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Season 3

4 Sep. 2006
Episode #3.1
Maggie has chosen Phil over Paul and,to make a fresh start,they have moved house. Maggie is still uncomfortable about starting over and matters are not helped when Phil's new boss,the philandering Brian,thrown out by his wife Penny,comes to stay with them. They also meet their new neighbours Mia and Nick,who are into partner-swapping and erroneously believe that Maggie and Phil are also swingers. However the misunderstanding gives the Mees something to laugh about and helps the recovery of the relationship.
11 Sep. 2006
Episode #3.2
James' school work is not up to scratch and he fails his GCSE exams,prompting Phil to suggest that Maggie gives up her job to devote more time to helping the boy with his studies. Maggie duly resigns but retracts the resignation when Penny tells her that Brian and Phil have been seen at a lap dancing club in working hours. Maggie and Phil leave Brian in charge of the kids' party but Penny invites Brian to return home,though he will be sleeping in the garage. Meanwhile Maggie worries that Brenda is overdoing things when she has a fall doing the housework.
18 Sep. 2006
Episode #3.3
Following the lap dance club incident Maggie feels unable to trust Phil and suspects him of having an affair with new client Yvonne. As a result she refuses to go on the travel agency's day out - until she appreciates that she is just being paranoid. However she rings home from the hotel,only to hear the client answer - it is all very innocent as Phil is working from home - but Maggie gets the wrong idea,drinks too much and ends up in a compromising position. After she has sobered up Phil arrives at the hotel to assure her that nothing untoward happened and she sees ...
25 Sep. 2006
Episode #3.4
Mia suggests to Maggie that the marriage might be helped if she and Phil do new things together but Phil is not interested when Maggie takes up Spanish classes. Maggie also meets Will,a feisty ex-cancer patient,who gives her the idea of going travelling. She baby-sits on behalf of Kevin's sister and rather enjoys it,giving Phil the notion that having a new offspring might help things along. Maggie however is not keen. Brian is getting a divorce from Penny and asks Phil to help him to conceal his assets so he will not have to pay her a divorce settlement.
2 Oct. 2006
Episode #3.5
Maggie wakes up with terrible morning sickness and realizes that she is pregnancy,not what she wanted to be. She goes to an abortion clinic but finds that she cannot go through with termination. However the matter is taken out of her hands when she collapses and is rushed to hospital,where she miscarries. Brian sacks Phil for not assisting him in concealing his finances from Penny but,encouraged by Nick,Phil sets up his own business with Penny as his first client. Jeff introduces Maggie and the staff to the new regional manager,Aidan Trigg - who turns out to be the ...
9 Oct. 2006
Episode #3.6
Excitement runs high as the travel agents has been nominated as agency of the year with Genevieve and Helen both up for promotion as regional sales consultant. Maggie is not interested as she is planning to go travelling with Will,though he tells her he is unable to make it. However a solution is at hand. Mia and Nick have been arguing and Nick moves out of the house. Brenda and Eric are looking for a new property so Phil suggests that they go off with Maggie whilst her parents take the house next door and Mia moves into the Mees' house with James - who has been ...

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