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grotegut18 April 2006
The worst part of the movie is that it stole 90 minutes of my life that I will never get back. Avoid this piece of crap at all cost! I should have turned it off when the ghetto white guy was caught masturbating in the library of all places.

I still can't understand how a comedy can show attempted rape in a good light, but it's nice to know that there is a writer/director who finds it appropriate to mesh the two ideas together(sarcasm). It appears that the director threw every racial/socio-economic stereotype into a jar and started picking out items to fade from scene to scene. I've seen better amateur pornography movies with more depth and better acting.
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Gives trash a bad name!
sitemaster16 January 2008
I thought this might be fun to watch. I discovered that I was wrong. Right from the start I could tell that this stunk, the acting (if you can call it that), the editing all sucked big time. I scout bad movies for a late night program on one of our local TV stations, that was the only reason I watched this entire movie and this thing was so bad I cannot even recommend it to them. I was truly horrified when I realized that this director thought attempted rape was funny. Even more horrified when I found that at least 1 person likes this filth. I really wanted to give it a -10 but that was not an option, so I was forced to give it a 1.
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made by a bunch of high schoolers?
stefan_tk3 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I felt that this movie was AWFUL, the editing was as made by a 10 year old kid, I'm sorry to say so, but u could REALLY tell that the sets were "set up" since at start of some scenes you could see people standing still waiting for the "action" call.

And the movie it self had no real meaning to it as i would prefer them to have.

Of course they "are graduating", but i mean.. where did u buy this script and why oh why would any serious actor ever want to be apart of this movie, if they want a career i would rather suggest a commercial for toothpaste than this.

I have to comment that the characters of this movie was quite fun and did a good thing from a terrible script, to bad the budget must have been at minus or something.


(sorry for any misspelling or errors in grammar, my first language is NOT English and i hope this is still readable)
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High Recommended....To No One
Michael_Elliott6 February 2013
Grad Night (2006)

BOMB (out of 4)

Beyond awful film about a group of teens who are warned about sex, drugs and alcohol but decide to do it anyways on their last night in high school. GRAD NIGHT is a downright horrid film with nothing going for it but at the same time did you really expect anything more? This is a pretty bad movie on all levels but for the life of me I can't understand what the writer was trying to do. For starters, the entire story is so stupid that it's hard to take any of it too serious. It also doesn't help that the subject matter is all over the place. It starts off wanting to be your typical raunchy comedy but around the half way point we start getting into serious moments like graduating high school and then into dark moments including a bullied guy bringing a gun into the school to kill classmates. The film doesn't do a very good job at juggling these items and it also doesn't help that all of the characters are downright annoying and you really won't care what happens to any of them. Another problem is the obvious low-budget, which just makes the film look cheap. The editing is beyond bad but then again I'm sure the editor was having problems trying to get much footage that actually worked. The performances aren't the worst I've ever seen but they're certainly not good and that goes for Coolio and his brief cameo. The entire film is just one big mix-up as nothing really sticks. The story is boring, the characters horrid and there's just no point in watching this thing. Sadly the film is so bad that it never falls into that "so awful it's laughable" category.
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This is a great straight-to-DVD movie! Loved it!
dowhatitdo19699 July 2008
Wow, this is truly on of the funniest movies that I've seen in while. The characters are funny and I could really relate to them. The sound track features Coolio and the music in the movie sets the perfect mood throughout. I love the music most of all. This is the kind of movie you just pop in the DVD player, grab a big bowl of popcorn, invite a few friend over and sit back and laugh your a_ _ off! It is so realistic in it's portrayal of typical all-American teens who are right on the cusp of adulthood and are just trying to figure it all out. Also It took me back to my high school days and it even reminded me of how special and exciting graduation night can be. Kudos to the writer for coming up with such a FANTASTIC concept and turning it into a movie. All in all I highly recommend this movie for good times and great laughs!!!!!!
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I thought it was smarter than most . Pretty good.
janphotgrapher14 April 2006
Loved Janitors graduation address, karate kid, dance, parent involvement, principal. Like subtle lesson- no sex without a cover, pretty girls don't always get the dates (or if they do sex is expected) ,little guys can win, bad guys aren't always so bad, encourage one another, you can have fun without a lot of money for a dance. I think it's great! Hadn't seen the credits before- good. Its a GREAT First. The movie is a fun romp. I liked the different characters story lines they all had their different issues to work out and they were all resolved in a sensible way. My favorite story line involved Leo and Ana.
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