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5 Feb. 2005
Topsy Turvy
The Joker kidnaps a judge, towing him away encased in a giant playing card while the police watch. According to Arkham Asylum's records, Joker has been locked him his room all night. Batman confronts Joker outside the asylum, and the villain turns out to be an Arkham orderly. Joker has bigger plans: to encase several of his enemies in playing cards. The Clown Prince of Crime invites hundreds of Gotham City's important people to the theatre for one final performance. During the show, Batman shows up to try to corral the supervillain.
12 Feb. 2005
Bird of Prey
While Bruce Wayne is busy being the subject of a "Day in the Life" segment of a television magazine show, Penguin pulls his latest heist--at Bruce's mansion! Alfred is taken hostage, and Bruce must now find a way to transform into The Batman--out of sight of the watchful TV cameras!
30 Apr. 2005
The Rubberface of Comedy
Joker wreaks havoc on all of Gotham with a new gizmo that can morph any object into rubber or putty. Meanwhile, the Chief of Police pressures his detectives to take down The Batman once and for all. Part 1 of 2.
7 May 2005
Clayface of Tragedy
Batman is pitted against a new villain named Clayface, who can transform his body as if it were clay and impersonate anyone he chooses! Before The Batman can stop him, he will learn Clayface's shocking dark secret! Part 2 of 2
14 May 2005
The Cat, the Bat and the Very Ugly
Penguin and Catwoman join forces to steal a pair of valuable gems. But when The Batman arrives to stop them, Catwoman is double-crossed by Penguin, who handcuffs her to the Dark Knight.
21 May 2005
Fearing that Riddler will make good on his threat to destroy the city, The Batman and Detective Yin's secret alliance is put at risk when they must work together to solve a string of riddles that have been scattered throughout Gotham.
28 May 2005
Fire and Ice
Firefly and Mr. Freeze make an unlikely pair as they join forces to plunge Gotham into a permanent winter. With the entire police force "iced over," The Batman is the city's only hope for survival.
4 Jun. 2005
The Laughing Bat
Joker dons the costume of his greatest rival, The Batman, and terrorizes all of Gotham. When the real Batman tries to stop him, Joker injects the Dark Knight with a poison that will cause him to laugh to death unless he can create an antidote.
11 Jun. 2005
Killer Croc, a half-man, half-reptile, plans to submerge all of Gotham under water to carry out his scheme of plundering the city.
18 Jun. 2005
Penguin discovers a sonic device that allows him to turn Man-Bat into his personal slave. Meanwhile, Alfred must deal with a raccoon that has found its way into the Bat-Cave and is wreaking havoc on the electrical equipment.
25 Jun. 2005
Despite intensive rehabilitation, Ethan Bennett once again takes the form of Clayface in order to seek revenge against Joker, the man who turned him into that monster.
9 Jul. 2005
Joker pirates the airwaves of Gotham in order to broadcast his crimes on TV as entertainment. When Detective Yin's overzealous new partner tries to bring down the clown prince of crime, he merely becomes Joker's latest "costar."
16 Jul. 2005
Ragdolls to Riches
The Batman finds himself caught in the middle of a game of one upmanship between master thieves Ragdoll, a triple-jointed contortionist, and Catwoman. Meanwhile, Selina Kyle, Catwoman's alter ego, eyes Bruce Wayne as a possible target for future robberies.
20 Aug. 2005
The Butler Did It
Spellbinder, a three-eyed mystic with the ability to induce both hypnosis and visions, sets his sights on stealing the valuable Eye of Sarkana--mesmerizing Alfred to be his personal thief.
27 Aug. 2005
Grundy's Night
Legend says that swamp giant Solomon Grundy will return to Gotham City on a Halloween with a lunar eclipse. Supposedly, Grundy will return to get revenge on the descendants of Gotham's founding fathers. On Halloween night, the eclipse begins, and Batman receives word that Grundy is wreaking havoc in Gotham. The caped crusader is skeptical about the legend. Still, he must battle this dangerous villain who is bent on terrorizing certain residents of the city.
3 Sep. 2005
Strange Minds
Joker takes Detective Yin hostage; he is captured he refuses to reveal her location. Batman must use a device created by Professor Hugo Strange to enter the Joker's mind in search of an answer.
10 Sep. 2005
Night and the City
Joker, Penguin and Riddler battle over control of the City. They finally decide to settle their differences by giving all of Gotham over to whoever is able to capture and discover the true identity of the Batman.
17 Sep. 2005
Batgirl Begins: Part 1
While The Batman faces off against Temblor, a villain possessing seismic powers, we meet Commissioner Gordon's teenage daughter, Barbara. Already worried his daughter lacks focus, Gordon fears Barbara's new friend Pam Isley is a bad influence.
24 Sep. 2005
Batgirl Begins: Part 2
After a chemical accident transforms her into a half-human half-plant being, Pam Isley takes the name Poison Ivy and sets out to destroy Gotham's environmental polluters.
1 Oct. 2005
A Dark Knight to Remember
After a physical trauma causes him to forget he's The Batman, Bruce Wayne finds himself kidnapped by Penguin. Batgirl rescues the "helpless" amnesiac billionaire but is captured herself.
8 Oct. 2005
Fistful of Felt
Professor Hugo Strange, head of Arkham Asylum, replaces Arnold Wesker's villainous ventriloquist puppet, Scarface, with a "benign" puppet named Mr. Snoots. With the positive Mr. Snoots on his arm, Wesker is able to begin rebuilding his life.
5 Nov. 2005
Gearhead, a part-cyborg adrenaline junkie, rides into Gotham in a souped-up racer. With the ability to take control of cars with his nano-technology, Gearhead is out to commit a series of crimes for thrills.
12 Nov. 2005
After getting his hands on Bane's steroid apparatus, Joker uses it to bulk up to monstrous proportions. As Joker toys with the city with his superhuman strength, The Batman and Batgirl must find a way to defeat this unstoppable force.
19 Nov. 2005
The Laughing Cats
When a pair of leopards is stolen by Joker, The Batman and Batgirl form an uneasy alliance with Catwoman who is determined to save the rare animals from being hunted.
26 Nov. 2005
Fleurs de Mal
When her father, along with other high-ranking Gotham officials, begins to embrace environmental causes after the delivery of mysterious plants, Barbara discovers that they've been replaced with plant-based copies created by Poison Ivy and teams up with Batman to stop her and their own evil clones.

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