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22 out of 45 people found the following review useful:


Author: Quincy Hughes ( from United States
11 September 2004

I commented on this when it first debuted and gave it a "thumbs in the middle" review, remarking that I'd give it the benefit of the doubt beyond just the first episode. I've seen a total of six episodes now up to this point in June 2006. And as a lifelong Batman fanatic, I can say without hesitation: this show is utter crap.

Everything's wrong with it. Everything. Getting past just the lousy animation and design, the stories are ridiculously convoluted and with no character development or apparent interest by the writers of this dreck to give any substance to any stories.

And for God's it just me, or is the Joker in EVERY EPISODE?? Is Gotham that much of a revolving-door justice system? Or, again, is it just a complete lack of interest in the writers to put any effort into other villains (see "no character development", above).

And to make matters worse, every single Joker tale is the same 3-part formula.

1) Joker gasses people.

2) Joker sets out to gas the whole city.

3) Batman saves the day.


There was one episode I saw that wasn't a Joker story. The title escapes me, but the villain was that nefarious Cluemaster...the "Think Thank Thunk" episode with the quiz show. That was the single-worst Batman story I've ever seen, heard or read. Yes, worse than "I've Got Batman in My Basement."

I can't really say what I feel this show is because it's probably against the ToS, but it starts with "B" and rhymes with "fastardization". Thank goodness for the existence of the Timm/Dini/etc. era of Bat-entertainment, back from the Fox and Kids WB days. Stuff that good, and I should have known this, just couldn't possibly have lasted forever, unfortunately.

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39 out of 79 people found the following review useful:

"It's not Batman the Animated Series"

Author: Insomniac-By-Choice from United States
3 April 2005

I think that can sum up this show about as well as anything. Batman TAS may be the worst thing to ever happen to cartoons based on comic books because everything that comes after will be compared to it and nothing has measured up yet. It's just too damn good. Was Batman Beyond good? "Yeah, but it was no TAS." Is Justice League good? "It's not too bad, but it's no TAS."

The Batman is certainly no TAS, either, but I won't hold that against it. It would be unfair and besides, it has plenty of other problems with it.

The concept of a younger, less experienced Batman fighting crime is a fine one, and at times the art is very nice. But all of the rest of the time, the art is worthless Americanime, and this betrays a lot of the flaws of the show itself. It is paced, written, and designed like an Americanime. If I wanted to watch Jackie Chan Adventures, I'd watch Jackie Chan Adventures. Or I could just bang my head into a wall any time and get the same effect. The Joker is a homicidal, mentally unstable clown in a suit who uses his wits, unpredictability, and clever gadgets to fight Batman. When he is forced to fight hand to hand, he will either resort to something cheap or be totally outmatched. He is not meant to be a monkey with dreadlocks who knows kung-fu and can leap into twenty feet into the air, accompanied by speed lines. If they had wanted to do that with a villain, there were other less important characters they could have used or *gasp* they could have created a new one entirely. And it's not that re-imaginings are a bad thing, don't get me wrong. TAS (there I go again) took Mr. Freeze from your standard icegun-wielding B villain and made him into a memorable and morally complex character. Of course Freeze wasn't exactly a classic villain at the time and they performed an upgrade, but the point stands. What The Batman does is it takes everything you liked about Batman comics and lore and takes a large, smelly dump on them. Guess what? They were eating corn.

It's obvious this show can't stand against TAS but stand it on its own legs and it still doesn't work for me. The plots aren't good and they don't develop any better. They've been written for the demographic of children under twelve. Should children be able to enjoy a show? Of course they should. This shouldn't be an adult show with swearing, nudity, and gratuitous violence. But the mark of a truly good show is that it can be enjoyed on different levels by all ages. This show misses that mark.

Is this show a TAS? No, of course not. The problem is it's not even a JLU.

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1 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Apples and oranges just don't mix!!

Author: alanrayford from Detroit, Michigan
15 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Before I start I just want to say that, yes, I am a thirty year old chump who still watches cartoons. Yes, I also realize this show was intended for a younger audience. Yes, I even realize that this show was canceled. However, I have something to say about it now that it's been put to rest.

The Batman started off strong, for the first two seasons. However, starting with season three, it lost its way. With the introduction of Batgirl, the show became too light and airy. Things only got worse, in season four, with the introduction of Robin. By the time season five came along, I officially thought the shows creators had lost their damn minds.

Batman is a dark character. His path in life was forged by the murder of his parents. The comics have reflected his noir roots since the late sixties. The movies, for the most part, have also reflected this darkness within as well. When they didn't, the movies tanked with career threatening severity. In BTAS, Batman Beyond, and both runs of the Justice League this was also present. In short Batman is grim character, not a babysitter.

Now, I know the studio behind the Batman wanted to target a younger audience. The question I have is why? What made them think reducing a character, whose nickname is the Dark Knight, to a preening doofus was going to work. If they wanted to make a show to appeal to younger children, why didn't they try Superman. He's more of a child friendly character. Instead we get a version of a longstanding character that flies in the face of almost every iteration of him to see light within the last thirty years.

Also, why did they redesign every single character, with the exception of Catwoman? I had no problem with the purely stylistic changes. The Joker was cool, as was the Riddler and the Penguin. However, the changes in power level left a bad taste in my mouth. Mr. Freeze was made into an evil Iceman who could generate ice at will. Bane became a armored car robbing Hulk rip off. There was no way that Bruce Wayne should have been able to take these guys out, yet he always did. Unfortunately, instead of making him seem tougher, it only made the show feel less plausible. However, seeing as how the show is, thankfully, canceled, I don't really care anymore.

What I do care about is that they're doing another Batman show. It's called the "Brave and the Bold" and seems to be another stake in this characters coffin--animation wise. It looks to be even worse than this show and borrows heavily from the art style of Dick Sprang who, because of Frederick Werhtam's Seduction of the Innocent, represents one of the worst periods of Batman's publication history. This brings me to my closing point.

Please, PLEASE retool the show before it airs. You want to bring in younger viewers, fine. I respect that. The Spectacular Spider-Man has a large following and it doesn't betray it's roots. You don't do a show for children by insulting their intelligence. And, when you insult a child's intelligence, you all but knee an adult in the junk--metaphorically speaking.

Before I close off, here's a list of things I'm begging you not to put in the Worlds Finest: no smiling, unless he's just kicked the Hell out of someone; no jet-packs, because while this bird may glide, he doesn't fly; no daytime romps for Gotham's nocturnal avenger; no more Joker and Penguin every other episode; no more than one sidekick at a time, since Batman's not a wet-nurse; and no more enemies who are way too powerful for Batman to fight and honestly defeat without a suit of armor made solely for the purpose of selling the related toy.

Here's one thing I would very much like to see. Have a handful of episodes that just deal with regular crime and not super-villains. It really helps to make the series more well rounded and less far fetched. Yes, I'm a jerk with too much time on my hands--but I still hope someone with the power too implement these changes reads this and thinks that maybe I have a point. If that does come to pass, this will truly be time well spent.

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4 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

Oh dear. What a mess...

Author: thebeezneezbaby from Australia
19 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Remember the good ol' animated batman show from the 90's? The one that people praised? The one that people of all ages could all appreciate? The one that showed batman as a real detective instead of the Hulk in a bat suit? The one that had villains you could relate to? The one that had villains with real motives?

Well clearly, Warner Bros. doesn't. Hence this dreck.

Honestly, do these people know anything about batman? Have they even looked at a batman comic before? Do they know Batman's meant to be a 'detective'? Putting together 2 clues does not make you a detective! That makes you a slightly intelligent monkey!

This is the basic layout for an episode:

Penguin steals something. 'Opening credits'. Batman finds dead giveaway of where he is. Batman goes there and get's into trouble. Commercial. Batman finds obvious/ stupid way out of it. Penguin escapes. Penguin does something obvious again. Batman follows. They do kung-fu (by the way everyone, and i mean EVERYONE know's kung-fu for some reason). Batman punch's penguin. he get's knocked out. goes to arkham. (Note: it's usually a different villain every episode)

Well as you may have noticed from that, Batman's not a great detective. "Joker left this piece of cotton candy on the ground, maybe he's at the old amusement park"! Yeah maybe, he was there the last 6 times.

And I've already mentioned this but, EVERYONE KNOWS KUNG-FU! EVEN PENGUIN! what where they thinking? (probably because it's from the people who made that Jackie Chan animated series)

What's really upsetting is that the show is just action. No smarts. None. If batman needs think, he'll use technology, then do some kung-fu.

But hey, let's not forget the villains. Afterall, what would batman be without his rogues gallery?

Well first off, I gotta say, kudos for originality. I don't think other batman media would have envisioned joker and a dread-locked monkey man, riddler like an emo, and poison ivy as a minor (which is kind of confusing when you think about, isn't her sexuality meant to be her main strength?)

What's even more crap however is that, every character is now a 2-Dimensional, stereotypical crook.


Killer Croc wants to flood Gotham for no reason.

Man-Bat is a power hungry mad scientist who is obsessed with bats for some unexplained reason.

Penguin just wants to steal everything. For no reason.

noticing a pattern here?

But the most insulting has got to be Mr Freeze.

Do you remember the Emmy award winning 'Heart of Ice' episode from Batman: The Animated Series? The one that gave Mr Freeze motives for his crimes? The episode that was so good that it was used in the comics over his original back story (mad scientist)? The one that made him a victim, with a goal? Hell, even Batman & Robin acknowledged that, using that as Mr Freezes origin in that P.O.S. movie.

Well this series says "F#ck that" and makes Mr Freeze a jewelry robber before his accident, with only wealth in his mind, then gets frozen and gives him the power to make things cold. He then continues to steal jewels for no reason, while saying sh!t lines like "Have an ice day".

Maybe they did watch Batman &Robin after all.

But hey, look on the bright side. This series makes you feel nothing for the villains so that means that you're a good person. Good for you.

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1 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Does have some good moments, but it is another case of all style and no (or little) substance

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
19 April 2010

I have to concur with other reviewers that this series was disappointing. While nowhere near the crapiness that is Batman and Robin, it doesn't hold a candle to Batman:The Animated Series, my absolute favourite interpretation of Batman.

Starting with the redeeming qualities, the theme tune is quite funky. Yes I know it isn't as dark, sophisticated or as dramatic as that composed by Danny Elfman, but I liked it. I actually like the animation of Catwoman, she is very sexy and manipulative like she should be, and Poison Ivy was an interesting character here.

The animation is variable. It is done in a very flashy style, and the backgrounds and Gotham City were at least well animated. While the flashy style looked nice and stylish, I couldn't help thinking "this is not my beloved Batman". The show does start off slow and the characters, like the animation, are variable, but by Season 4 it got more interesting and pretty good.

However, the show does suffer from some quite poor writing. It is clichéd and childish, and the puns are lame. And the story lines are not always very well thought out not helped by the fact a lot of the episodes were way too fast paced. In terms of characters, Catwoman. Poison Ivy and Alfred were fine, and to a certain degree Batman even if he wasn't sincere enough. Penguin has his moments, as does the Riddler, and how they revisioned Clayface was decent, but although it all sounds like old news the Joker and Mr Freeze were disappointments. Joker because his motives were absolutely insane and even pointless and that it took a while to get used to how he was animated, and Mr Freeze because he didn't come close to the complex and emotionally wrought character explored in Batman:The Animated Series and SubZero. I will give you this, he is better than Arnold Schwarznegger.

Like the characters and the animation, the voice work was also variable. Rino Romano tries his best to give Batman a dark and brooding persona that Kevin Conroy captured so brilliantly, but he lacks the sincerity. On a plus Alistair Duncan, Gina Gerschon, Pierra Coppola and Robert Englund are great as Alfred, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Riddler. Clancy Brown does okay as Mr Freeze, if anything I had more problem with how the character was written rather than how he was acted, and Tom Kenny as Penguin has his moments. However as much as I like Kevin Michael Richardson I just don't think he is right for the Joker, he lacks that manic, sinister and humorous touch that Mark Hamill embodied so phenomenally.

Overall, it is worth watching, but I found it disappointing. Stylish I give you that, but it lacked substance. 5/10 Bethany Cox

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4 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

Why? Why? Why?

Author: garyd689 from United Kingdom
1 April 2006

I have never commented on IMDb before, but I feel I have to after watching The Batman animation. Its absolute rubbish! Warner Brothers had the perfect animation series in Batman in the early 90s so what the hell are they doing trying to mess with the winning formula? I feel like writing a complaint letter to WB. The original animation was dark and brooding, exactly the way Batman was intended to be. WB had to mess this up with some tripe Batman of the Future. Now they produce this drivel. The Joker doesn't remotely resemble the Joker from DC comics. DC should sue. I urge everyone who agrees with me to email or write to WB and use people power to get back the original formula

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4 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

Meh.... Not Great... Not Terrible: Really Didn't Need To be Done.

Author: cinebuff-3 from USA
9 April 2005

I just finished watching the second episode of "The Batman", which featured Bane. The best can be said of the new series is that the set direction has the proper feel for Gotham City.

The first fight between Bane and The Batman showed promise. Until Bane chemically buffed up and trounced The Batman. From there on, the show resembled "Megas XLR". Which precluded the introduction of the "Bat~Bot". From then on the show was in a Flat Spin.

It also took a few minutes to associate the voice of Johnny Rico from the CGI series "Roughnecks" as Bruce Wayne and The Batman. Especially when Kevin Conroy was perfect for both.

Not greatly impressed with this new offering. I'll stick with the superb Paul Dini/Warner Brothers "Batman: The Animated Series".

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5 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

A Piece of Carp -- Don't waste your time.

Author: Mannypl66 from United States
7 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When this cartoon first aired I was under the impression that it would be at least half way descent, boy was I wrong. I must admit watching this cartoon is almost as painful as watching Batman and Robin with George Clooney all those years ago. I watched a few episodes and two of them had Batman literally get his ass kicked left and right by the Penguin who fought like Jet Li and beat the crap out of Batman and I watched another episode where Batman got his butt kicked again by the Joker, who apparently was using Jackie Chan moves while flipping in the air like a ninja. Since when were the Joker or the Penguin ever a match for Batman ? and worse yet when were Joker and Penguin Kung Fu counterparts of Jackie Chan and Jet Li. It's truly embarrassing, depressing and sad the way the image of Batman is portrayed in this show. The animation is awful and the dialog is terrible. Being a Batman fan since my boyhood I can honestly and strongly advise you to stay away and avoid this show at all cost, because it doesn't project the true image of Batman. This cartoon is more like a wannabe Kung Fu Flick and if you really wanna see a classic Batman cartoon I strongly recommend Batman the Animated Series, but this cartoon is nothing more than a piece of S---T! Get Batman: The Animates Series and don't waste your time with this cartoon.

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7 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

it doesn't all match up

Author: BlueSpider from Eaton County MI
25 September 2004

Contrary to the odd math of the other comments.... this is the character's fourth year, not his third. It starts celebrating the completion of his third year as Batman.

So it means we've had three years without recognizable super-villains or anything.

It gets worse in that aside from Alfred we have no supporting characters that weren't made up for the show and worse still when all the villains are diluted and kung-fu-ified versions of the actual characters.

The Joker, instead of the old foe intent on matching wits with the Batman, pitting deductive powers against insanity, now is just a jumping Creeper intent on releasing Joker gas for no revealed reason.

The Penguin "picked up something in the Orient" for no real reason but at least the birds and umbrellas gimmick is intact.

Bane was changed into a more overt Hulk-like character.

Bruce Wayne is now more hip than ever... which I could stomach but I really miss Gordon and Bullock and all the other characters I know.

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0 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

The Batman returns

Author: Shane McDonie (PhantomKnight) from United States
28 May 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Most of this show looks as if done by the same people that did and do Extreme GhostBusters,Jackie Chan Adventures,and a few other cartoons. The shows are short and offer nothing beyond the 25 minutes shown. I haven't seen any to be continued nor I have I yet to see Commissioner Gordon. All I see is 2 cops I've never heard of in any of the comics. No bullock nothing. A lot of the voices that i was fond of in the previous Batman cartoon...Mark Hamil as The only person to be able to play Joker besides Jack Nicholson.Kevin Conroy the only person I believe to play the Batman besides Michael Keaton,Efram Zimbalist all gone all replaced by people who never portray the Dangerous darkness or loyalty of the Batman,Joker and Alfred and instead just leave me hoping for more. There are some good things different vehicles, designs and suits are the only thing that make me actually want to watch more. Oh that and Freddy plays The riddler which I haven't seen yet. A lot of it just seems like a rip-off of Iron-Man but don't take my word for it. And seriously Megas XLR? That show is a riot to watch if it only kept some kind of conformity.

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