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A bleak comedy, funny in a "Catch-22" sort of way, and at the same time an angry outcry against the gun traffic.
The Hollywood Reporter
Cage is brilliant.
Brimming with cinematic confidence, cynicism, chutzpah plus dramatic bungles, Andrew Niccol's ambitious Lord of War views today's international arms trade through its anti-hero.
The A.V. Club
Lord Of War charges bravely and relentlessly into volatile territory, and it's hard to leave unscarred by the experience.
Dallas Observer
It's this moralizing, this slamming down of a stop sign every time the movie wants to rev its engines, that keeps Lord of War from being great. But it's three-fourths of a great movie, if nothing else, it has more brains and balls than most studio releases, for which it's to be commended and recommended.
Chicago Tribune
Both script and performance, however, waver between black comedy and more routine international-thriller concerns.
A black comedy, a character study, and a thriller, Lord of War lacks the gritty, hell-bent hilarity of David O. Russell's contemporary war pic, "Three Kings."
Village Voice
Niccol's fatal error is in making the protagonist at once amoral and insipid, an admixture thickened by Cage's loquacious yet stoned voice-over and Moynahan's moist-eyed tremblings as the trophy wife.
L.A. Weekly
Incorporating surrealist humor and an ironic patina, Lord of War tries for irreverent satire, but the film (and especially Cage) is too muted and distant.
Entertainment Weekly
The result is a dead pile of information in search of a movie.

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