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3 Sep. 1975
The Future Ghost
A young Victorian woman travels to London to pursue a career in nursing. While staying at a guest house, she hears her name called from a room that doesn't exist.
10 Sep. 1975
After School
Two school boys get locked in their football coach's office after hours. When they pass time by filling out a class questionnaire, something tries to contact them by making them write identical answers to the questions.
17 Sep. 1975
The Witch's Bottle
Teen-ager Jill visits an old cottage once occupied by another teen-ager named Jill three hundred years before. The other Jill was burned alive as a witch.
24 Sep. 1975
The Waiting Room
A young woman and her brother are stranded in a remote area late at night.They find an old 1920s train station, and wait there for the 5:30 am train. A train, which is not listed on the woman's railway schedule, unexpectedly arrives at 1:30 am.
1 Oct. 1975
Optical Illusion
Three teen-agers tour a spooky old Tudor mansion just before it's about to close for the night. They hide in a secret passageway and get locked in.
8 Oct. 1975
Dutch Schlitz's Shoes
An evil wizard burglarizes an old country mansion that houses a collection of strange magic items. He gets more than he bargains for when he steals a pair of shoes once owned by a Chicago gangster.
15 Oct. 1975
The Other Window
A scientist brings home a high-tech lens to amuse his children. The children can see scenes from the past through the lens.

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