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The Hollywood Reporter
Who knew Samuel L. Jackson and Eugene Levy would make such a dynamic comic duo?
Levy and Jackson save the day, and the film. The Man isn't great entertainment, but it contains enough laughter-provoking material to make it worth a look.
Functional if thoroughly uninspired movie. Because it clings to the comedy-action template of "48 Hrs.," pic feels like it could have been made 15 years ago.
While nothing in the movie - least of all the two main performances - is especially fresh or original, it does have a few decent gags and amusing moments.
L.A. Weekly
Jackson and Levy strike only damp sparks off each other, and they seem to have been introduced to each other --without benefit of rehearsal -- mere moments before the director cried "Action!"
Nobody needed to make it, nobody needs to see it, Jackson and Levy are too successful to waste time with it. It plays less like a film than like a deal.
Entertainment Weekly
Most of The Man is as awful as last year's debacle, "Taxi," yet Levy, stuck in a no-brainer variation on Billy Crystal's predicament in "Analyze This," shows just enough noodgy passive-aggression to suggest what the movie might have been were it not shackled to buddy-action clichés.
Unfortunately, The Man makes the mistake of assuming casting is all it takes to make a good comedy.
Village Voice
Fuu . . . cryin' out loud, this movie's dumb.
Dallas Observer
Indeed, this is the very kind of lame-brained folly Levy and his SCTV cohorts used to mock on their old show; now it's how he makes rent.

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