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Simply lay it on me brother

Author: lupinko from GVRD, Canada
25 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'll be honest, when Teletoon first aired promos about their new fall lineup last year, I was really skeptical at first. When I saw the first commercials for Zeroman, I thought like most of Teletoon's own productions that it was just another poor attempt at Canadian animation as there's only a few gems in all the crap we release. For every Reboot or Beast Wars there are x number of wasted programming like Atomic Betty (which is trying hard to cash in on the whole Powerpuff Girls thing) or those really bad cartoons with the talking rats, Mortimer or whatever. Anyway my post here is not about crappy cartoons, so back to the main story.

So like all the other shows I saw in the previews, Zeroman was no different, I initially hated it before even knowing what it was, until I caught one of the episodes. It was the episode when Zeroman fought the two nerds w/Fembot. And I started to get interested in it, the episode was pretty funny, I mean Les Mutton's love interest is named Sally Uberchick? I mean c'mon, and the whole part about the Fembot, and how nobody could see Zeroman's true identity when it was so painfully obvious. Also I noticed that the title character was in fact one of my favourite actors, Leslie Nielsen, basically at that time to me the show was pretty much an animated Naked Gun, except Leslie is a superhero instead of a cop. So I enjoyed what I saw, but it was not until I was introduced to the greatest villain ever (with the greatest henchmen ever) in Rusty Woodenwater (voiced by Kids in the Hall alumni Kevin McDonald) that I was really sold on it. Rusty simply put is one of most brilliant creations ever in animation, no TV history, no ever :D. The former childstar turned criminal mastermind is just too good, hell I'm speechless about it really, can't really describe it, he's just too funny and awesome! Also complementing him are his two managers turned goons, Don and Ron, who are voiced by HNIC legends Don Cherry and Ron Maclean. From then on I was hooked, and not only were Leslie and company great, the other cast members such as Doris Roberts and Ryan Reynolds really add to this show's great acting and really complements the superb writing.

From the zaniniest villains this side of the Tick (master of magnetism: Chick Magnate, weatherman turned controller of mother nature's fury: The Humidifier c'mon! :D) to the wackiest gadgets/thingys (Ty's man boobs radar or Gary's Holy Cow! incarnation LOL), Zeroman is no zero. This is actually one of the few series that I would like to see as a live action movie seeing as most of the actors can play themselves in a live action version since well the characters resemble the actors, not only in looks but also personality (like how Ron mentions the most obvious things for no reason, just like how he does it in real life on CBC lol), anyway it would be awesome as a live action movie since they have everything at their disposal to do a really good one with such ease.

So it's not really an animated Naked Gun, but something different and new, it brings back memories of witty and well written cartoons of the 90s (The Tick, Freakazoid, Animaniacs, etc.) and goes further with the zanyness resulting in something really special. =)

Anyway I really, no, so badly want a DVD set of the first season, and I can't wait for the second season and the TV movie that's being planned. Hats off to Amberwood and Teletoon for this amazing show and to all involved in its production. All I gotta say is BOWANGO!!!!!!! :D

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A View From the South

Author: johcafra from United States
18 December 2010

A reference in a recent retrospective on the career of Leslie Nielsen and a fairly detailed entry in a certain on-line encyclopedia were enough to convince me to splurge for the complete 13-episode series on DVDs.

A superhero parody it is, but lame it is not. Definitely not for the kids, for when it's not toilet humor of the most overt sort there's enough nudge-nudge-wink-wink to keep it off Nickelodeon and the like for many years or even months. And it doesn't match The Tick for imagination, The Venture Bros. for bite, or Invader ZIM for sheer unadulterated twistedness...but I still couldn't help viewing all the episodes in nearly one sitting. End of the day you want a laugh or at least a reason to smile, and more often than not you get one.

Leslie and company sound like they have a blast even if I get the distinct impression Ryan Reynolds is acting. And the voice casting of hockey commentators Don Cherry and Ron MacLean as evil henchmen attired as hockey commentators is genius. I now feel inspired to seek a suitable opportunity to use the word "zeroific" in the workplace...

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Really Well Done

Author: joshuadneill
13 August 2016

This show was amazingly well-done. Personally it is not the type of show I would normally watch. This is because it really is a true kids show. I think what separates the two is the cognitive content. However the balance between child:adult content is dead on.

This is the type of show you watch for your kids sake. Though the story lines maintain enough adult-humour for adults to actually look forward to this coming on. Simply being able to watch it with their kids week to week. If you haven't watched this yet, or are just curious it is definitely worth while. Even check out the theme song has a catchy hook. Any ways just check it out!

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Great show!

Author: ( from Australia
2 February 2011

This was one of the good remainng shows left on teletoon. This along with the early seasons of 6teen, class of the titans and carl squared (season 1 only) were the last remaining good show's on teletoon. in fact, 2001-2005 are considered to be the "Golden Age" of teletoon. This is similair to how 1997-2004 are considered to be the golden age of cartoon network and the Disney channel, before these terrific channels went downhill with terrible disasters like Johnny test and jimmy two-shoes. Teletoon themselves has gone downhill ever since 2006. They stopped coming up with their own show's, and instead took awful show's like chop socky chucks and Ben 10, and put it into teletoon. It's no surprise why teletoon is so unpopualar and dumb. Before, they were still pretty unpopualar, but at least they had good show's like what about mimi? or what's with andy, the ripping friends, my dad the rockstar, and Braceface. I doubt these good teletoon classics would come back.

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zero man is fair city's hero man

Author: grinch_10_2002 from saskatchewan, canada
11 March 2005

Doris Roberts plays a mom keeping her son at home just like she is on everybody loves man's foe, Rusty Woodenwater laughs like chuckles the silly piggy on Dave the man stop's the villains by mistake like some of Leslie Nielsen's shows like "Mr. Magoo" and "Scary Movie 3". Since hockey is canceled, Don Cherry & Ron MacLean are on this show as Rusty's helpers.hopefully they don't cancel this show like hockey.It is good to hear Kevin Mcdonald on another TV show other then "Lilo and Stitch".zero man and his sidekick O Boy has 0's on their costumes. when zero man put's his glasses on he is zeroman and when he takes them off he is Leslie Mutton and nobody knows who he is when he is zero man and that is the opposite of Superman.

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Another lame superhero parody

Author: Julia Arsenault (ja_kitty_71) from Canada
17 June 2008

What could I say I think about the show is that...IT F**KIN' SUCKS! I mean come on! a 66-year-old superhero? WHAT THE HELL! and his secret crush is a woman (and co-worker at the post office) that is 34 years younger than him, I mean ewww! gross. Also he still lives his mother! O.M.G!! WHAT WERE THESE PEOPLE THINKING?!

This show along with "The Fairly Oddparents" shouldn't seen by prying eyes at all; it will just make them bleed to death! And just as with "Oddparents," it's full of craziness and stupidity. And by the way, the Superman-escque thing is really, REALLY getting old as Zeroman, I mean another lame superhero parody? I really HATE parody!

So anyway, my last word is that this show stinks big time! No wonder 2D animation is going down.

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