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The film is said by the creators to be set circa 1780, yet we see Rapunzel using a match to light candles. The first modern, self-igniting match was invented in 1805 by Jean Chancel.
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When Rapunzel and Pascal were playing hide-and-seek, the flower pot outside the window is shown with a painting of a flower. In the later parts of the film, no painting is seen there.
When Flynn is dying, he is on his back with his right hand palm up on the floor. Later when we see both lovers from far above (when the magic is working) his right hand is palm down. If Flynn is dead, he wouldn't be able to change the position of his hand.
The painting on the floor of the tower, showing a man with pointed teeth, disappears and re-appears.
In the final tower scene, when Flynn/Eugene reaches for Rapunzel's hair, his right hand is unshackled. A second later, it's shackled again.
During the first verse of the song "I have A Dream" (in the "Snugly Duckling"), the hook-hand thug hooks the keys out of the piano and they are sent flying across the room. In the next shot, he is continues to play the piano as if the keys were still there (which of course they can't be).
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When mother Gothel takes the flowers out of Rapunzel's hair, it's straight, when it should be curled from the braids.
The strand of hair that falls across Rapunzel's face as she is pleading for Flynn's life disappears.
When Flynn tells Rapunzel that he and the kingdom are not "simpatico" he is lying on his left side. In the next scene, when Rapunzel uses her hair to pull him back upright, he is lying on his back.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

Rapunzel's hair is just long enough to pull Mother Gothel up, but it is also long enough to lower Rapunzel to the ground, which would take twice as much hair. However, it is seen that Rapunzel loops her hair over hooks when pulling Gothel up, which would allow for half the hair to still be in the tower, with just enough lowered to serve Gothel.
Rapunzel's "Mother" sees the light reflecting off the crown, and she knows that Rapunzel is gone. At the end of the movie, Rapunzel gives Flynn the crown. If she took it with her, then the mother would not have seen it in the tower. Mother Gothel gives the crown to Rapunzel to give to Flynn.

Plot holes 

Rapunzel wants to leave the tower to see the lanterns that appear only on her birthday. If Gothel had given Rapunzel a different birthday she might not have been so determined to leave.
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Revealing mistakes 

When Mother Gothel falls from the tower, as she's turning to dust her hands are normal like when she is young.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

As "Mother" stabs Eugene after he climbs the tower to rescue Rapunzel, the knife comes out clean, no blood. However, blood on the knife would likely be reason to increase the MPAA rating to a PG-13, so to keep the rating at a PG, the blood was omitted.

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