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Toronto: Curtis Burch Developing Oakley Hall III Biopic

Toronto: Curtis Burch Developing Oakley Hall III Biopic
Curtis Burch, exec-turned-producer, is developing “The Loss of Nameless Things,” based on the life of the late playwright Oakley Hall III.

Burch’s comic drama “Words and Pictures,” starring Juliette Binoche and Clive Owen, premieres Saturday in Toronto. Burch produced through his 6-year-old Latitude Prods. along with screenwriter Gerald Dipego and director Fred Schepisi.

He’s aiming to go into production on “Nameless,” based on the 2004 doc by Bill Rose, next year. Burch discovered Rose’s film several years ago at the Austin fest.

Oakley was a rising star on New York theater scene before suffering massive injuries in a fall from a bridge in 1978. The documentary focuses on a local production of his play “Grinder’s Stand,” which he had been writing at the time of his accident, and his slow process of creating a new life. Oakley died in 2011.

Burch hopes the feature version, which has been fully financed,
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Fred Dekker on Night of the Creeps 2 and The Monster Squad Remake

The prolific cult director also talks about directing

Fans of true cult cinema have a reason to rejoice this Halloween season, as Fred Dekker, the mastermind behind the hugely popular The Monster Squad, is finally bringing his elusive, long absent underground horror hit Night of the Creeps to DVD and Blu-ray on October 27th. To help celebrate the release, we recently caught up with the prolific director for a no holds barred interview that covers his whole career (including his own ruminations about the much maligned RoboCop 3 some fifteen years after its release). It's a great interview that you can read below in our DVD section. While discussing Night of the Creeps, Dekker spoke more about his plans for a sequel which would reunite the entire cast some twenty years after the events of that faithful night in 1986. He also discussed the upcoming Rob Cohen remake of his beloved The Monster Squad,
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Fred Dekker Revisits The Night of the Creeps!

The most elusive cult creeper ever made finally makes its way to DVD and Blu-ray October 27th!

Night of the Creeps has become one of the most sought after late night cult creepers ever made. After hitting the video store circuit in the mid-80s on VHS tape (and VHS alone), the film quickly disappeared. It would later crawl out from late night cable television on that rare occasion, like some long dormant creature hungry for flesh. It's never been re-released on any medium, and has only made a handful of appearances at the local midnight theater. Despite that fact, Fred Dekker's amazing 1986 ode to aliens, zombies, and high school romps has developed a rabid following over the years. Revolving around squirmy black leeches that possess a town full of teenagers and treats them like puppets on prom night, it's a hard film to shake. And the fact that
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