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Love it
JesperT29 April 2004
One of my absolute favourite bands, so obviously I like their videos as well, being everything from camp, to humourous, weird and cool.

The definitely topped during the late 80s with tracks such as "It's A Sin", "Always On My Mind", "Heart" and "Rent" and have never been able to reach those heights ever since (perhaps with the exception of "Go West").

The DVD-menu/options are as expected - and the commentary part is hilarious, and it also seems as if Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant are enjoying themselves.

For me this is a 10/10, but I guess you have to like them from the start.
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the best pet shop boys video collection ever
josefmoscicki23 February 2004
well i like the pet shop boys and on this dvd you get 180 mins ( 3 hours.)of their 41 videos feturing remastered audio and video. plus audio commentary with the pet shop boys in conversation with Chris Heath. some of the videos included on this DvD are West End Girls, Opportunities ( let's make lots of money)original verson and second verson.So Hard, Rent, Always on my mind, Go West, Se a vida'e ( That's the way life is) Home and dry, I get along, London, New York City boy, it's a sin. and a lot more.
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a fine collection of the boys videos from the start of their career
michellelocke0079 September 2010
definitely one of the best compilation of music videos. it's always a pleasant surprise to watch your favourite pop band or musical act progress from their early videos to the present where a lot of careful thought and imagination was put into making it. as it goes to say for the pet shop boys who have been around for more than two decades and show no signs of slowing down their career. while many viewed west end girls to be a one-hit wonder, this dynamic duo has continued to prove their critics wrong by churning out hit after hit and amazing full-length albums that have won them critical and international acclaim. chris and neil have also been pioneers in the fashion industry as well with their futuristic costumes and daring new looks for each video which represents a certain time in their musical careers. i especially liked the music videos shot and directed by famed photographer bruce weber who did being boring and i get along. beautifully shot in black and white. i also like how they get famous directors and artists involved in their projects such as derek jarman and sam taylor-wood to name a few. a true class act.
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Highly varied and stylised
Gordon-1123 November 2006
This is a collection of their videos throughout their career from the 1980's to the present day.

The videos are highly varied in style, ranging from fantasy filled with special effects (Yesterday, When I Was Mad) to down to earth, documentary of every day life (London). Many of the videos are imaginative and visually appealing, especially the videos from the "Very" album and the "Nightlife" album.

It is also interesting to note the transition of Pet Shop Boys in different eras, both image wise and musically. This DVD almost serves as a documentary of Pet Shop Boys' career in a musical way. This disc fun to watch!
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