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Sorry Jon...
I know the director, and realize he's passionate about his work, and upon his request I viewed this movie.

It was one of THE worst movies I have ever seen, and ended up not finishing it with only (I can only hope) 15 minutes left into the movie.

I only made it as far as I did because I knew the director, otherwise I don't think I could have even watch that much of the movie.

Don't get me wrong, low budget indie films are great. In fact, I tend to love those movies more than the ons Hollywood puts out - but this movie.

*sigh* But Jon, I have faith in you.

I know you'll do something amazing, because like I said, you're passionate about your work, and that's something I admire about you.

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Bigfoot: North America's Greatest Lover!
s_streufert12 May 2008
This is a work of pure comic genius. It is backed by extensive research into the more extreme aspects of the Sasquatch in popular culture, substantiated by Native American lore centuries old. Yes, there is a history of inter-species hominid communality. The soundtrack music constitutes a masterfully applied parody, moving from love-comedy, through pornography, to tragedy. Though made on an obviously low budget, that is part of the point--this film is a satire of human romantic motivation as much as it is of the b-movie bigfoot monster genre. If you meet the filmmaker he will probably give you a promotional t-shirt, which is even cooler than the film. Its climactic ending made me weep.
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Jon Olsen's Rise To Power
thejukeboxwolf29 January 2008
I first saw Ape Canyon as a high schooler when I was at a friends house. We had eaten a few brownies and guzzled a few beers when my friend put the movie into the DVD player. We were shocked, amazed, laughing our asses off and horrified at the ridiculousness of this silly no- budget film.

Zoom forward a few years. A friend of mine stops by and invites me to a zombie music video shoot which Jon Olsen is filming. We became friends after that and I acted in subsequent videos as well as view some more of his recent more serious work.

Ape Canyon may be a ridiculous and even annoying film at times, but it's a stepping stone to Jon's true creativity. My suggestion: Get a little wasted first and you're guaranteed to enjoy at least half of it.
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