest daughter April was afflicted with Cerebral Palsy and needs all the love, care and attention only a mother can give not knowing that her other daughter Con-con was jealous of the attention she get from Daisy. But the drama escalates when Daisy discovered that April is sick and have a few months to live.
11 May 2006
Regalo: Part 2
April's condition is getting worse so Daisy put all her attention to her eldest's daughter's welfare to the point that she forgets her husband and her life. Sadly, April passed away. Heart broken, Daisy tried to cope with the lost of her daughter. To honor her daughter, Daisy works with NGO that takes care of the sick.
18 May 2006
Danilo, a Batanggueño working student, fell in love with Erika, a rich collegiala who is about to get married.
25 May 2006
Vocalist Dan loves to perform. He loves it so much that he gets to the point that he overlook his wife Liza ang his daughter Nika. Liza left Dan and offered to dissolve their marriage thru annulment. Right after their annulment, Dan realized that he still love his ex wife and begged her to come back to his life. Liza decided to forgive Dan but she was about to go to him, she met an accident on the road and died on the spot. Dan was livid with himself and felt sorry for all his shortcomings. Together with his daughter Nika, they tried to face life without Liza.
8 Jun. 2006
Bong was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy but he refused to tell his wife Josie about his disease. When Josie found her husband's illness it was too late. With Bong bedridden at home, Josie tried to make the ends meet. But more challenge arose when their youngest son got sick.
16 Jun. 2006
Known as the "Cinderella of Sasmuan," Mayor Lina Bagasina (Bea Alonzo) beat the odds to rise from being a humble housemaid to become the highest elected official in her town. How did she do it? And what lessons can her life story teach us all?
23 Jun. 2006
Joy, a female performer in Japan, was astonished when she found out that all the money he sent to her husband Bert was gone because of his vices and infidelity. They part ways leaving Joy to raised their daughter. Left with no choice, Joy decided to stand up for their family and drive their jeepney to earn a living. But her daughter Jeng was not so happy with her decision and also for the fact that her mother drove her father away. Joy did everything to get on the good side of her daughter until Jeng found out the reason behind her parents' separation.
30 Jun. 2006
An episode about puppy love and the consequences that happens when innocence is lost. How will their families react and will they accept them again? Will Lyn (Maja Salvador)and Chako (Jason Abalos) learn life's harsh realities from the foolishness of their puppy love?
7 Jul. 2006
Manikang papel
Dodong (Jiro Manio) and Nitoy (Carlo Aquino) are brothers who live without proper care and guidance from their parents. As a young boy, Dodong feels that he's different from his brother. He is gay. Despite the sexuality, his brother Nitoy, loves him so much. They've been through a lot in life especially when Nitoy loses sanity. To support his brother's medication, Dodong enters gay prostitution. He gets beaten up all the time by his customers but prostitution is the only way he knows how to survive and help Nitoy.
14 Jul. 2006
An old maid dreaming of her prince charming to come.
21 Jul. 2006
Love blossoms between two unlikely people when Albert (Jericho Rosales), a burn victim meets Maricel (Heart Evangelista), a good-looking mall clerk. A quiet, conscientious and determined young man, Albert's biggest burden in life is his face: as an infant, he was burnt in an accident with a kerosene lamp. Since then, his face has become a mass of dark scars that has made him a target not just of teasing, but outright discrimination. Not only do people avoid him, but he also has trouble getting employed - which hurts even more, as he wants dearly to help his impoverished parents. Maricel finds ...
28 Jul. 2006
Love Letters
Sophia's (Rica Peralejo) journey begins when she and live-in partner Abner (Derek Ramsay) decided to get married. Despite financial worries, the two start to build their family with Abner taking on a job as a miner in Mt. Diwalwal. Leaving his pregnant wife behind, Abner kept his hardships to himself and decides to contact Sophia when he has more good news to tell her. A year passes and Sophia begins to worry about her husband. Regardless of everyone's harsh words about Abner, she holds on to her beloved's promise. Until news reports of a landslide in the mountains reach her. She rushes to ...
4 Aug. 2006
This is a story of a young professor (King) whose dream for a better life for him and his family is within reach, only to be cut short by an accident that leads to schizophrenia. The society that looks up to him with respect and admiration suddenly degrades him. What is more painful is that even his loving sister has lost faith in him and keeps her family away from him. Eventually, King proves to them that despite losing his sanity, he is capable of loving and sacrificing his own life for others.
11 Aug. 2006
A unique love story of that proves that love is genderless. Bundang, a gay hair dresser, had a crush at Banduday, a barangay tanod who lives nearby his house. But unknown to him, his ultimate crush was indeed a girl. Bundang went over board to catch Baduday's affection to the point that he puts her to sleep and made love to her while she was conscious. Baduday learning what happened was furious at Bundang but eventually they became friends and fall in love. But building a family was the hardest part for the couple as issues regarding their gender arises.
18 Aug. 2006
Claire is on top of her career and living the ultimate single's life. Despite not having a family, she compensates it by working hard and getting what she wants. However, this attitude turns Claire into a cold person. She lost friends. At first, it did not bother her. She did not even noticed that she needs friends until she discovers that she has brain cancer and that her days are numbered. Now, she fears of being alone til her death. Not knowing, what to do, she sets out to spend her last days at the resthouse until she meets Benjie, a callboy she ran into along the...
25 Aug. 2006
After getting married, Willard (Jestoni Alarcon) and Edna (Eula Valdez) have simple hopes and dreams for their three children Pipo, Bibo and Jew. They want to see their kids happy, have a good education and a comfortable if not luxurious life. Having ventured into the networking business in the late 90s, the couple's income flourished. For a short while, life seemed perfect until they realized that everything the business gave them were all temporary. A series of tragedies happen including the traumatic demise of their youngest daughter, Jew. But Edna and Willard didn't lose hope after Jew's ...
1 Sep. 2006
Manicure Set
Single mother Glenda was forced to lived with her husband and mistress for the sake of her sick son. She endured the pain of living with them. But when her husband's attitude got worse, Glenda decided to leave him and go back to her family.
8 Sep. 2006
Is it possible for two people with opposite personalities to mesh together? The simple love story unfolds with Jayson, a handsome employee of a huge supermarket. Because of his good looks Jayson can have almost every woman he wants. He has had a string of girlfriends but has not taken his relationships with them seriously. Probably because of the trauma he felt when his mom abandoned their family, leaving them for another man. But then he comes across Rose, a co-employee at the grocery. Though she's not his usual type, the young promo girl's free spirit immediately ...
22 Sep. 2006
A tale of two OFWs in Saudi-a straight acting gay and a young homophobic man-- they find comfort and love in each other's arms in the midst of loneliness and despair. Ronald (Gardo Versoza), the straight guy, commits suicide after finding out that his wife has an adulterous relationship back home. He survives only to become physically incapacitated. In a faraway country where no one dares to take a risk and break rules, only Rod (Bb Gandanghari), his gay co-worker, takes care of him without expecting something in return.
29 Sep. 2006
Mang Ramon was a known "manggagantso" on the streets of Luneta. Together with his children, they begged for money on the streets and consider it as a form of living. But certain events happened that lead them to stop their work and realized that earning a living in a honest way is the best thing he can do for his children.
13 Oct. 2006
An impoverished family experiences another storm in their life when only son Jun acquires a rare brain illness. They had to find ways and beg money to help with his operation but they never forgot to turn to God. When the boy died the family's faith in God was tested but then he miraculously comes back to life.
20 Oct. 2006
Kate (Kim Chiu) and Echo (Gerald Anderson) have known each other since they were children and are wondering why their parents are so against their friendship which has blossomed into love. They hide their relationship from their families, knowing everyone will be against it. It turns out that the long-standing bitterness between Kate's mother (Rio Locsin) and Echo's father (Lito Pimentel) stemmed from their former relationship with one another that ended up in a betrayal. Echo's mother was Kate's mother's best friend and she could not forgive the woman who stole the man she loved. Time has not healed the wounds ...
27 Oct. 2006
Deo (John Estrada) is a well-known figure inside the walls of the Bilibid Prison. He is probably one of the most feared for he is the "berdugo" or the executioner of prisoners who are sentenced to death. Everyday, Deo is torn with his love for his family and his dedication for his job. Then suddenly, unusual and mind-boggling events happen to him inside the prison. These things started happening when he befriended Pepe, a rapist sentenced to die in the electric chair.
3 Nov. 2006
Baby assumed the role of the matriarch of the house, caring for her younger siblings and father. She was content with living the simple life until she became afflicted with a rare disease called neurofibromatosis. Because their family was not well-off to have the malady treated, Baby had to endure the taunting and extreme prejudice people had of her looks. Baby lost her self-confidence and trust in other people. And so she never expected that someone would fall in love with her. Leon came into her life, loved her, and made her realize her worth as a person, as a woman...
10 Nov. 2006
5 stowaway teens who have succumbed to the hard ways of life but has found hope anew with the help of a very kind man. Living on the streets of Manila was a real trial for Jomar (Rayver Cruz), Michael (John Wayne Sace), Tong-Tong (Rodjun Cruz), Taruc (Sergio García) and Ron-Ron (Oliver Aquino) -- 5 friends who have runaway from their homes in the province. Because of their lack of money, the boys have resorted to begging, stealing and rugby. They live in this wretched state until they meet Bigboy (Jhong Hilario), an acrobat trainer. He and his wife, Sheila (Cherry Lou), took the boys under their wing and gave them hope for a better future. The acrobats...
17 Nov. 2006
An emotionally charged courtroom drama about a rebellious daughter who accused her disciplinarian father of rape. "Isinakdal" is told from the point of view of Adel, a mother and a wife torn between her husband and child who both plead their innocence. Adel could not believe it when her daughter Jasmin pointed the finger at her father, Ernie, for raping her. Her husband is the most upright man she has ever known. How can he do that to his own flesh and blood? The legal battle shattered Adel and her family. Whether the rape is factual or just made up by Jasmin to spite...
1 Dec. 2006
Kiray (Kiray Celis) had her humble beginnings at Magandang Tanghali Bayan's Little Miss U. "Batang matanda" was what viewers called her not just because of her 'looks' but also because of her adult like wit. After growing out her 'cuteness,' Kiray went into a hiatus, getting bit roles on various ABS-CBN shows like Kampanerang Kuba. However, the child actress got another break when the network launched the kiddie comedy show Goin' Bulilit. Kiray's back in the limelight, getting additional attention for her excellent singing voice and comedic timing. Watch how the kid triumphed ...
8 Dec. 2006
Lito (Baron Geisler) is a simple and hardworking man from Mandaue. He is an idealist, searching for the perfect girl who will complete his world. Lito eventually meets the girl whom he believes is the "one" through a cousin. Inday (Jodi Sta. Maria) is beautiful, smart and kind, everything Lito has hoped for in a wife. His feelings for her will be tested, though, when Inday reveals she has a severe heart ailment and has only six months to live. Will Lito be able to overcome his fears? Will his faith bring him true love, the one he has searched for so long?
22 Dec. 2006
Baby (Sharlene San Pedro), however has no reason to be happy about for she ends up alone in the big city after running away from her abusive mother. With no other place to go, she becomes attached to a poor blind beggar named Tatay Lando (Ramon Zamora), who reluctantly adopts the child after he realizes that she is all alone in this world. But as they become like the father and daughter they have each dreamed about, they both realize that a shadow hangs over their relationship - Tatay Lando is seriously ill. What kind of Christmas will this be for Tatay Lando and Baby? Would their made-up little ...

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