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Welcome to the reason Dilbert is such a popular comic strip
MartinHafer11 February 2009
This is a funny and insightful short film that obviously must have been inspired by yet another Dilbert-like office that demands absolute super-human effort yet is slow to reward hard work as well as points out mistakes--no matter how small. So, for all the workers who have had Dilbert's boss, this film is for you.

A telecommunications company has been pushing their employees so hard that some of them on a particular project have been sleeping at their desks at night and living in their own filth. Later, they are called to an office meeting where the hard work and sacrifices are not only ignored but they are then given NEW instructions to do a task that would take millions of dollars and countless man hours in only a few short weeks and for practically no additional money! Such is life in a crazy corporate environment.

The film has decent production values, a humorous script and good acting. Worth a look--particularly if you work in the computer field (and especially if you are working for complete idiots).
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