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Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Rubber Shoes

15 May 1991
Allan is every inch the prodigal son, save for the fact that his father is destitute. Dadoy is a street-sweeper who exhausts all his resources to be able to afford his son's education and satisfy the boy's whims. Despite all his efforts, Dadoy is unappreciated by his son. Because of Allan's impractical goals and selfish ambition, Dadoy pushes himself to work harder, putting his own health at risk.

Season 1, Episode 2: Lampin

22 May 1991
After serving fifteen years in prison for murdering her brother-in-law, Dolor is finally freed and eventually turns to her sister Pilar for much-needed support as she starts anew. But with years of bitterness and resentment standing in the way of the sisters' reconciliation, Pilar tries desperately to retain her hold over Dolor's uncertain future-especially when the child that she raised as her own grows increasingly fond of the real mother he never knew.

Season 1, Episode 3: Bola

29 May 1991

Season 1, Episode 4: Hapdi sa puso

5 June 1991
What will happen if a father and his sons all fall prey to the charms of one woman? Gaspar, Tomas, and David had no qualms welcoming the beautiful Corazon into their lives. Although theirs is no peaceful home because of Gaspar's attitude, Corazon's arrival wrecks what little is left of their family ties. Tomas is the sensible one who protects the family assets from the covetous Gaspar and David. Nevertheless, Corazon joins in this deadly game of greed, and she holds the strongest card for she enraptures even the docile Tomas.

Season 1, Episode 5: Trahedya

12 June 1991

Season 1, Episode 6: Sa kabila ng pag-ibig

19 June 1991
Phil was looking forward to a lovely summer until his girlfriend breaks up with him. To evade the loneliness, he goes on a vacation in a beautiful resort on a remote island. Phil realizes he isn't alone when ghostly sightings of a couple begin to hound him. The sightings turn into flashes of scenes that seem to convey messages from two dead lovers that were murdered on the island.

Season 1, Episode 7: Punyal

26 June 1991
Though a single parent and a poor washerwoman, Rosalia did not allow the threat of being left alone to compel her to discourage her son from having a relationship with a girl. But when romance knocks on Rosalia's door, Billy responds with rage. At her mature age, Rosalia never expected to be torn between listening to her son's valid reasoning and rewarding her sacrifices by succumbing to a kind of joy she has not experienced in a long time.

Season 1, Episode 8: Marriage Contract

3 July 1991
Having been exposed to the heartaches of a broken home, Lulu vowed that her marriage would last a lifetime. She carries out all duties of a wife, but a diagnosis of infertility soon arms her with insecurities. Despite Arnel's devotion, Lulu accuses him of having affairs, including one with her best friend Emma. This ugly episode inevitably leads to separation, and when Lulu returns after a few years, she faces the consequences of her mistakes and painfully recalls a vow that has become broken.

Season 1, Episode 9: Bote

10 July 1991
Though her obligations extend only to her mother, Neneng works to support her half-siblings out of her kind nature. But worse than having her body exhausted, Neneng's feelings are bruised seeing her mother constantly beaten up by her stepfather. After her mother's death, Neneng focuses her attention on her orphaned siblings. But when her stepfather's behavior affects the innocent children, the docile Neneng unexpectedly contemplates on violence.

Season 1, Episode 10: Mananayaw

17 July 1991
When the war broke out in Kuwait, lovers Mon and Olive were forced to abandon their means of livelihood and return to the Philippines. Although Mon's mother warmly welcomed him back, she is distressed at the thought of losing a financier and gaining another mouth to feed. She begins to probe into Olive's flaws until she discovers a scandalous secret. Mon and Olive eventually learn that they escaped war only to find themselves entangled in an emotional battlefield.

Season 1, Episode 11: Sesante

24 June 1991

Season 1, Episode 12: Bahaghari

31 July 1991
An innocent little boy, Noel, is loathed by his father's family because of the fact that he is the fruit of his father's infidelity. His half-sister, Elena, opens her heart to Noel and finds an angel underneath the illegitimate child's battered body. Despite being treated with outright cruelty, Noel amazingly mends their broken home and offers his life to protect the family who considers his existence a disgrace.

Season 1, Episode 13: Sanggol

7 August 1991
Francis and Corazon are delirious with joy as they experience love and romance for the first time. But before they could set their feet back on the ground from cloud nine, Francis and Corazon learn that a baby was on the way. They are then forced to adjust to their new life as parents, learning mundane responsibilities and the demands of domesticity. Amidst these grueling changes, the young couple evaluates whether their feelings are genuine or merely a fleeting puppy love.

Season 1, Episode 14: Sign Language

14 August 1991
Allen and Jane's relationship is viewed by society as odd. Allen is deaf and mute, and Jane is his teacher. They both discover that love is not exclusive to people in normal circumstances. But as they explore the boundaries of true love, Allen and Jane are forced by the people around them to make a reality check.

Season 1, Episode 15: Ring

21 August 1991
Though barely in the right age, Cecile did not dread the news of her pregnancy, for she and Mike were in love, and they could start a beautiful life together. But then Mike disappears before her belly grows, and his brother Anthony enters the picture and makes a noble proposal to marry Cecile and spare her from disgrace. Out of spite, Cecile marries Anthony, only to find out later the actual reason behind the sinister setup.

Season 1, Episode 16: Singsing pangkasal

28 August 1991
With marriage as the only recourse for a better life, Linda marries draftsman Senyong despite his mother's violent objection. Soon Senyong is offered a job in Saudi, and Linda feels their dreams are finally coming true. Later the happy dream turns into a nightmare, as her mother-in-law tells Senyong about Linda's imaginary infidelity, slowly breaking her family apart.

Season 1, Episode 17: Sinturon

4 September 1991

Season 1, Episode 18: Lapis

11 September 1991
Like many prostitutes who forego morals for money, Myrna dreams of one day leaving this despicable trade to start a new life. When she meets Chuck, a loving American, Myrna knows this dream is about to become reality. But for a woman with a harrowing past who is given a chance to be loved for who she truly is, Myrna is yet to learn that respect is not easy to earn, especially in a discriminating society.

Season 1, Episode 19: Sweater

18 September 1991
Like a true friend, Polly adopts his friend Annette after she is impregnated and abandoned by her boyfriend. In the course of living together, Polly watches their friendship take a different, confusing turn as he finds himself drawn to Annette in a special way. What he thinks is impossible because of his preference for men is about to take him by surprise.

Season 1, Episode 20: Komiks

25 September 1991
Elsa never knew her life would be as colorful as the stories in the love comics she devours in her free time. Reading comics is her means of escape from the harsh reality of her life as a housemaid to a vicious landlady. Much to the old landlady's dismay, her son notices Elsa's good looks and falls in love with the lowly maid. When this development in Elsa's life begins to resemble the stories from her comics, she realizes that happy endings are not always true in real life.

Season 1, Episode 21: Lot 8 Block 13

2 October 1991
As a homemaker, Lenny can be considered perfect. She has excellent skills in cooking, an eye for gardening, and a fine taste for household interiors. As a wife, Lenny is loyal and loving, but she is forever flawed in one significant aspect: she is barren, incapable of fulfilling Ben's dream of having a son. In spite of this, Ben and Lenny led a happy marriage until the latter found out that Ben got their housemaid pregnant.

Season 1, Episode 22: For All We Know

9 October 1991

Season 1, Episode 23: Talim

16 October 1991
A notorious man goes as far as assaulting his sick wife and raping his young daughter. His son, Lando, who is respected by many for his kindness, learns of his father's revolting crime. In spite of his inherent benevolence, Lando is compelled to take justice into his own hands and exact revenge on his vicious father.

Season 1, Episode 24: Pigurin

23 October 1991
Baby is an old maid who has given up on the possibility of finding love. Her time is spent manning the shop her family owns and scolding the workers for every minor mistake. Her mundane days as a spinster take an overwhelming turn when worker Ricky takes an interest in her. Though handsome and charming, Ricky is not a safe choice for a reserved woman like Baby, but before she could realize this, she is led into a dangerous and passionate romance.

Season 1, Episode 25: Abito

30 October 1991
As a nun and high school principal, Sister Guada expected nothing but a serene life. The only life she has outside her peaceful abode is in the field as she does volunteer work to help less fortunate people. After meeting Dino, a new professor, she finds herself in an unlikely role as an object of a man's affection. Can Sister Guada resist spending a little time with Dino knowing that it may lead to a lifetime of regret?

Season 1, Episode 26: Kuwadrong basag

6 November 1991
Despite the huge age gap, Tessie and Delfin's union blossomed into a blissful relationship. Tessie helped Delfin get over a marriage that bitterly ended long before Tessie was born. In turn, Delfin was devoted to his young wife whose childhood was far from pleasant. It was a marriage made in heaven until they learn of a despicable secret intertwining their past.

Season 1, Episode 27: Kuwintas

13 November 1991
Despite the fact that he is merely an adopted son, Fernan dedicated his life to the service of his surrogate family. He worked hard to fend for his parents and siblings. Even after falling in love and exceeding the ideal age for settling down, he continued to devote himself to his abusive family. His longtime girlfriend Aida tried to share in Fernan's long-suffering character, but her patience eventually wore out.

Season 1, Episode 28: Maskara

20 November 1991

Season 1, Episode 29: Some Good Things

27 November 1991

Season 1, Episode 30: Tumba-tumba

4 December 1991

Season 1, Episode 31: Valedictorian Medal

11 December 1991
Despite her family's physical and emotional abuse Maria Eden still strives to excel in school, believing that academic achievement would bring her closer to them. Soon her efforts pay off and she graduates at the top of her class, but will her valedictorian medal be enough to make her family love her and be proud of her?

Season 1, Episode 32: Noche Buena

18 December 1991
Rosa never forgot the day her father abandoned their family. In fact, it is intense anger towards him that directed all her decisions in life. Rosa goes to the city in search of her father. Blinded by hatred, she foregoes her morals and exhausts all means to gain wealth and power. With her new prominent position, Rosa begins her attack, starting with her father's new wife. As she gets close to accomplishing her mission, Rosa is gripped with a painful realization that she is still devoid of peace and joy.

Season 1, Episode 33: Laruang papel

25 December 1991
For Artemio and Celia, the best Christmas gift they ever got was baby Emmanuel. The adoption fulfilled Artemio's longtime dream of building a family, for he was sterile. However, Emmanuel was soon diagnosed with an incurable brain damage. Celia's compassion prompted her to raise Emmanuel despite his mental incapacity, but Artemio grew cold towards her and their son. Will this family ever celebrate Christmas in the same joyous manner as when they first got together?

Season 1, Episode 34: Cattleya

1 January 1992

Season 1, Episode 35: Alas dose ng gabi

15 January 1992

Season 1, Episode 36: Wedding Ring

22 January 1992

Season 1, Episode 37: Bundok

29 January 1992
It's typical rustic bliss for Emmie's family in the province-a happy home with responsible parents and well-behaved children. But beneath the picturesque life lurks the danger brought on by the hushed mutiny of the armed guerilla residing in the mountains, and the danger becomes real when Dennis, Emmie's intellectual brother, decides to take a revolutionary stand.

Season 1, Episode 38: Bulalakaw

5 February 1992

Season 1, Episode 39: Fishpond

10 February 1992
Rose's father makes the sweet gesture of purchasing a cottage with a fishpond for his wife, Cita. Because of Cita's weak heart, her husband deems their constant retreat into a serene place with fresh air helpful to her. Like her parents, Rose is happy with the new hideaway as she meets her prospective first love, Roger the caretaker. While this family is dreaming of blissful days ahead, the handsome Roger is blinding them with his irresistible charm.

Season 1, Episode 40: Mustang

12 February 1992
After five years of separation, Jerry and Monica got back together through a twist of fate. Their son Jake needed special care after an accident, and this is impossible for Monica to provide alone, given the demands of her job. Now that the estranged couple is under the same roof, is there any chance for Monica and Jerry to dream of a life together once again?

Season 1, Episode 41: Lagda

19 February 1992
When Raquel's wealthy adoptive parents died, she lived with Amanda whom she knew all her life as her nanny. Amanda was ecstatic at this opportunity to spend time with the daughter she was deprived of for a long time. However, Amanda is faced with a dilemma whether to divulge the truth to Raquel for she is guilty of giving Raquel up, thinking that a life of luxury is what everyone needs in order to be happy.

Season 1, Episode 42: An Affair to Remember

26 February 1992
A man and a woman fall deeply in love but outside the boundaries of their individual marriages. Lucille is the kind of wife any man dreams of having, but her own husband Ben is far from ideal. She is convinced that she is bound to spend her life in this miserable marriage until Dave enters the picture. Despite the fact that Dave and Lucille found happiness in each other, they ponder on whether it is possible for forbidden love to be true love.

Season 1, Episode 43: Piring

4 March 1992
The memory of their grueling initiation rites triggers Dale's sympathy for the neophytes in their fraternity. But unlike Dale, Jojo is determined to take advantage of his new post as frat master. Jojo believes that the true mark of a man lies on his willingness to increase his threshold for pain. As these two friends face the responsibility of heading the fraternity, they have yet to prove if their purpose is brotherhood or mere male egotism.

Season 1, Episode 44: Rosaryong itim

18 March 1992
Lorna hates her father because his irresponsibility led to the demise of Lorna's mother, but the hatred turns into genuine loathing when he rapes her. Lorna reaches the threshold of her patience and turns her father over to the police. And now that she is given the chance to start a new life, will the ghosts of her past finally cease to haunt her?

Season 1, Episode 45: Sombrero

25 March 1992

Season 1, Episode 46: Hawla

1 April 1992
For Isabel, nothing is more painful than seeing her own mother neglect her sick father in favor of a young man who makes sexual advances at Isabel herself. To escape her dismal home, Isabel takes her nursing internship in a distant province where she meets a great guy. But how can Isabel build a new life for herself if her emotional foundation is built on wretched memories?

Season 1, Episode 47: Classified Ads

8 April 1992

Season 1, Episode 48: Tuwalya

22 April 1992
LA-based businessman Gabby falls for Lisa the instant he lays eyes on her, but the tomboyish lady mechanic does not share his infatuation because she has no interest in men at all. This is the despair of her older brother Ramon, who wishes to see Lisa suitably settled as soon as possible because of his secret terminal illness. Is Gabby the one meant for Lisa, the one who would take care of her the way Ramon has all these years?

Season 1, Episode 49: Paper Weight

29 April 1992
When Irene got pregnant after college, she married Rex but remained unwilling to put her plans on hold. She passes on the responsibility of being a homemaker to her sister Karen as she pursues her dream of building a career. Irene never expected that her selfish ambition would turn her into an outsider in her own home and that Karen would fit perfectly into the roles that Irene abandoned.

Season 1, Episode 50: Susi at kandado

6 May 1992
After working hard for ten long years to ensure his family's future Mariano comes home from America with a terrible secret: he has contracted AIDS abroad. Soon his family finds out about his illness, and his sister Mila, whom he has sent to school and has become a successful doctor, decides to keep him under lock and key-isolated like some banished leper in his own home.

Season 1, Episode 51: Raketa

13 May 1992
Cecile and Paul are good friends that made a bad decision to marry each other in order to fulfill someone's dying wish. Since Paul is in love with his girlfriend Tricia, Cecile allows them to carry on a relationship, until Tricia demands something greater than Paul could offer and Cecile could bear.

Season 1, Episode 52: Rehas

20 May 1992

Season 1, Episode 53: Dapithapon

27 May 1992
As a former model, Marina had her share of admirers and ended up marrying the best catch, the handsome and devoted Ramon. The marriage is wonderful at first, but inside the four walls of their bedroom, Ramon is ruthless and blinded by raving insecurity. When Ramon opted to kill their unborn children out of fear that the babies will take Marina's attention away from him, Marina finds herself trapped in a hellish marriage while developing special feelings for Ramon's mute assistant, Danilo.

Season 1, Episode 54: Love Birds

3 June 1992
After being separated from Lani for five years, her soldier-husband Noel tries to woo her back by telling her that he is resigned from the army. Lani takes him back, and they start a new life with their daughter Cristina. Everything seems to be going well for them until they find out that Noel is afflicted with leprosy.

Season 1, Episode 55: Lason

17 June 1992

Season 1, Episode 56: Quezon Blvd

24 June 1992

Season 1, Episode 57: Tiklado

1 July 1992
Fatherhood takes a traumatic turn for Ruben after his wife abandons him for another man and confesses that the son he raised since birth is not biologically his own. This bitter fact provokes Ruben's anger that inevitably extends to the innocent boy, Benjie. But it is through Benjie's chaste love that Ruben learns that fatherhood exceeds the boundaries of flesh and blood.

Season 1, Episode 58: Lanseta

8 July 1992
Is blood really thicker than water or is there a remote possibility that justice can still prevail in the name of friendship? Can a mistake be rectified by vengeful violence? These are the questions that continue to plague Edna, whose simple but happy life shatters when the uncle of family friends Manny and Malou guns down her husband Rod in broad daylight.

Season 1, Episode 59: Abaniko

15 July 1992
To see her perfect home go down in shambles was a remote possibility for Sandy until her husband brought home a son he sired with another woman. Unwilling to sacrifice her peaceful family life and aware that the boy is innocent, Sandy tries to get over the past, but she realizes that it is difficult to coexist with the living proof of Danny's infidelity.

Season 1, Episode 60: Teddy Bear

29 July 1992
After the death of her parents, Rosing carries the burden of taking care of her sister Amanda, who is mentally ill. She works hard to fend for the two of them, oblivious of time passing by and her husband slipping away. While taking out her frustration on her mentally disabled sister, Rosing's philandering husband Emil returns to her. Rosing hopes of better days ahead, until Emil assaults the helpless Amanda.

Season 1, Episode 61: Basag na manyika

5 August 1992
During a dark period in her past, Linette was convinced an abortion was her only chance to escape a failed relationship with a married man and to pursue a career in music. She finds new happiness in her mentor, David, whom she eventually marries. But Linette's life strikes a sour note when her past mistake catches up on her, and she becomes incapable of fulfilling David's dream to start a family.

Season 1, Episode 62: Gasera

12 August 1992

Season 1, Episode 63: Ticket

19 August 1992

Season 1, Episode 64: Dede bote

26 August 1992
Marlyn devotes her life, even foregoing romance, to Louie, the abandoned child of her cousin Edith. But amidst her happiness as Louie's surrogate mother, she finds love and a prospective partner in Ronald. Life couldn't be better for Marylyn until Edith returns to reunite with Louie and her former lover who turns out to be Ronald.

Season 1, Episode 65: Kumot

2 September 1992
Alvin was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but he grows up unhappy in spite of his extravagant life. He trades luxury for a modest life as a truck driver and to be with the woman he loves. Though they work hard each day in order to get by, Alvin and Gigi are happy, until the wrath of Alvin's wealthy father wrecks their joy. Gigi's life is endangered by a terminal illness, and Alvin's father refuses to shell out a single cent to help them.

Season 1, Episode 66: Mangga't Bagoong

9 September 1992
Terry is an old maid by choice, and Rocky is a playboy at heart. When they met, sparks flew, but their diverse personalities made romance a distant possibility. As a result, Rocky contented himself as Terry's employee, but an impassioned encounter left them in a compromising position. Rocky expressed his willingness to commit, but Terry wished to remain in her comfort zone until her sister's breakup with a longtime beau opened her eyes to the definition of a fulfilling life.

Season 1, Episode 67: Trahe de boda

16 September 1992
Though orphaned at an early age, Esther is blessed to be adopted by her kind godfather Alfredo. She grows up close to him like a real daughter and even ends up marrying his son Eric. While building a new married life with Eric, Esther sadly watches Alfredo's marriage turn sour because he suspects that his young, second wife is unfaithful. While helping her godfather keep his sanity, Esther comes close to losing hers when she learns that her own husband is the source of Alfredo's marital woes.

Season 1, Episode 68: Kontrata

23 September 1992
Smart and beautiful Christy's perfect life and career suddenly crumble because of imperfect choices, particularly in her choice of mate. Her marriage to Axel turns her into a mother and a homemaker patiently adjusting to her husband's measly income. When the opportunity of a bright career comes to her again, Christy deems this as a chance to give her family a comfortable life. She is unaware that this dream is about to turn into a nightmare.

Season 1, Episode 69: Calling Card

23 September 1992
Almost in his thirties, Ramil has never been in any romantic relationship. His mother attempts to arrange a date between Ramil and a girl from a prominent family, but his heart is won over by the very first woman he made love with- Salve, a prostitute. Despite the insults from his mother and his friends, Ramil marries Salve, and their happiness together seems to obliterate her dark past. But with Ramil's business down the drain and Salve's mom in a critical illness, can Salve resist the call of her old trade?

Season 1, Episode 70: Butong pakwan

7 October 1992

Season 1, Episode 71: Medalya

14 October 1992
For more than a decade, Nadine has proven her worth as a dedicated housewife and mother. Now that her children are all grown-up, Nadine gives in to her longtime dream of getting a job. Although her decision causes a rift between her and husband Butch, Nadine soon finds fulfillment in her role as a working mom. But as Butch grows more stubborn with the adjustments in their home, Nadine fails to foresee that going after her own happiness would cause her own family.

Season 1, Episode 72: Helmet

21 October 1992
Patty is thrilled at the prospect of experiencing her very first summer love, but she is doomed to spend a vacation at the house of her father's new wife whose son, Jet, gets on her nerves. While their parents are away on a trip, Jet and Patty get to know each other and find out that their unpleasant first impressions are wrong. Patty's dream of first love begins to take place, but never in her wildest imagination did she think that it would be her surrogate brother.

Season 1, Episode 73: Working Visa

28 October 1992

Season 1, Episode 74: Motorsiklo

4 November 1992
Sibling rivalry is common among children, but in the case of Dolor and Lourdes, this problem goes on to their old age, affecting their marriages and their own children. Dolor is younger but more mature in her relationships. Her source of happiness is her husband, son Dennis, and their simple but happy home. Lourdes, on the other hand, marries for money and spoils her only son to taunt Dolor and the latter's incapacity to buy nice things for her son.

Season 1, Episode 75: Relo

18 November 1992
Benjamin is not bothered by the fact that his friendship with his gay professor, Joey, is mocked by people in school. But the jokes turned into nasty rumors and resulted to their unjust suspension. Benjamin turns to his family for support, but his homophobic father's response aggravates the situation. While trying to prove that his friendship with Joey is pure, Benjamin discovers a dark secret involving his father.

Season 1, Episode 76: Walis tambo

25 November 1992
Several years ago, Sonia is a hair's breadth away from bliss as her longtime boyfriend, Jake, promises to marry her. Now, she is miserably raising her daughter, Annie, alone, and to make things worse, Sonia takes out her anger on the innocent child. Rumors of Sonia's ruthless abuse on her daughter reach the knowledge of a police detective. The investigation begins and the only way Sonia can justify herself is by going back to the dimmest chapter of her wretched past.

Season 1, Episode 77: Santa Claus

2 December 1992
Three children broke out of an orphanage to free themselves from a cruel governess. Since it was Christmas, the kids wanted to be happy for a change. They seek shelter in the house of Jimbo, the big guy who poses as Santa Claus every year at the orphanage. They get their biggest shock when they discover that the man behind the jolly Santa costume is an alcoholic abandoned by his wife and children.

Season 1, Episode 78: Kerubin

9 December 1992

Dolphy ... Luis
Vandolph ... Harry
Ruben Rustia ... Inggo
Vivian Foz ... Daisy

Toby Alejar ... Roy

Charo Santos-Concio ... Tagapagsalaysay (as Charo Santos)

Season 1, Episode 79: Locket

16 December 1992
At seventeen, Margie abandoned her mother, whose lifestyle includes running off with one man after another. Taking on menial jobs for a living, Margie remains lonely, but she attempts to evade the pain by dating different men who end up dumping her. The vicious cycle seem to have ended with the arrival of young and handsome James who shows her a kind of devotion she's never seen before. But Margie senses an imminent despair for James seems to love her out of a need for maternal recourse.

Season 1, Episode 80: Christmas Tree

23 December 1992
Despite the fact that his wife had been long dead, Zandro refuses to bury her memories and his own woes. This futile devotion aggravates Zandro's misery and blows his chance of finding new love with Chiqui, a woman worthy to fill in his deceased wife's shoes. Will this widower finally abandon his life of denial and embrace the prospect of finding happiness and love once again?

Season 1, Episode 81: Lusis

30 December 1992
Jake is a construction worker and his wife Alma is a food vendor. Theirs is a poor home, but love and harmony keep the couple and their son happy. They were looking forward to another simple but joyful Christmas celebration when an on-the-job accident leaves Jake crippled. The hospital bills mount, and Jake's only hope lies on a critical surgery. Desperate for money, Alma attempts theft but ends up committing a worse and unforgivable crime.

Season 1, Episode 82: Bangkang papel

6 January 1993
To comply with their dying son's last wish, Percival and Anna feign a happy relationship despite the fact they have burned bridges a long time ago. In the process of pretense, Percival finds himself drawn to Anna once again. Is Anna willing to give love another chance despite her battle against her son's sickness and memories of Percival's betrayal?

Season 1, Episode 83: Testamento

13 January 1993
Rosette's suffering ends when her notorious husband Dindo runs off with his mistress. Dindo returns home a few years later only to find his absence filled by another man. Can a conscientious wife and mother like Rosette deny her husband's rights just to carry on an illicit affair with a man who truly loves her?

Season 1, Episode 84: College Ring

20 January 1993
Orphaned at a young age, Mike is trained to plough the fields daily to fend for his younger brother, Aurel. The years of assiduous work finally pay off when Aurel gets the kind of education that Mike never had. Foregoing his own dreams and happiness, Mike realizes too late that he fell short of love for himself, and the biggest blow is that Aurel's complacency and juvenile folly caused him to become a failure.

Season 1, Episode 85: Supot

3 February 1993
For these three washed-out beauties, their lives as nightclub entertainers are ending against their will. Siony is lucky enough to find a German lover, but her dream of a better life compels her to leave her baby Angie behind to her friends Salve and Chayong. Instead of enjoying her retirement, Chayong continues to work hard for Angie, whom she grows to love as a daughter. Amidst Chayong's blind devotion to Angie, loyal friend Salve senses trouble in Angie's selfish nature- a trait she inherited from Siony.

Season 1, Episode 86: Tropeo

6 February 1993

Season 1, Episode 87: Baby Picture

10 February 1993
Rosel's peaceful life dramatically changes when her loving mother is struck with Alzheimer's disease. Being an only child, she is forced to take the old woman in her custody despite her husband's disapproval. While her mother is slowly losing grasp of sanity, Rosel is losing the ability to hold her marriage and family together.

Season 1, Episode 88: Walkman

17 February 1993
A teenaged boy and girl focus on their friendship after several failed attempts to obtain their parents' love and attention. The young girl turns to rebellion, while the boy manifests noble actions that deserve affection. When both their efforts fall short, they contemplate on a solution that is grave but certain to end life's misery.

Season 1, Episode 89: Mesa

24 February 1993
To repay Cardo for saving his life Cesar allows his friend to crash in the family's house when Cardo gets evicted from his own place. Rosa, Cesar's wife, is a bit uncertain about taking him in though Cardo is good at hiding his violent tendencies from the rest of the family. Just how much can you trust a suspicious stranger to live with your loved ones under one roof?

Season 1, Episode 90: Nightie

3 March 1993
What started out as harmless jealousy turns into obsession and becomes Esther's downfall. Her husband Joey has long been patient with her jealous fits and hostility towards the women he works with. Her best friend Lyn often attempts to pacify her, and Lyn's maturity impresses Joey. Whether it is a woman's instinct or pure paranoia that serves as the driving force behind her actions, Esther is about to see her fears materialize.

Season 1, Episode 91: Itak

17 March 1993
Benny's life revolves around his love for painting and his girlfriend Weng. When Weng goes to Hong Kong to earn money for their future, Benny concentrates on his drawings to evade loneliness. Timid Benny is unaware that his girlfriend's friend Mita has long been waiting for him to be alone. By the time his true love returns, Benny would be miserably married to Mita and enslaved to her brutish father and brothers.

Season 1, Episode 92: Putik sa damit

24 March 1993
Their eleven-year marriage is a testament to Lauro and Nida's successful relationship. With a good son and a stable livelihood, this couple could not ask for anything more. The town soon anticipates the coming fiesta with exhilaration, and Lauro is delighted to hear the news that his best friend Oscar is coming. Nida, on the other hand, is disturbed because this seemingly innocent visit is actually the return of a dreaded temptation.

Season 1, Episode 93: Alimasag

31 March 1993
Born with a physical abnormality, Tony strives to deal with the never-ending pains of his life-ranging from the incessant taunting from his peers and the heartaches of finding unconditional love within his small neighborhood. But when an unexpected twist of fate leads him to discover the devastating truth behind his troublesome past, he embarks on a journey to earn his family's acceptance-and gain enough courage to face his fears and anxieties once and for all.

Season 1, Episode 94: Usok

14 April 1993
Caught between their parents' longstanding rivalry and a failing drug habit, a pair of star-crossed lovers shuns their affluent lifestyles to start their own family. But as Jason and Lorna discover the grave repercussions of their wanton acts of recklessness and youthful ideals, the young couple embarks on a troublesome journey to prove their love that knows no boundaries.

Season 1, Episode 95: Biyak na puso

21 April 1993
Siblings Justine and Anna cannot be more different, and it's not just because of the eight-year age gap. Justine is a tomboy while Anna is the epitome of a lady, yet they remain close to each other despite their dissimilarity. Then Anna leaves for the US to study, leaving Justine at their strict father's mercy. Justine continues to rebel against their father, and this propels him to send Justine to the province to teach her a lesson.

Season 1, Episode 96: Reseta

28 April 1993
After the death of her mother, Jasmine turned to her father as her source of love and strength. But when her father meets a tragic accident, Jasmine is hurled into a life of misery at a very young age. Having no other means to earn money, she agrees to be the main attraction of a bachelor party. Things seem to start going well as Jasmine adjusts to living alone, until she learns she has a baby on the way.

Season 1, Episode 97: Lapida

5 May 1993
Through hard work, Trining is able to build a large estate in their little town. Everyone is happy for the achievement of this well-loved widow, but no one knew that in her old age Trining would experience suffering. Trining's only daughter Patricia becomes obsessed with money to the point of stripping her mother of rights to her own property. When Trining dies a peasant with a broken heart, and not even buried in a decent tomb, Patricia is left with all the amassed wealth, but grave retribution awaits her.

Season 1, Episode 98: Goggles

12 May 1993
After her parents' breakup, Bea loathed her father and deliberately showed that she sympathizes with her mother. But their relationship is about to undergo a tremendous change with the arrival of Roy. Bea initially resented Roy's presence as a house guest until she found herself falling in love with him. But before she could confess her feelings, Bea learns the truth about Roy's sexuality and an even more appalling revelation behind her parents' separation.

Season 1, Episode 99: Lumang bahay

19 May 1993
When Linda bears witness to the tragedy that has befallen the Florencia family, she takes on the daunting task of ensuring that history does not repeat itself on her ward, Alita. But as Alita finds herself committing the same mistake that her parents had done to the clan's domineering matriarch, an endless cycle of heartbreaks begins once more for star-crossed lovers and interwoven lives.

Season 1, Episode 100: Kalapati

26 May 1993
A traumatic childhood devoid of parental support induced schizophrenia on Boy and hurled him into a life of perennial suicide attempts. Declared mentally unfit, he is sent to an institution where he spends many frustrating years until Dr. Myrna Gomez arrived. She discovered that Boy is a gifted artist and is capable of recovering from his condition. But as she challenges the hospital's complacent system, the administration labels their friendship as immoral, making Myrna's quest to help Boy a devastating struggle.

Season 1, Episode 101: Salamin

9 June 1993
It is Bobot and Minda's first year anniversary and Bobot asks Minda to introduce him to her mother, whom Minda keeps hidden from the public because of shame. Minda is beautiful while her mother is utterly ugly and disfigured-an irony that also goes for their personality. Will Minda's vanity get in the way of her relationship with Bobot, or will Minda learn the error of her ways and reconcile with her own mother before it's too late?

Season 1, Episode 102: Obando

16 June 1993
A sailor and his wife struggle against their anxieties over their incapacity to bear a child. They exhaust all possible means of conception but to no avail. While they nurture the belief that a family can never be whole without children, their marriage slowly falls apart.

Season 1, Episode 103: Pasalubong

23 June 1993
Torn between his illicit affair with Hilda and a strained relationship with a longtime girlfriend, a young man soon learns the pains and hardships of finding true love under grave circumstances. For as he discovers his uncle's unwavering affection and support for an estranged and treacherous wife, Paolo is left with the daunting task of paying his sins and unwanted debts to the family he unintentionally destroyed.

Season 1, Episode 104: Litrato

30 June 1993

Season 1, Episode 105: Strawberries

7 July 1993
Life is a picnic for the family until the death of young Gelli, which disrupts their idyll and makes Marianne lose interest in everything-including her husband Jude and her other son Sydney. Can a mother ever let go of her beloved child's memory and let the pain fade into oblivion? Will Marianne's grief for her lost daughter weigh more than her love for the living and permanently wound them with her indifference?

Season 1, Episode 106: Music Box

21 July 1993
Since they were little, Aileen and Marcy have been the best of friends. They only parted ways when Marcy left for America to pursue education. Several years later, Marcy returns to her hometown and reunites with Aileen. In spite of everything they have gone through, Aileen and Marcy are yet to learn the true value of friendship, but only when a man gets between them and after a terminal encounter that is bound to take one of them away.

Season 1, Episode 107: Recuerdo

28 July 1993
After years of living under a single-parent household, a wayward father's unexpected return rekindles Lynette's bitterness and resentment over their broken family. But as a forgiving wife and an indignant daughter are torn between their principles and ideals, a grave tragedy befalls their home once again-and unwittingly forms an unshakeable bond that stands the test of time and their clan's never-ending ordeals.

Season 1, Episode 108: Apoy sa kandila

4 August 1993
In Joan's world, a mother is anything but a loving and responsible homemaker. This is why when her father died, she becomes short of a family fortress. Joan's mother, Adela, is an incessant gambler who soon brings home her abusive lover. How long can she stand a dire home environment especially that she is advancing to adulthood?

Season 1, Episode 109: Limos

11 August 1993
Only child and spoiled rotten, Sandra's affections extend only to her father Anghel and none to her mother Cora, whom she is ashamed of because of the latter's illiteracy. Soon both women face their worst fear: Anghel's death. Left with the responsibility of raising their family Cora disguises herself as a beggar to make ends meet, at the same time attempting to bridge the gap between her and her oblivious daughter.

Season 1, Episode 110: Bola

18 August 1993
For Cita, the retirement home is the last place she wants to spend her remaining days in. But with her stepson away and apathetic, she is without any other choice but to seek shelter in this institution. Out of pride, Cita initially keeps to herself and avoids other elderly people until her solitude compels her to open herself up. She is soon surprised to find love and joy in the company of her new friends, but because of their age, they no longer have their lives ahead of them, and they must learn the painful process of letting go.

Season 1, Episode 111: Bulaklak

25 August 1993

Season 1, Episode 112: Stethoscope

1 September 1993

Season 1, Episode 113: Tsapa

8 September 1993

Season 1, Episode 114: Divan

15 September 1993

Season 1, Episode 115: Bote at yantok

22 September 1993

Season 1, Episode 116: Larawan

29 September 1993
With three elder brothers and a strict police father, no man would dare set foot into Karen's doorstep. But more than her family Karen herself is chaste, conservative, and elusive. That until she meets Atoy, who comes charging into her life like a knight in shining armor, saving her from the street drunkards. But goodhearted Atoy is not from a fairy tale past, he is in fact an ex-convict trying to start his life over.

Season 1, Episode 117: Picture Frame

6 October 1993

Season 1, Episode 118: Mga buto at punla

13 October 1993
Perfect is the best word to describe the portrait of Fernan's family. Bank executive Fernan is a good provider, loving husband and father while Perla is an exemplary housewife and mother, and they are blessed with good kids to complete the picture. But in a flash Fernan does a complete turnaround devoid of any explanation, ripping the once happy family image apart.

Season 1, Episode 119: Kamao

20 October 1993

Season 1, Episode 120: Kapirasong sulat

27 October 1993

Season 1, Episode 121: Placement Fee

3 November 1993

Season 1, Episode 122: TV Set

10 November 1993

Season 1, Episode 123: Brillante at bubog

17 November 1993

Season 1, Episode 124: Pera at diploma

24 November 1993
Rosa is a stern disciplinarian obsessed with raising her daughter Lucy as a straight-A student and shielding her from any form of distraction no matter how minor. Lucy tries to tolerate her mother, but when the latter goes through extreme measures just to ensure her goal, Lucy finds it difficult to shake off the idea that her own mother could be the bane of her existence.

Season 1, Episode 125: Matchbox

9 December 1993
Two young friends stand by each other like brothers with an irrevocable pact. However, the difference in their family background prevents them from fulfilling their dreams together. One of them becomes a victim of a father's interminable wrath and faces his life's worst demons.

Season 1, Episode 126: Christmas Card

15 December 1993
Zeny and her only son Roldan finally find peace when her husband Amado, a drunkard, leaves them to fend for their own. As the new breadwinner of the family Zeny puts up a restaurant business and succeeds. But their bliss suddenly gets disrupted when Amado arrives at their doorstep, begging for another chance. Will they risk losing the peace they finally found without him in their lives?

Season 1, Episode 127: Munting bituin

22 December 1993

Season 1, Episode 128: Bibingka't puto bungbong

29 December 1993
Inseparable friends Eldric, James, and Mickey consider their group a close-knit family. Of the pack James acts as the big brother, especially to problematic rich kid Eldric, who has become utterly dependent on James whenever he has a problem with his girlfriend Noemi. But the frequent mediation makes Noemi fall for James instead, causing a dilemma that may ruin the brotherhood the three friends have.

Season 1, Episode 129: Walking Doll

12 January 1994
After five children, Ben and Dina realize that a good marriage is not sufficient to run a big family. While Ben tries his luck in the Middle East, Dina returns to her old post at the nightclub and manages to feed five mouths until the time Ben finds a job. Before the promise of a modest financial stability dawns on their family, a tragedy strikes their household. Despite Dina's efforts to juggle responsibilities as a single parent, Ben blames her and comes home to bring her even more torment.

Season 1, Episode 130: Bakya

19 January 1994
Marlene makes it big in the city and her impending homecoming is the talk of her small town. Everyone is anticipating her return, especially her close friend Rosita and childhood sweetheart Andres. But they get the biggest shock and disappointment of their lives when a different Marlene comes home: a modern, career woman who has also become heartless.

Season 1, Episode 131: Manok

26 January 1994
Ironically for their family Rodel is happier when their father is not around. A drunkard and a gambler, Dario extorts all the earnings of his wife Gloria and his other son Rolly, both of whom don't even put up a fight. One night during a violent fight Dario hits Gloria, an incident that also causes her fatal fall. The brothers develop genuine loathing for their father and reconciliation seems hopeless despite Dario's efforts to ask forgiveness.

Season 1, Episode 132: Perya

2 February 1994
Inside the circus tent, a married couple performs as clowns and delights in making the audience laugh. At home, they struggle with poverty, sickness, and a troublesome teenaged son, who is ashamed of their chosen trade. Despite all their battles, they learn that nothing else can bring more happiness than joy shared with other people.

Season 1, Episode 133: Mamera

9 February 1994

Season 1, Episode 134: Tropeo at Medalyon

9 February 1994
Innumerable trophies and medals stand proof of policeman Edgar's excellence in his profession, but this dedication to work leaves him no time for his family. This drives his wife Sonya to leave him and take their daughter Sally to find a better life on their own. Can all the medals and trophies really make up for the sudden loss of his family or can he woo them back before it's too late?

Season 1, Episode 135: Necklace

16 February 1994
Living in a small fishing village theirs is an ideal family until the sudden death of Adela, which devastates Ador and almost ruins his sanity. Maribel, their only daughter, could only watch her father waste away to nothing and hope for a miracle to get him back to normal. Then as if her prayers were heard Ador becomes his old self again, but not without a hitch: he starts calling Maribel Adela and treats her as his wife.

Season 1, Episode 136: Insurance

23 February 1994
For every father, nothing brings more pride and joy than having a diligent son with exceptional scholastic records. In the case of Elmer- the other son-all his efforts to please his father are never enough to measure up to his brother's achievements. In his desire to become the apple of his father's eye, Elmer yields to an unimaginable, desperate measure.

Season 1, Episode 137: Butas sa dingding

2 March 1994
Paul persuades his beautiful wife Elvira to accept an outreach teaching mission in the province so they can get away from Paul's mother, who treats Paul like a child and meddles in their married life. Elvira gets bored with the provincial life until Danny, her old childhood sweetheart, moves into the neighborhood and renews their old flame.

Season 1, Episode 138: Tapwe

15 March 1994
Poverty motivates Ellen to strive for a better life, and just like in an enchanted dream she succeeds and becomes an esteemed accountant in a big company. All is coming along well with her job until the management does a power turnover and she finds herself stuck with a new boss: Hector, her mortal enemy from college days for whom she harbors genuine loathing, who ironically seems set to pursue her romantically.

Season 1, Episode 139: Ulap

24 March 1994
All that ever mattered in life to Mabel was her good time friends, parties, and never-ending gaiety. But when she met an accident that took away her eyesight, she realized how little of what she had done in the past proved to be of significance. Nevertheless, Mabel's new life in stark darkness doesn't last long, for she finds light shining in the heart of a humble childhood friend.

Season 1, Episode 140: Titulo

6 April 1994
Rita's defiance prompts her to leave home and make her own living as a dancer in a nightclub. There she meets Pepito, an affluent businessman who pursues her avidly and presents to her a proposition: that she be his mistress and live in a house he bought for her. Rita accepts his proposal and in the course of living together she falls madly in love with a man she can never truly own.

Season 1, Episode 141: Tanikala

13 April 1994
The Escudero mansion rests on a majestic estate against the backdrop of green fields. Inside, however, gloom and terror are cast upon the inhabitants by the head of the household, the formidable Don Emilio. Even Emilio's own sister, Esperanza, sends her children away to escape her brother's intolerable misdeeds. After many years and deaths in the family, Esperanza's daughter Sonia comes back a strong, grown woman and ready to put old Emilio in his rightful position and redeem the lives he mercilessly trampled on.

Season 1, Episode 142: Tutong na sinaing

20 April 1994
For a woman with a face scarred by burns, Lourdes chooses to spend her time working than feeling sorry for herself. She realizes she must make both ends meet, especially that her family has abandoned her. Lourdes is resigned to living a solitary life, until she meets Cesar. For the first time in her life, Lourdes experiences love and companionship, but is Cesar noble enough to overlook Lourdes' hideous countenance?

Season 1, Episode 143: Toga

27 April 1994
An impressive educational attainment is all Ador ever dreamed of for his son, Paulo. Ador is unable to take custody of this illegitimate son out of fear of his meddlesome but wage-earning wife. As Paulo strives to be whole despite the complexities of being left alone, he begins to contemplate whether Ador is in the position to expect much from his son when he himself is an unfit father.

Season 1, Episode 144: Patalim

4 May 1994

Season 1, Episode 145: Eraser

11 May 1994

Season 1, Episode 146: Batingaw

25 May 1994
In an impoverished village where misery afflicts everyone like a common cold, a young sacristan upholds his belief in God and his family. Elmer persists in his service to the church despite his father's death and the lure of escape. His faith is put to its gravest trial yet as his own mother's grief directs her to sacrilege and a life of debauchery.

Season 1, Episode 147: Credit Card

1 June 1994
Ana believes she is lucky to have a husband like Noel who is affectionate and sensitive to all her needs. It did not come as a surprise to her when kind Noel decides to adopt Arnel, Ana's rebellious younger brother. Despite her apprehensions, Ana respected her husband's decision. She never knew that day would bring her greatest regret, not until she learns that it is more than kindness that drives Noel to accept Arnel into their lives.

Season 1, Episode 148: Tinik sa rosas

8 June 1994

Season 1, Episode 149: Krus na daan

22 June 1994
Life is a journey and in every man's voyage he encounters a fork in the road that will test his ability to choose his destiny. This is Eric's story, and it starts with his father leaving the enormous responsibility of raising the family to his mother Emy. With the burden of a son who's still in school Emy resorts to being a prostitute. But it is this very same sacrifice that will make Eric take the road away from home to the bright lights of the city, oblivious of the more complex maze he is about to face.

Season 1, Episode 150: Hair Dye

29 June 1994

Season 1, Episode 151: Sand Castle

6 July 1994
Joan visits her old aunt's fishing village in hopes of imparting the knowledge she acquired as a teacher. She encounters Sendong, whose mental condition never deterred him from being a loving man. Sendong's kindness, however, makes him the helpless target of cruel people, including his own mother. As Joan becomes deeply attached to Sendong, she realizes that this mentally ill man is bound to become her greatest teacher.

Season 1, Episode 152: Wedding Picture

13 July 1994
Maggie has made peace with the idea of becoming an old maid, until she meets young Val. Val is ravishing, and his impulsive ways drive him to propose marriage to Maggie shortly after they met. The first stages of their romance are sweet, until the agonizing age difference starts to set in. Maggie becomes the breadwinner and this insults Val's ego. After sacrificing everything to make their marriage work, Maggie begins to wonder if life would have been sweeter had she remained single.

Season 1, Episode 153: Rosas

20 July 1994
In the midst of the chaos and disorder during the Japanese Occupation, Regina finds herself falling in love with an idealistic and courageous soldier, Mario. As fate would have it, war eventually tears them apart-and for years Regina is led to believe that her one true love has died in the hands of the country's foreign oppressors. But despite carving a new life and leaving the bittersweet memories of their relationship behind her, their love is put to the ultimate test when destiny brings them together in another cruel and uncertain fate.

Season 1, Episode 154: Bahay ampunan

24 July 1994
It is in orphan Anna's foster home where meets siblings Benny and Liza, new best friends whom she now considers family. She constantly defends them against the orphanage's resident bully Dodong, but later Anna finds out that this is just a small dilemma compared to the real reason the siblings had to live in the orphanage in the first place: the siblings' Uncle Peping, whom Benny believes to be good, raped Liza and threatened to kill them both if anybody else found out.

Season 1, Episode 155: Chimes

3 August 1994
When an aggravating illness afflicts her old mother, Gloria is given the responsibility of taking care of her younger brother, Francis. Gloria has a successful career, a loving husband, and two healthy children. However, Francis' presence in Gloria's home perturbs their peace, and worse, her marriage for Francis is not a little boy but a thirty-year-old man with an incurable case of autism.

Season 1, Episode 156: Rubber Duckie

10 August 1994
After four years of a blissful but childless marriage, an incessant void begins to set in between Poch and Ina. Although their marriage is successful in every aspect, Ina believes their incapacity to bear children is due to a lamentable flaw on her part. These anxieties unexpectedly break a family of two into solitary misery.

Season 1, Episode 157: Baraha

17 August 1994
Caught in the middle of his constantly bickering roommates, Adrian soon discovers the pitfalls of maintaining a peaceful household when another unexpected visitor arrives in his doorstep. For as Lyn becomes the unlikely source of rivalry between Dino and Jim, Adrian finds himself struggling to repair the strained friendships within their home-and deal with his growing affection for the woman that has completely changed their lives.

Season 1, Episode 158: Boteng basag

24 August 1994
Three boys from different families learn that friendship is possible even outside the boundaries of social status. They grow up believing their bond is bound to last until they reach a ripe old age. This belief meets a swift and tragic end as one of them reveals a lifelong secret.

Season 1, Episode 159: Palara

31 August 1994
Precy, a widow, is plagued with the responsibility of dealing with her son's drug addiction. Playing the role of both father and mother, Precy cannot decide between being the disciplinarian father who will shake Ricky to his senses and being the compassionate mother who will hold Ricky in her arms throughout his battle with drugs.

Season 1, Episode 160: Dancing Shoes

7 September 1994
Every man has his one great love. But before Ramil could even get close to his, he witnesses his grandfather Cirilo hold on to his great love. During their youth, Cirilo and Dolores were young lovers, but were forced to separate because of their parents. Now widowed and old, Dolores comes back and refreshes Cirlio's bittersweet memories. Can one relive his one great love even in old age?
Nida Blanca ... Dolores
Nestor de Villa ... Cirilo
Ryan Soler ... Ramir
Eva Darren ... Lydia
Mely Tagasa ... Panchang
Luz Fernandez ... Lourdes
Eva Ramos ... Magda
Idda Yaneza ... Kaibigan ni Dolores

Charo Santos-Concio ... Tagapagsalaysay (as Charo Santos)
Romeo Rivera ... Mauro (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 161: Cassette Tape

14 September 1994
When his wife's dreams of leading an affluent lifestyle become the driving force to their struggling marriage, Harry is left with the daunting task of pleasing Celo's unreasonable needs and demands through any means necessary. But with fate taking a different turn for the worse, Celo is suddenly torn between following her lifelong ambition and keeping a sworn promise of love and commitment against all odds.

Season 1, Episode 162: Selyo

21 September 1994
Julio is a blue-collar worker, who lives in a modest home with his family. He escapes into a private dream world through his regular correspondence with an anonymous pen pal based in Spain. In his letters, Julio claims he is a wealthy bachelor. His average life takes a dramatic turn when his pen pal, Diane, decides to visit the Philippines and meet Julio in person.

Season 1, Episode 163: Pusong ginto

28 September 1994
On the eve of their silver anniversary, Marina and Caloy vow never to leave each other's side. This vow is broken the next morning as Marina finds Caloy lifeless on their bed. While grieving their father's death, the children begin to worry about their mother's sanity, for she expects her husband to fulfill his promise... even after death.

Season 1, Episode 164: Pilat

5 October 1994
Dana and Rose are best friends with traits that compliment each other- Rose is rich but slow-witted, and Dana is smart but poor. Both girls are eager to fulfill their dreams together as they are about to graduate from high school. But a grim encounter takes place on their prom night when Dana's cousin Nilo rapes Rose. Dana is catapulted into a difficult dilemma for Nilo's mother is their financial provider.

Season 1, Episode 165: Videocam

12 October 1994
Alex and Sonia, despite having two children, never fall short of loving Joy like their own. But their happy home crumbles when Joy's real parents show up to retrieve their daughter. Although Joy's biological mother tries hard to win Joy's affection, the girl's happy childhood with her foster family outweighs everything.

Season 1, Episode 166: Paru-paro

19 October 1994
A protective mother learns of her daughter's clandestine affair with a delinquent young man. She sends the girl away to a relative's remote house to keep her from danger. They are unaware that the real danger lurks in their chosen place of exile, for there lives a demented young woman.

Season 1, Episode 167: Bracelet

26 October 1994
To evade the trauma of her best friend Christy's traumatic death, teenaged Margie migrates to America. Now an adult and with a family of her own, Margie goes back to her hometown after being summoned by her sick father. Still hesitant to see her loathed father, Margie comes home unaware that she is about to literally face the ghost of her past and realize the real reason behind Christy's suicide.

Season 1, Episode 168: Itim na damit

9 November 1994
Bored with the rustic life in the province, Carmen anticipates the letters of childhood friend Jessie who relates his exciting experiences in the city. When Jessie's mother dies, Carmen lives with Jessie who promises to marry her and to provide for her family's needs. It was an ideal setup for Carmen until she moves in with him and discovers his atrocious side which, in her innocence, she could never have imagined.

Season 1, Episode 169: Pamana

16 November 1994
In her youth, Magda was an intelligent woman whose beauty made her sought after by men. But because of her strong personality, Magda found it difficult to make romantic relationships work, and this is why she ended up with four daughters by different men. An unfortunate incident gave the fathers of these girls a chance to take their daughters back, except for Blessie. When diagnosed with a terminal disease years later, Magda summons her estranged daughters only to discover the painful truth that they are only after their inheritance.

Season 1, Episode 170: Gavel

23 November 1994
Janine was ambitious as a child, and this trait turned to her advantage as she grew up to become a top lawyer. Now a certified attorney, Janine eyes the prospect of becoming senior partner in a prestigious law firm. But Janine's stable life is perturbed when Ernesto seeks her services for his annulment case. Will Janine stop in her tracks considering that Ernesto is her one great love?

Season 1, Episode 171: Class Card

30 November 1994
Terence, Pacoy, Sonia, and Suzette are lifelong friends who have been with each other during good times. Now that they are about to face the bad times, none of them is really sure how their friendship would fare. Terence is confounded with a drug problem; Suzette is abandoned by her parents; and Sonia is dumped by a man who got her pregnant. Through these iniquities, Pacoy holds his faith in their friendship, and he could only hope that this could save them.

Season 1, Episode 172: Storybook

7 December 1994

Season 1, Episode 173: Tsokolate, manika, at libro

14 December 1994
Olga, an old maid, and Becka, a widow, decide to adopt orphans for the holidays. They encourage their socialite friend, Mila, and she agrees to do so, but only to enhance her social stature. With the arrival of plump Carlo, sweet Grace, and crippled Bobby in their lives, these three different women are about to share a singular Christmas spirit and learn life's greatest lessons from these little children.

Nanette Inventor ... Olga
Cynthia Patag ... Mila

Mitch Valdez ... Becca

Pen Medina ... Asawa ni Mila

Janus del Prado ... Bobby
Karl Angelo Legaspi ... Carlo
Royce Subido ... Miguel (as Royce Subida)
Sarah Jane Abad ... Grace

Season 1, Episode 174: Pakpak ng angelito

21 December 1994
After failing in his career as an architect, a husband is seized by manic depression that eventually wrecks his happy marriage. To make things worse, he takes to drinking to the point that he becomes alcoholic. He and his wife resolve to go their separate ways, but their innocent child's faith creates a miracle.

Season 1, Episode 175: Sa kandungan mo inay

30 December 1994
One mother carries the burden of guilt as she watches her daughters waste their lives away... Cielo, the eldest, marries young in order to escape their turbulent home but ends up in an unhappy marriage. The youngest, Millet, is in a rehabilitation center for drug dependents. She grows up resenting her mother for playing favorites. Leslie is the beautiful middle child, but she chooses to take part in an illicit affair with a married man.

Season 1, Episode 176: Bintana

11 January 1995

Season 1, Episode 177: Kasulatan

18 January 1995
Theirs is the classic love story of a poor boy meets rich girl, and both fall in love. This does not end here though. Despite Jun's pure intentions and devotion, Christy's father believes that Jun will never be fit for his daughter. Christy chooses Jun and the humble life she was never accustomed to. However, their happy ending remains far at bay for Jun and Christy are about to face tribulations, and love alone cannot save them.

Season 1, Episode 178: Keychain

25 January 1995
Their enmity towards their respective fathers is what brought Allan and Arnel together as friends. They remained strong in offsetting each of their domestic angst until they are able to live amicable lives. However, a harrowing revelation is divulged, putting their sturdy friendship into its most difficult test yet.

Season 1, Episode 179: Saklay

1 February 1995
Just when she thought life would bring her nothing but misery, a crippled woman meets a soldier, who soon asks for her hand in marriage. Unable to reconcile with the fact that she found love despite her physical defect, her insecurities blind her from seeing her husband's devotion and essential goodness.

Season 1, Episode 180: Alampay

8 February 1995
An old woman returns to her daughter's home after several years. She is determined to spend her last days with her girl and her beloved granddaughter. The homecoming, however, proved to be far from a happy one for there are ties that have been severed because of a dismal past.

Season 1, Episode 181: Tari

15 February 1995
One mother's wish for her only daughter is carried out when a handsome landlord asks the young woman to be his bride. Aside from the joy of luxury that this union promises, the mother is convinced that her son-in-law is a man of outstanding virtue. She is yet to unravel a dark secret that is bound to destroy her innocent's daughter's life.

Charo Santos-Concio ... Herself - Host (as Charo Santos)
Albert Martinez ... Leon
Gina Pareño ... Stella
Gloria Sevilla ... Anita
Shirley Fuentes ... Agnes
Shintaro Valdez ... Unyok

Season 1, Episode 182: Blackboard

2 March 1995

Season 1, Episode 183: Korona

9 March 1995
A young lady lives in discontent in spite of the fact that she has looks, wealth, and a loving father. She is utterly jealous of another girl who, despite her impoverished state, seems to be superior in many things. This envy grows into bitter hatred when her own father falls in love with the very object of her contempt.

Season 1, Episode 184: Boxing Gloves

16 March 1995

Season 1, Episode 185: Kuna

25 March 1995

Season 1, Episode 186: Medalyang ginto

30 March 1995

Season 1, Episode 187: Doormat

6 April 1995
Being constantly compared to her intelligent younger sister caused Suzette to develop inferiority complex. To make matters worse, she has a speech defect that makes her an outcast among her family and peers. Relief finally came in the person of a sensitive boy named Arnold who understood Suzette as a person. But just as she started feeling the joy of being loved, Suzette learned that Arnold is terminally ill.

Season 1, Episode 188: Green Card

20 April 1995

Season 1, Episode 189: Paddle

27 April 1995
Two brothers unite in a struggle against their mother's obnoxious behavior. The younger boy, sick of being the sheltered weakling, follows in his wild brother's footsteps. But in their desire to break away from their domestic crises, both brothers make the mistake of treading a dangerous path.

Season 1, Episode 190: Alon

4 May 1995
Dante's homecoming disturbs the life in the quaint seaside village when he brings along his wife Nemia, a beautiful woman whose past profession as a prostitute just cannot be accepted by Dante's mother, the same way that Dante cannot accept his new stepfather Poldo. Dante's mistrust proves to be right when Poldo rapes Nemia, which the latter keeps to herself for fear of losing her husband and son.

Season 1, Episode 191: Bigkis

11 May 1995

Season 1, Episode 192: Simbahan

25 May 1995

Season 1, Episode 193: Ukit

1 June 1995
When poverty and lack of education become a hindrance to a young couple from falling in love, Dante takes it upon himself to strive harder and prepare for his uncertain future with the woman of his dreams, Celia. But as his career continues to struggle amidst the hardships and sacrifices, Dante is forced to make a grave decision in pursuing a love that crosses the boundaries of time and fate-with nothing left to offer but himself.

Season 1, Episode 194: Palayok at pintura

8 June 1995
A mother and her little daughter are reunited after many years of estrangement. The girl is unaware that it is her atrocious father who brought about their unwilled separation that led to a life of perennial sufferings. Although the child is craving for motherly affection, her mother is beset with a brain damage and trauma from a bitter past that may prove her unfit to raise a daughter.

Season 1, Episode 195: Lupa

15 June 1995

Elizabeth Oropesa ... Isabel

Agot Isidro ... Christina
Monsour Del Rosario ... Daniel
Eva Darren ... Selma
Ray Ventura ... Berto
Rey Sagum ... Krope

Eula Valdez ... Batang Isabel
Carol Dauden ... Dolores

Charo Santos-Concio ... Tagapagsalaysay (as Charo Santos)

Season 1, Episode 196: Guardian Angel

22 June 1995

Season 1, Episode 197: Upos

29 June 1995
When Armand met the bewitchingly beautiful Sonia, he thought he was lucky to find romance amid his boring work. His job required a lot of travel, and he never expected that the routine of going to different secluded villages would take a different turn. Although Sonia was married, Armand could not resist her charm. Little did he know he was flirting with danger, for Sonia was a deranged woman with a dark past. With Armand in an isolated cottage and captivated by the obsessive Sonia, can he escape this predicament without putting his life at stake?

Season 1, Episode 198: Panyo

6 July 1995

Season 1, Episode 199: Batis

13 July 1995

Season 1, Episode 200: Perlas

20 July 1995
When jealousy is confused with compassion, the result is an unexpected love born out of sympathy and regret. With her older sister's untimely death, Connie takes it upon herself to help the family that Carla had left behind. But as true feelings for her brother-in-law begin to surface, she is faced with the daunting task of making the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of everyone else's happiness in exchange for her own.

Season 1, Episode 201: Armas

27 July 1995
A pair of lovers is caught between their political beliefs and their dream to pursue a peaceful life together. They soon decide to settle down and leave the vigilante group behind. Amidst their newfound freedom and happiness, they learn that their former allies are not about to let them go that easy.

Season 1, Episode 202: Payaso

3 August 1995
Abel and his family dress up as clowns and rely on party gigs for income. The family business goes down the drain when Abel's father dies, his mother grows ill, and his brother is diagnosed with schizophrenia. For a man who makes a living by bringing cheer to other people, Abel finds no humor in his present predicament.

Season 1, Episode 203: Kropek

10 August 1995
In her youth, Chuchie was a belligerent beauty with a string of promiscuous relationships with men. This disreputable past did not deter her from becoming a good mother; Chuchie loved her son and attended to his every need. But what happens if people from the days of her ignorance return to Chuchie's life with a vengeance?

Season 1, Episode 204: Durian

17 August 1995

Season 1, Episode 205: Basura

24 August 1995
Chito is a modern-day Robin Hood- a thief who is essentially kind-hearted and generous to the less fortunate. He is aware that he is compromising moral principles, but because he is poor and without a family, Chito felt he had no choice. Chito's life takes a dramatic turn with the arrival of an old homeless lady named Mapol. After taking her in, he sees most of his late mother's endearing traits in the old woman. Chito never knew that this mysterious woman would change his life forever.

Season 1, Episode 206: Punso

31 August 1995

Season 1, Episode 207: Bilangguan

7 September 1995
Newlyweds Monto and Lilia experience a different kind of honeymoon. Lilia is young enough to be Monto's daughter, but their marital issues do not stem from this age difference- Monto is sadistic, and he takes pleasure in inflicting pain on his poor wife. Lilia resigns to her fate until she meets Monto's nephew, Tristan, who makes her feel special and loved for the first time in her life. But can Lilia and Tristan carry on a forbidden love affair when what stands between them is a heartless monster?

Season 1, Episode 208: Engagement Ring

14 September 1995
Gaying, an old maid, gets the surprise of her life when a charming man sweeps her off her feet. Before she could decide whether her new prince, Johnny, is real or merely a dream, he presents her with a marriage proposal. As romance sweetly unfolds in her solitary life, Gaying suddenly gets a blow from the painful side of love when she realizes that Johnny merely mistook her for someone else.

Season 1, Episode 209: Latay

21 September 1995

Season 1, Episode 210: Tawas

28 September 1995
In a secluded barrio, supernatural creatures are said to be treading the area at night. One family believes that a mysterious presence frequently disturbs their peaceful cottage. After a series of unspeakable events, two sisters learn the real identity behind the monster in their midst.

Season 1, Episode 211: Alkansya

5 October 1995
Due to poverty and their parents' abandonment, Tess was forced to take on the role of mother, father, and big sister to little Del until the latter grew up into a young woman. As Del experiences first love, Tess realizes that she had missed her youth because of domestic obligations. What Tess did not miss is heartbreak for as her body wore out from much work and self-sacrifice, Del got ready to leave her sister for the man in her life.

Season 1, Episode 212: Pigurin

12 October 1995

Season 1, Episode 213: Bayong

19 October 1995
A young man named Daniel witnesses the gruesome murder of an innocent boy. He faces a moral dilemma to either speak out for justice's sake or protect himself and his family by keeping his silence. Daniel finds his needed wisdom in his grandfather, Ignacio, who, was hounded by the same predicament in his youth but lived a life burdened by regret and guilt because of selfish decisions.

Season 1, Episode 214: Balon

26 October 1995
In a village where people live rustic lives and dream simple dreams, a miracle takes place in the life of an ordinary girl- an apparition of the Blessed Virgin advocates Wilma to dig a well that will produce water with inexplicable healing powers. This former bucolic village soon becomes an empire of greed and irreverent business trade. Is this phenomenon a spiritual miracle or pure mayhem stemming from personal interests?

Season 1, Episode 215: Nitso

2 November 1995

Season 1, Episode 216: Imbitasyon

16 November 1995

Season 1, Episode 217: Gusali

30 November 1995

Season 1, Episode 218: Mansyon

7 December 1995

Season 1, Episode 219: Kuwerdas

14 December 1995
A prodigal father returns to his estranged children only to find them settled in their own respective families. His fatherly instincts drive him to interfere with his children's squabbles with their respective spouses, but his genuine concern elicits rancor from his children who decide to shut him out of their lives like a menacing stranger.

Season 1, Episode 220: Abo

21 December 1995
In the wake of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption, nearly a hundred of indigenous people suddenly found themselves homeless and drifting to Manila to seek a new life in the city. Like most of his clan, Basilio and his family soon learn the pains and difficulties of racial discrimination as they struggle to survive in their newfound home. But just as Basilio gets torn between their tradition and the grueling task of providing for his children, his friends and family are about to discover the true meaning of compassion when he makes the ultimate sacrifice for his beloved kin-proving that faith and humanity transcends all boundaries.

Roderick Paulate ... Basilio
Caridad Sanchez ... Apo Layu

Bembol Roco ... Igme

Sylvia Sanchez ... Asawa ni Igme
Kristopher Peralta ... Philip
Royce Subido ... Paidu (as Royce Subida)
Ani Pearl Alonzo ... Lumaray (as Ani Pearl Alonso)

Charo Santos-Concio ... Tagapagsalaysay (as Charo Santos)

Season 1, Episode 221: Lampara

28 December 1995

Season 1, Episode 222: Maleta

11 January 1996
When an innocent and simple-minded Bea finds herself sharing a room with a bold and wayward Violy, they inadvertently find common ground in their paralleled tales of domestic woes and heartaches. But as their unlikely friendship is put to the test with a string of false hopes and blinded love, Violy comes to a grave decision of ensuring that her troublesome past will not become her friend's grave and uncertain future.

Season 1, Episode 223: Dugo

1 February 1996

Season 1, Episode 224: Pusang itim

8 February 1996

Season 1, Episode 225: Bonsai

8 February 1996
The twists and turns of fate lead a rich, haughty girl to find love in the most unexpected place: right in her very garden. But despite striking an unlikely friendship with the family's new gardener, Cherry soon finds herself torn between her growing affection for Kiko and the daunting process of building a relationship based on nothing but love-while the odds are forever going against them

Season 1, Episode 226: Valentines Card

15 February 1996

Charo Santos-Concio ... Tagapagsalaysay

Sharmaine Arnaiz ... Irene

Claudine Barretto ... Stella
Marita Zobel ... Agnes
Robin Da Roza ... Robbie
Rico Yan ... Dante
Ruby Rosa ... Carmen (as Ruby Rosa)

Season 1, Episode 227: Putik

22 February 1996
Three women of different generations share a common love for a man named Abel..Abel was raised by his possessive grandmother Caring, who eventually gives Abel's wife the cold shoulder. The turmoil in their home worsens when Abel's estranged mother returns after many years. While trying to resolve the conflicts involving the women he loves, Abel learns a dark secret behind this harrowing mess.

Season 1, Episode 228: Holen

25 February 1996

Season 1, Episode 229: Karinderya

14 March 1996

Season 1, Episode 230: Hamog

21 March 1996

Season 1, Episode 231: Samurai

28 March 1996

Season 1, Episode 232: Apron

11 April 1996
Chito and Trina's household is considered happy in spite of their unconventional setup. Trina is a hardworking professional, while Chito is the homemaker who makes sure the needs of the children are met. Although their love for each other is undeniable, problems begin to surface when they become victims of ruthless rumors. To keep their family intact, Chito and Tina must remain strong against their detractors and work on a reversal of roles.

Season 1, Episode 233: Gayuma

18 April 1996
How far will a man go to capture the heart of the woman he loves? This is the question that confounds old Nato who resorts to consulting the town's renowned faith-healer for answers. The faith-healer gives him a love potion guaranteed to make his beloved Celia reciprocate, but the plan backfires on him when Celia's sister Lumeng takes the potion instead.

Season 1, Episode 234: Pasalubong

25 April 1996

Season 1, Episode 235: Kuwadra

1 May 1996
One man grew up believing that gambling is a fair game, especially for people like him who will struggle with poverty lest they succumb to this vice. Although this is his only means of trade, he knows that this activity compromises his principles as an essentially good man.

Season 1, Episode 236: Dinuguan

2 May 1996
A poignant story of one the most prominent figure in the show business - Tita Angge. Life for a movie fan is just as tough as the lives of characters portrayed by movie stars. Here is a true story of an unattractive girl with a big heart whose star shines bright amidst all her difficulties in life.

Season 1, Episode 237: Closet

9 May 1996
Anton's extraordinary lifestyle is suddenly put to the test when his long-forgotten son, Alfie, pays him an untimely visit in his home. Left with no other choice but to hide his true identity from his child, Anton and the rest of his friends take the daunting task of appeasing the young man, who turns out to be homophobic, for the sake of acceptance and love.

Season 1, Episode 238: Lambat

16 May 1996
The tragic disappearance of one man brings despair to his brother and to the woman he left behind. In the process of healing, they fall in love and began a new life as a married couple. As they fully recover from their loss with each other's love and support, the long-lost brother unexpectedly returns.

Season 1, Episode 239: Baston

23 May 1996

Season 1, Episode 240: Bahay na bato

30 May 1996

Season 1, Episode 241: Gulong

6 June 1996

Season 1, Episode 242: Baul

13 June 1996

Season 1, Episode 243: Mynah

27 June 1996
Her parents have always been Me-ann's role models for theirs is a marriage that is bound to last a lifetime. But she wakes up one day to the realization that their happy home is a mere show, and her father is actually leaving them for another family. Will this shatter Me-ann's faith in love, especially now that she has found the right man for her?

Season 1, Episode 244: Trapo

4 July 1996
True to any business venture, there are times when profit is not easy to come by. Financial crisis compels Ruby, a housewife, to find a job and leave her baby to the care of her trusted maid and newfound friend, Inday. Ruby's career takes off but her marriage suffers a downfall. She turns to Inday for refuge, unaware that her husband is taking the same action.

Season 1, Episode 245: Kuwadro

11 July 1996
Luis' death triggered chaos in his family because of a dark secret that he kept throughout his life. He was married to Celia, and they had two daughters, Grace and Cynthia. But Luis had a son (Rodel) with Laura, Celia's best friend. Grace and Cynthia fall in love with Rodel, unaware that they are competing for the affection of their own brother. Will this chaos be resolved especially that Luis is gone from their lives forever?

Season 1, Episode 246: Bala

18 July 1996
While in hiding from a platoon of ruthless army soldiers, Lando, a guerilla, meets Talia, a girl living with her grandparents in a cottage by the foot of a mountain. Amidst the grim conditions of the revolution, Lando and Talia find love and joy in each other as they spend time in a rustic home together. But what used to be their peaceful abode is about to become a house of horror with the arrival of the sinister soldiers.

Season 1, Episode 247: Bisikleta

25 July 1996
Like any average child, Tyrone loves to spend his time playing and riding his bicycle. What his parents, Steve and Lorna, do not know is that unlike any average child, Tyrone has grave kidney problems. Tyrone's condition deteriorates in no time, and as his parents struggle to be strong amidst the uncertainty of Tyrone's survival, they never expect to find their much- needed strength from another child... a little girl named Sunshine.

Season 1, Episode 248: Kulungan

1 August 1996
Toti is a typical country boy who tends pigs but dreams of making it big in the city. He grabs the offer of a trusted friend only to find out he makes a living by pimping innocent young boys to filthy foreigners. Toti soon realizes that life in the city is far from what he had in mind, and he'd rather remain in the company of real pigs.

Season 1, Episode 249: Leche plan

8 August 1996
Rosalie's hardships do not end with juggling her responsibilities to her mother and daughters- the father of Rosalie's children is a married man. Thanks to women's divine friendship bordering on sisterhood, Rosalie can turn to Marian for comfort. Marian, on the other hand, is a mother and a wife to a philandering husband. These friends draw strength from each other, and eventually from their own mothers, proving that a solid bond among women can dispel any man-related woe.

Season 1, Episode 250: Lata

15 August 1996

Season 1, Episode 251: Manibela

29 August 1996
After many failed relationships, Gina finds true love in the person of a much older man. Her dilemma involves how to bring home her new beau to her stubborn father, unaware that this dreaded homecoming would patch up a relationship that has been broken since her childhood.

Season 1, Episode 252: Billiards

19 September 1996
Like a fairy tale, Eileen finally wins the man of her dreams after many struggles. But her love story doesn't seem to have a happy ending. Eileen knew early on she wasn't fit for a man like Anton. She is a product of a broken home- a typical party girl with a wild side and dark past. On the other hand, Anton is from a wealthy, prominent, and decent family. She made herself believe that love was enough to bridge their differences, but does her prince love her enough to fight for her?

Season 1, Episode 253: Ugat

26 September 1996

Season 1, Episode 254: Karayom

3 October 1996
Ella falls in love for the first time, but her father strongly warns her against seeing Elmer for his mother Trining is known in the whole village as a voodoo practitioner. Despite Ador's threats, Ella and Elmer continue to see each other, and this puts Elmer's life in danger. Ella gets the surprise of her life when she learns that Trining was a significant part of her father's past.

Season 1, Episode 255: Diary

10 October 1996
Although she is quite possessive of her son, Carmen suppresses her qualms when he first brings home his orphaned girlfriend, Michelle. She embraces Michelle like her own daughter and warmly welcomes her to their abode. But what seems to be an act of motherly kindness suddenly backfires and wrecks Carmen's perfect family.

Season 1, Episode 256: Dibuho

17 October 1996
As an American-bred youth, going back to her rural home with unpleasant memories is a sordid affair for Lara. These sentiments, however, are totally opposite from that of Cynthia's, Lara's childhood bosom buddy who eagerly awaited her arrival. While Cynthia struggles with her friend's tremendous change, Lara inevitably faces a dark past involving her family.

Season 1, Episode 257: Sagwan

24 October 1996
After his mother's untimely death, a guilt-ridden Noel spends his entire life struggling to gain his father's forgiveness and affection at the expense of his own dignity and pride. But when Nanding's new lover brings unexpected danger to their strained household, the years of anger and resentment take their toll on the estranged father and son-forcing Noel to make the ultimate sacrifice for the family he seeks to be a part of.

Season 1, Episode 258: Bridal Gown

31 October 1996
With her friend Rizza always ending up as the constant victim to spoiled relationships, Jenny strives to become the ultimate career woman of the '90s. But just as she juggles work, success, and Rizza's occasional bouts of depression, Jenny soon finds herself as vulnerable as the girl-next-door- falling in love, getting her heart broken, and drawing strength and inspiration from the unlikeliest places.

Season 1, Episode 259: Basketball

7 November 1996
Adli and Erlin are childhood sweethearts savoring the warmth of each other's love on a beautiful mountain setting. But Adli is soon left alone when a tourist falls in love with Erlin and promises her a better life in America. Can the lure of grandeur and pleasure possibly weigh against true love and cultural grounding?

Season 1, Episode 260: Lubid

8 November 1996
For the love of his mother, Jason perseveres when everything in his life crumbles. Jason keeps his faith in his family despite his father's abandonment and extra-marital affair. When his girlfriend leaves him for another man, Jason remains loving to his sisters. However, when his mother slowly deteriorates right before his eyes, Jason realizes that he may not make it through without his pillar of strength.

Season 1, Episode 261: Painting

14 November 1996
A battered son for many years, Marvin has become physically and emotionally numb to his cruel father's treatment. Just when he thought things couldn't get any worse, Marvin discovers that his father has another family. Marvin picks up the pieces of his life and decides to pursue his dreams. He finds comfort in his best friend's family and in his painting. But how can a man establish his life when his own father is after his ruin?

Season 1, Episode 262: Guho

21 November 1996
After losing her mother and brothers to an earthquake, Rina decides to adopt a child who survived the calamity to aid her in the process of healing. By taking Ryan into her custody, Rina also fulfills her longtime dream of having a child. But she soon discovers that Ryan is not a normal kid. Rina is willing to overlook Ryan's flaw out of love, but her idealistic husband does not share her sentiments.

Season 1, Episode 263: Silver Bells

5 December 1996
Adli and Erlin are childhood sweethearts savoring the warmth of each other's love on a beautiful mountain setting. But Adli is soon left alone when a tourist falls in love with Erlin and promises her a better life in America. Can the lure of grandeur and pleasure possibly weigh against true love and cultural grounding?

Season 1, Episode 264: Pahiram ng isang pasko

19 December 1996
During a macabre period under the Japanese regime, many Filipino civilians were executed for treason. Pablo's life was spared when his wife Anita offered herself to a troop of filthy soldiers in exchange for her husband's freedom. After many days of merciless physical ravage, Anita comes home only to find her husband disgusted at her for the grave sacrifice she made.

Season 1, Episode 265: Paputok

2 January 1997
Little Doray and her brothers were given the task by their parents to fend for the family. When a social worker learns about the rampant child labor in Doray's community, she offers to help Doray through different means, including an opportunity to pursue education. At her tender age, can Doray bear to leave her cruel parents for the sake of her well-being and future?

Season 1, Episode 266: Insurance Policy

9 January 1997
Amanda was not surprised when she learned that her friend and officemate Helen was having an illicit affair with the married boss. She knew that Helen was just in it for the money. But when mysterious events began to take place in their usually peaceful office, Amanda is bothered and unwilling to doubt Helen's character especially that she has developed a friendship with this woman who has confided all her life's tragedies to her.

Season 1, Episode 267: Bituin

23 January 1997
After a tragedy that takes the life of her only sister, Mameng takes the responsibility of raising Omar and Rhoda. She devotes her life to them to the point of foregoing her own happiness. Now an old maid with Alzheimer's disease, Mameng becomes a burden to Omar and Rhoda. Will Omar and Rhoda get on with their lives and give up Mameng to a retirement home or will they reciprocate Mameng's selfless love?

Season 1, Episode 268: Baril

30 January 1997
Unlike many formidable landlords, Don Anton runs a vast coffee plantation amicably with his workers. His kindness and jovial disposition endear him to all his subordinates. This peaceful land is perturbed when Don Anton loses his eldest son to a freak accident, provoking a dark side to his character that no one has ever seen or imagined.

Season 1, Episode 269: Tattoo

6 February 1997
As a troubled teenager, Abby chooses to be indifferent to her parents, whose marriage is purely a social façade. To obliterate these domestic quandaries, Abby rebels against their rules and abides by her own whims regardless of the danger it entails. Abby's parents are then compelled to intervene, but can they impose discipline on her when they themselves are emotional wrecks?

Season 1, Episode 270: Lens Cap

13 February 1997
At a glance, Riza, Anton, and their little son seem to be the ideal family. Other than having strong ties, they enjoy a comfortable life. But in reality, Riza is a bored housewife, whose accidental encounter with Daniel ushers in a different kind of excitement. Daniel is charming, and his profession as a journalist fascinates Riza. Before she could realize the impending consequences of her actions, Riza is already carrying on an affair with Daniel.

Season 1, Episode 271: Kubrekama

20 February 1997
Jojo is a battered son who is ridiculed for his speech defect. Agnes is a sickly girl with plain looks. They are both outcasts in school, but they survive other people's mockery by relying on each other for comfort. They soon fall in love and finally learn what happiness is, but people around them insist on depriving them of it. Can two queer and weak individuals love each other strong enough to surpass cruel judgments?

Season 1, Episode 272: Vodka

27 February 1997
Charlie and Glenn's friendship is as solid as genuine brotherhood, but it is no give and take relationship. Glenn always takes the lead, while Charlie plays second fiddle, even in the game of love. This cycle of injustice comes to a close when Glenn stands as husband and father to Charlie's abandoned family.

Season 1, Episode 273: Aquarium

6 March 1997
At a young age, Elisa was separated from her surrogate brother, Buster, whom she loved dearly like her own. They meet unexpectedly several years later in unpleasant circumstances, thus forcing Elisa to resent every detail of their past involvement. Nevertheless, they soon realize that hatred can turn into love, and filial love can blossom into romance.

Season 1, Episode 274: Rattle

20 March 1997

Season 1, Episode 275: Salbabida

3 April 1997
When his girlfriend left, Charlson was forced to take on all parental responsibilities at the age of sixteen. It was difficult being a single father for someone like him who is emotionally incompetent, and this caused a gap between him and son Carl. Fate ushers in a woman by the name of Christy, who has all the qualities that could help Charlson and Carl experience the true meaning of family. But is Charlson willing to finally open himself up to a woman?

Season 1, Episode 276: Blueprint

10 April 1997
On the eve of their seventh-year anniversary as lovers, Jomar presents the blueprint of their future home to Mercy along with a sweet marriage proposal. But before they are able to exchange vows, Jomar falls into a coma after being attacked by robbers. Mercy keeps the faith, and she pursues preparations for their wedding. But Mercy's troubles reach greater heights with the arrival of two women- Jomar's mother who loathes her and a girl from Jomar's childhood who claims to be more than just a part of his past.

Season 1, Episode 277: Entablado

17 April 1997
Anton is a devoted teacher of theater arts. His dedication to his craft inspires everyone in his path and reshapes the lives of every youth he encounters. With the arrival of his firstborn, Anton is elated at the prospect of grooming the life of his own son this time. This brilliant teacher, however, soon learns that his only son has an incurable mental defect.

Season 1, Episode 278: Dugo

24 April 1997

Season 1, Episode 279: Visa

1 May 1997
Leaving her husband and children to work in California was the toughest decision Cecille had to make. Nevertheless, she is aware that it is the only way to guarantee a bright future for her family. As Cecille gets ready for her departure, her solid relationship with her mother Rosario turns sour because of the return of her estranged father. Cecille's trip to the US then becomes a means of escape, until she learns that Rosario is afflicted with cancer.

Season 1, Episode 280: Mangga

8 May 1997
Arnel is satisfied with his life, which involves plowing the fields daily and serving his family. But in his preoccupation, he fails to sense his father's personal prejudice against him. To make matters worse, he unwillingly neglects the only person who genuinely cares for him. Arnel's dogged devotion, in time, becomes futile and dooms him to a life of misery and regret.

Season 1, Episode 281: Gitara

15 May 1997
Like many extra-marital affairs, Evelyn's relationship did not work out, leaving her alone and pregnant. Despite the dejection, Evelyn embarks on a decent life for her child's sake, unaware her past mistake would catch up on them. Society refuses to pardon Evelyn for her past associations, and the greatest pain she must endure is the shame she is unwillingly passing on to her innocent son.

Season 1, Episode 282: Pusod

22 May 1997
Although Azon is old enough to get married and settle down, she realizes that planning her own life is impossible, for her sickly mother and spoiled siblings all depend on her to meet their financial needs. When her health begins to deteriorate and when she sees her siblings waste their lives on useless vices, Azon finally unleashes her fury. Instead of supporting Azon, her mother rebukes her for her harshness and reveals a lifelong secret that will hound Azon forever.

Season 1, Episode 283: Tubao

5 June 1997

Season 1, Episode 284: Diner

12 June 1997

Season 1, Episode 285: Bleacher

19 June 1997
Being the protective sister that she is, Carla sees to it that every boy interested in Dinty is good enough for her younger sister. When Dinty goes steady with a guy named Berns, Carla is restless for she believes that Berns is the typical male who cannot be trusted with a serious relationship. Carla realizes later on that she misjudged Berns, and worse, Carla begins to develop special feelings for her sister's boyfriend.

Season 1, Episode 286: Bintana

26 June 1997
Abby will never forget the summer she fell in love with Lester. But unlike most first loves, Abby's relationship with Lester did not turn out sweet as she expected. Lester is a troubled youth whose unpredictable temperament worries young Abby's family. Will Abby's first love become her greatest romance or will it just turn into a fond memory in the end?

Season 1, Episode 287: Puting panyo

3 July 1997

Season 1, Episode 288: Traysikel

10 July 1997

Season 1, Episode 289: Pabango, lipstik at tsokolate

17 July 1997
Two sisters grew up in the custody of their grandparents, aware that their own parents abandoned them to pursue new lives. As their mother comes back after many years, is it still possible to revive a relationship that was never established in the first place?

Season 1, Episode 290: Wedding Vow

24 July 1997
A sworn vow of love against all odds is suddenly put to the test when Aileen stumbles upon her husband's grave illness a little too late. Faced with the daunting task of tending to Ramon's incurable mental disease, Aileen soon finds herself on the crossroads of regret and undying affection-until she learns the value of keeping the solemn promise she had made to the man she loves.

Season 1, Episode 291: Silong

31 July 1997
When a renowned family suffers the loss of their matriarch, the wayward son returns home to repair the strained relationships he had once left behind. Blinded by his renewed ties with the father he had grown to admire and respect, Teddy inadvertently brings the tragic downfall of his clan-with his wife Esther falling victim to the deadly corruption that has secretly plagued the entire household.

Season 1, Episode 292: Liwanag

14 August 1997
As a young girl, Carolina showed much promise in the field of the arts- she has commendable writing skills and an eye for drawing. Tragedy takes place in her life at the age of nine when an eye surgery fails to save her vision. Despite this, Carolina strives to grow up like any normal girl until she graduates from college. Life after school tests.

Season 1, Episode 293: Phonograph

21 August 1997
After seven years of bliss, problems begin to surface in the marriage of a couple. The wife's physical aging triggers insecurity on her part especially that her younger husband hardly changed in any aspect. As they battle their harrowing age difference, they are forced to reassess the depth of their love for each other.

Season 1, Episode 294: Kalawang

27 August 1997
In a generation where virginity at the age of twenty-five is a shame, Francis regrets having a prude and unaffectionate girlfriend who has deprived him of any intimacy in spite of their seven-year relationship. Francis believes that the only person who understands him is his best friend, Jake, but the latter is promiscuous. When Francis meets the seductive Nadia, he knew his much-awaited moment has finally come... until he learns that Jake wants Nadia as well.

Season 1, Episode 295: Piyesa

4 September 1997
As a lonely orphan, Janet finds solace in music, especially when her only friend Jose leaves for the city. When Jose comes home after many years, he breaks the news that he is engaged to Rica. In times of desolation, Janet turns to music for comfort, but even this is deprived of her as her health deteriorates because of leukemia. Jose stays by Janet's side but faces the threat of losing the other special girl in his life.

Season 1, Episode 296: Retaso

9 September 1997

Season 1, Episode 297: Lullaby

11 September 1997
Growing up in the same neighborhood, Joanne and Leslie never spent a minute apart, especially when Leslie's mother died- an event that turned him into a troubled young boy. But they become too close for comfort, and this closeness resulted to Joanne's scandalous pregnancy. Aside from disgrace, Joanne and Leslie face the harrowing threat of premature parenthood and the fact that they are practically children who are not even romantically involved with each other.

Season 1, Episode 298: Kuna

17 September 1997
Still single at the age of thirty-two, Bernadette painfully recalls her childhood as she is often teased for her unsightly appearance. Now that she has gained confidence in her much-improved looks and soaring career, Bernadette should have become happy, but not until her family gives her the respect she needs. To alleviate her loneliness, Bernadette decides to have a baby; however, her new bundle of joy causes her father to disown her.

Season 1, Episode 299: Alak

2 October 1997
Agnes is a blissful new bride, but her parents disapprove of her husband Steve because of his incapacity to provide her with the luxurious kind of life she is used to. She couldn't care less because she loves Steve. But when the pressure from Agnes' high society parents takes its toll on Steve who decides to turn to drinking, she begins to contemplate on her parents' advice.

Season 1, Episode 300: Agua Bendita

16 October 1997

Season 1, Episode 301: Agiw

23 October 1997

Gloria Romero ... Foly

Jackie Lou Blanco ... Zeny (as Jackielou Blanco)

Rita Avila ... Adora
Lito Pimentel ... Elias

Jericho Rosales ... Jeff
Hazel Ann Mendoza ... Anak ni Adora (as Lourdes 'Pupi' Pla)
Ronalisa Cheng ... Anak ni Adora
Joy Barrios ... Lolit
Mark Vernal ... Nakabangga sa aso

Charo Santos-Concio ... Tagapagsalaysay (as Charo Santos)

Season 1, Episode 302: Anino

9 November 1997

Season 1, Episode 303: Dolyares

9 November 1997
Sibling rivalry is one factor that tears families apart. In the case of these three sisters, their differences are beyond the capacity of their old mother to settle. How can the eldest daughter take her stand and save her family from further desolation?

Season 1, Episode 304: Munting bituin

13 November 1997
Their eighteen-year estrangement did not deter Shirley from being her daddy's little girl. She devotes her time to her paralyzed old father who had suffered a severe stroke. No amount of time is enough to make up for the long period of their separation, but Shirley is also mother and a wife, and she is forced to weigh what is more important in her life.

Season 1, Episode 305: Manika

27 November 1997
In spite of the fact that they can no longer bear another child, Paeng and Isabel are content with little Monette. Monette is a sweet girl whose qualities make her the pride and joy of her parents. To ensure Monette's future, Isabel leaves her low-paying job and works in Hong Kong. An unthinkable tragedy, however, takes place when Monette is violently assaulted by one of Paeng's employees.

Season 1, Episode 306: Bahay

4 December 1997
After a long period of arduous labor in the middle east, Rudy finally comes home to his family with bright plans for their future. Shortly after his arrival, he meets a road accident that takes the life of a little boy. Rudy is aware that the unfortunate accident was partly due to the boy's negligence; however, the boy's cunning father is determined to turn this tragedy to his advantage.

Season 1, Episode 307: Paper Doll

18 December 1997

Season 1, Episode 308: Haplos sa sugat

25 December 1997
One Christmas eve, a mother prepares a special dinner in hopes of gathering her sons on this special occasion. However, this simple wish proves to be impossible in their home. Little Cio is diagnosed with a terminal disease, and Dexter refuses to forgive his mother for running off with another man after his father's death. As a new year starts, this mother realizes that she is slowly losing her sons- one to death and one to bitter memories of the past.

Season 1, Episode 309: Bachelor's Pad

15 January 1998
Coney has long dreamed of walking down the aisle and marrying Gabby, her live-in partner of two years. But because Gabby is considered head of the family, in place of his deceased father, Coney contents herself as second priority in Gabby's life. When they finally move in a place of their own, Coney knew her dream of marriage is about to come true. She never thought that being alone with Gabby would impel her to reconsider her wishes.
Alicia Alonzo
JC Castro (as Juan Carlos 'JC' Castro)
Justin Cuyugan