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Great Saturday Morning Entertainment

Author: Sebastiaan Raats (Triceratops123) from Belgium
25 February 2005

Unlike the comment I just read, I think Dick and Dom is a great show. During it's two-hour span, it covers a wide variety of entertainment, including some traditional things, like the Prize Idiot's appearance, or the Cat's weekly film, where he discovers the "pittoresque places" of the UK. The show provides high-quality, low-brain fun. Off course, you don't have to expect something with a message in it, cause it's a no-brainer. Dick and Dom now have years of experience and that shows with the improving quality of every season. Personally, I do find some things annoying (mostly BB3B, the cartoon that is showed this season) but it's made up for by the many colorful visitors of the Bungalow (Personal favorite: the Cat) Off course, this is only my opinion, but I advise everyone to take two hours of their Saturday morning to watch this show. It's anarchistic, sometimes rude, it's gross (snot and creamy muck muck-covered guests anyone?) but it's mostly great fun!

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Ignore that other guy. This is THE Saturday morning TV show!

Author: sa420 from United Kingdom
12 March 2005

This is probably the best Saturday Morning kids show since TISWAS! Saying that, the first show that I caught, I thought that they were trying too hard to be funny...trying to be like TISWAS.

I was hooked after my second viewing.

McCourt and Wood throw in sly innuendo's that kids don't understand and adults can enjoy. It can be a little controversial at times which is exactly what is needed to be successful and to garner a cult following (which it has).

Amazingly, there are never celebrity guests (apart from the comic relief shows) as Dick and Dom favour their guests to be regular viewers (kids).

Throw in some cartoons, which I think detract from the fun of the show but I guess the guys need breaks every now and again to prep the next slots etc.

The regular characters are funny, including the ugly cat, the diddy Dick and Dom in the cupboard, the Farmer Guy, and the games, particularly Bogies, are top notch genius.

Another hilarious sequence is the Bungalow Loft bit. It's absolutely demented and capped off nicely by a Benny Hill-esque dummy Dom falling down the steps from the loft to the ground below.

The insanity is just non-stop.

I have found, this year, through observation, that this show has a few things in common with the old ITV show "Your Mother Wouldn't Like It".

The Producer, Steve Ryde, used to be in that show and also "Palace Hill" (two excellent shows), the farmer guy is played by Ian Kirkby who played Loaf in Your Mother Wouldn't Like It and the Turtle thing that pops out of the toilet and masticates it's victims after telling them a poor joke, is quite similar to the Tapeworm puppet/character from Your Mother Wouldn't Like It, which also delivered poor jokes.

Forget the wannabe's on the other channels, Dick and Dom are genuinely funny even to the point of appearing crazed at times. I think Ant and Dec ought to be cowering in fear for their jobs with Dick and Dom around! Sick, Twisted, Mucky, Hilarious...Dick and Dom In Da Bungalow...It will be a long time before there is a Saturday Morning show as entertaining as this.


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well done BBC

Author: jonathanmonkhouse from United Kingdom
30 May 2006

i wonder if its possible to think of a series deserving the title "cult" that didn't see its fair share of battering from all sides.

Dick and Dom in da bungalow was a rare treat, a refreshing moment of good honest home-grown fun in an otherwise pretty bland list of current terrestrial kids "entertainment" shows. the focus wasn't meticulously sculpting a slick, smooth marketing display, but having a bloomin' good time.

the main reason i loved this show is that it actively refused to comply with the current trend of rubbing the egos of scrawny beautiful pop-music-miming 'personalities' with questionable contribution to society. instead, it gave kids (and adults retaining their sense of humour) the opportunity to enjoy the most important part of life... fun.

those people complaining that 'kids are growing up too quickly' and 'magazines should stop implying that unless we're stick-thin models we are less than human' should stop moaning about toilet humour, look this show up, have their creamy mucky cake, and eat it.

okay, so most of the cartoons were re-runs, but they gave you 5 minutes to make breakfast. you didn't watch it for them; you watched it for the presenters and cast who showed us that there are still reasons to smile. it showed kids that they didn't have to force out some boobs and/or chest hair and go out to get drunk quite so soon.

if you combined Timmy Mallett's Wackaday with Family Guy, you'd get Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow. genius. i wonder how long it will take for the Beeb to give us something else of such fun? please bring back Dick, Dom, Ian, Dave, Melv, Steve, Guy, Matt, and the rest of the team on something. soon. please.

as a tribute, have a look at the changes ITV made to its Saturday morning show while da bungalow was running.

i'm looking forward to the sequel, "Dick and Dom in Da Vinci Code"

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Bring it Back it was brill!!!

Author: mj-littlewood from United Kingdom
14 July 2007

One of the best Saturday morning shows in the last decade. Dick & Dom in Da Bungalow was one of the funniest, most controversial and most well unscripted shows going. This helped keep Saturday morning shows from dying during the decline of early morning kid shows during the early noughties.

It was a bad move for D&D to call it quits as now there are no Saturday morning kid shows going and its just a shame that the BBC loved it too and its still missed to this day even though its been a year since it ended. Both D&D aren't even doing much on TV anyway only making odd cameos in other shows but not get the attention like they did in da bungalow but their home will always be the bungalow and hope it does get a chance to make a return someday.

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It is aimed at young children!!

Author: chelnan from United Kingdom
31 October 2005

All these adults that keep complaining about how childish Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow is, really all you need to do is change the channel! After all the show is aimed at 6-12 year olds and all of the people this age, that i know, happen to love it. It's not a show to educate, it's a show for children to laugh at which i think works. It seems to me that there are a lot of miserable adults, maybe even slightly jealous adults, out there, who need to find something else to have a go about. The show is watched by young and old and some of the games may have risqué names but the children don't see this until people start making a fuss over it and pointing it out. Part of the show is obviously for the older viewer, who can appreciate a sense of humour/jokey side to some of the games titles.

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Absolute Rubbish

Author: lukehere99 from United Kingdom
1 February 2013

What is this s***? This show came out when I was very young and even then I didn't like it, now that I am decade older and it is ridiculously repeated on the channel (which I do not watch because of this) CBBC. originally Dick and Dom in DA Bungalow was extremely successful and even won a BAFTA. Why? It consists of two juvenile grown men doing juvenile things like shouting Bogies in public and showering each other in slime also known as Creamy Muck Muck. The only good bit of the show is the brief appearance of DI Harry Batt who almost got his own spin of series. If this is what good children's TV is then the future is bleak, juvenile and covered in Creamy Muck Muck.

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Creamy Muck Muck !

Author: henrymadman from United Kingdom
8 July 2007

Dick and Dom in da Bungalow was an Award winning CBBC children's television series presented by Richard McCourt ("Dick") and Dominic Wood ("Dom"). In the final series, Series 5, five children and one celebrity guest (known as Bungalow Heads) came to "stay the weekend" in their "bungalow".

Throughout the two shows (on Saturday, 9am-11am and Sunday, 9am to 10am), the Bungalow Heads attempted to win bungalow points, by playing various oddly-named and weirdly themed games, which converted to prizes at the end of the episode. The show also featured the talents of the other cast members: Lee Barnett, Dave Chapman, Ian Kirkby and Melvin Odoom as random other characters as required. The show was produced by Steve Ryde and directed by Simon Hepworth. The last episode was aired on Saturday 11 March 2006.

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Great children's telly

Author: wiltshirepoppy from United Kingdom
14 March 2007

Ignore the snobbish reviews this was a great children's programme and why shouldn't some kids' TV be 'silly' and fun. There are plenty of more serious and educational kids' programmes on TV. The humour was aimed at children and not snobbish old fashioned adults, who find modern TV crude. There is nothing wrong with throwing pies, as it just childish humour aimed at and for children. The title of the show is purposely silly, many people really enjoyed the show and are sorry that its ended. Looking at the guest list other people also must have found it amusing. I hope Dick and Dom get a show on radio 1 because they deserve another programme.

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Dick and Dom in da Bungalow

Author: Jackson Booth-Millard from United Kingdom
25 April 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a really good example of a Saturday morning show. BAFTA winners Richard McCourt (Dick) and Dominic Wood (Dom) host a show full of kids, madness, mayhem and of course, Bogies! I don't know how many episodes I've seen, but this is a very good family show, not just kids. It makes my Mum laugh. The only part of the show that sticks out in my mind is Bogies. They take a mum or dad and his/her child to a quiet place and make them shout out "Bogies" as loud as they can to beat the sound meter. They even did it in Madame Tusaads for Comic Relief with Rupert Grint. It won the BAFTA for Best Entertainment. The "Bogies" game in the Library was number 22 on The 100 Greatest TV Treats 2004. Very good!

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Rather stupid Saturday morning show for younger views

Author: Chris Gaskin from Derby, England
14 February 2005

I have never seen a full episode of this rubbish programme, but seen enough of it for a review.

The bits I have seen of Dick and Dom In Da Bunaglow are stupid, childish and very messy. These include people throwing custard pies at one another and everyone acting just plain silly and showing off.

Each show includes celebrities coming on and a selection of cartoons, most of which are probably repeats.

The good thing is that I have heard it is being axed later this year (2005).

The BBC should be ashamed at this mess. The title of the show is stupid too.

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