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OK film
wrlang13 November 2006
Coalition is about the conflict between the black mob and the Italian mob. They work together to rape the public of their hard earned money until the black mob gets a little too uppity and starts killing the Italian mob's black friends who stand up to them. Moderate to high violence with a lot of beatings, but not too much actual blood footage which makes it a violent movie done in good taste. Cliché characters abound, but it's good to see a black people cast as real heroes who are unwilling to succumb to the gangster mentality. The only thing I have against the movie is that the Italian mob comes to the rescue and hits the black mob. In my book, all mafia mobs of any kind should get summary executions. But we live in America, where known guilt must first be proved before the guilty get off. An A class movie with some acting/dialog issues and a few directing problems.
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Paper Mobsters
Ryan18 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is, without question, one of the worst movies I have ever endured viewing.

The directing was horrible, the acting was like porn - only without the inherent benefits, the screenplay was an insult to the term 'mediocre', the sound production was awful, shot selection and editing were haphazard and disjointed.

The story drags, meanders, wanders, and jumps without rhyme or reason. The characters are completely unsympathetic, and stereotypes are blatantly perpetuated in caricature (redneck racist rapist; fat black "gangsta" with a "ho", lots of "bling", and an SUV).

Frank Vincent must have owed Joe Ariola a favor, as I was mortified by the inclusion of such a brilliant actor in such a deplorable film effort. I also expected more out of Chuck Zito (HBO's "Oz"), but his role was paper-thin - and he seemed to sleepwalk through it. Raekwon offers one of the most tolerable and believable performances as the head villain - and that, in itself, is a frightening fact.

Do not waste your time, hard-earned money, or brain cells on this festering puddle of biohazard waste. A truly lousy film - breathtakingly inadequate and insulting to the intelligence of an average 13-year-old.
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Not even worth a free rental at your local library
Matt Stuart11 January 2013 girlfriend grabbed this at our local library on a whim.

Needless to say, neither she nor I could get past 10 minutes without finally begging the DVD tray to eject as fast as possible once we hit the button.

The premise of the movie is more interesting than the movie itself. Unfortunately, it needs subtitles for the ghetto English as well as actors that have at least had some theater experience in either high school or college.

The DVD would be better off as a coaster. I'm actually thinking that there may not be any substance that would actually alleviate the pain inflicted on one's eyes and ears with this production.
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