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It's not remotely as luscious or half as bold as Malick's movie, but it is shorter and more educational.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Shot in Panama, with a cast of local Indians and B-tier Latino and Anglo actors, End of the Spear has neither the marquee heft nor the artistic gravitas of "The New World."
The Hollywood Reporter
It might have been inspired by actual events, but End of the Spear is, literally and figuratively, simply too dull to make any impact.
The naiveté with which the missionaries approach their initial meeting with the Waodani, whose propensity to violence was well-documented, appears at once incredibly stupid and divinely loving.
New York Daily News
In documentary footage played over the closing credits, the real warrior is introduced to American fast food and returns to his people too fat and sluggish to spear himself a snack, let alone a missionary.
Chicago Tribune
A childish and visually repetitive movie, ham-fisted, proselytizing and overtly simplified.
New York Post
A sincere but underwhelming dramatization of one of the biggest news stories of 1956.
This ersatz jungle adventure is really a thinly disguised Sunday School lesson in faith, charity and the savagery of life without Christ.
Entertainment Weekly
Atrociously scripted and edited.
A Christian-themed film about redemption with almost no redeeming qualities as entertainment.

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