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An interesting series for children and adults alike
eppingdrwho1 August 2017
I had never heard of this series before, having been born after all three series were broadcast. I read about the series online and was lucky to come across it. The series is very much in keeping with British Horror and Suspense works from the 1970s and early 1980s. Overall there are three series, two of seven episodes each and one of six. Each of the three series begins with different title credits and I noticed that series one appears studio-bound whilst the other two series make great use of location filming as well. Each episode lasting roughly 24 mins which creates a nice pace in which to show a concept, some stories realised much better than others. The series benefits from some strong scripts, generally top-notch acting from both the junior and adult casts, and from some nice production values. Each series has a range in quality between episodes, however there is on the whole a deep sense that even the lesser episodes were aiming for individualism and creativity. Episodes which fall into this category are those such as 'Dutch Schlitz's shoes' and 'The eye'. Overall a nice series with some episodes which are very memorable.
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70's Spookyness
stephene-310868 July 2016
A wonderful collection of atmospheric tales of the Supernatural penned by the likes of J.B. Priestley and Roger Marshall not to mention Ace of Wands creator Trevor Preston.

Featuring tales of long dead witches, ghosts from the future and my personal favorite featuring a very young Pauline Quirke a story about 3 teenagers and a old haunted Tudor mansion.

There are all 7 episodes of the first series shot in 1975 on the network DVD release. Some great actors feature like Jenny Agutter, Russell Hunter John Nettleton and a very young Sophie Ward.

Some stories stronger than others; but series one is by far the best. Sadly the writing became poorer and the acting hammier in later series.

But takes you back to the day's before children's TV became Americanised, patronizing and bland.
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"Shadows" now on DVD
erestor200118 March 2011
Reading the other reviews, there seem to be a few others from Australia who remember watching "Shadows" in the 1970s. There also seems to be the same estimation of the series that it was very well executed horror that has left a lasting impression, despite difficulty in remembering some of the detail. I recall being equally terrified and enthralled as a child and its memory still haunts. This makes me wonder whether it was really suitable for children (4pm on a weekday) when even as adults recalling it is enough to leave one unsettled. I have the same reaction to "Children of the Stones". I don't know how the British were able to make such disturbingly brilliant series in the 1970s but they were masters of the horror genre. "Thriller" is another obvious example. Anyway, it is with this caveat that I mention for fans waiting for many years that the first season of "Shadows" became available at Amazon UK in late 2010. "Shadows" is a lesser known series, quite underrated. Until a few years ago it was difficult to find anything about it on the internet, including on IMDb. As far as I recall, there was no entry on IMDb until about 2004, such was the show's relative obscurity.
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Another episode
mdbrown-318 August 2009
Like some others here I have only vague memories of this series, but remember being freaked out by it at around the age of ten. There seem to have been quite a few series in the 1970s that tapped a vein of supernatural terror, often with Celtic overtones or suggestions of folkloric nastiness. Another I remember vividly was 'Children of the Stones'.

The episode of "Shadows" I recall featured some people who were trapped in the bottom story of a country house or possibly a windmill converted into a house. They were being threatened by the trees outside - branches were bursting through the windows and poking around to get at them.

Would be interesting to see again, but don't know if it'd stand up now - such shows seem more intense when you're younger and less cheesy.
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Scared the pants off me
norris01-116 July 2008
There was another episode where two boys were kept in after school and they answered a questionnaire with exactly the same answers. And one about kids in a railway waiting station that went back in time.

My sister and I had to hide behind the couch often during the show as we were so scared.

Anyone know how to get a copy? My sister and I have been searching for this for years.

I think it's Thames Television that produced the 3 series but there are very few references on the web.

The one where the girl goes small - she is looking at a doll house in a museum and goes inside of that.

In the one with the Dad in motorcycle helmet there is a vase with an eye that turned around and I think this was what "possessed" him.
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more on "Shadows"
pacificwestair13 March 2008
I vaguely remember the series too - I remember one episode about a woman staying at a hotel and met a ghost from the past, who hadn't heard of Heathrow Airport.

There was also an episode of a girl left home in the dark alone, and her Dad returns, acting strangely, and quite scarily in his motorbike helmet. The house looked quite eerie in just the flashing lights of a pedestrian crossing outside.

I have even hazier memories of another episode where a child shrinks to the size of his/her toy soldiers and dolls, and they come alive.

Not much help I know, but maybe it might trigger a few more memories for people? I remember the story of "the other window" as being the scariest episode for me.
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gregjones19713 June 2007
Yes, I remember this TV show. My brother and I used to watch it here in Australia when it was on during the 70s and wondered what became of it and would love to see it again after all these years. I remember 1 episode where someone was transported through time in this old house, and I think, but my memory is VERY HAZY where the characters in the old house were played by the same actors in the future. I also remember another episode which scared me when I was a child related to an ancient Celtic religion and people running about wearing animal masks or deer antlers or something to that effect. I hope that to hear any other memories of this show....
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texaustin18 December 2006
I can vaguely remember the TV series 'Shadows' from the seventies, in particular the episode entitled 'The Other Window', which gave me nightmares for a week or two when I was an impressionable eight year old. I seem to think the window of the title was circular and when one looked through it, one saw strange and often scary things happening. I cannot remember the other episodes of this series, although if anyone can recall the plot lines of any of them it may well help to jog my memory. I think it aired on the BBC, but I don't ever remember it being repeated. I would love to know if this series is available either on video or DVD. Does anyone else remember this one?
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