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They really pulled out all the stops on this one.
The film is picture-book pretty and fairly conventional, except for the 3-D, which is emerging as a convention in its own right. Still, the prettiness comes with brains, and the whole production, like those newly eye-catching models of American-made cars, bespeaks resurgent confidence.
There could have been more side trips on the road to self-discovery, but the plentiful lessons and derring-'do make Tangled a lock for playground pastimes. And maybe even some knotty parent-kid chats about finding your part in life.
There's also a Disney den of big, comically dumb-looking bad guys who turn sweet when Rapunzel sings to them. Because Happily Ever After never goes out of fashion
Disney's spirited re-telling of Rapunzel in 3D animation turns out to be a dazzler.
Though not exactly innovative, Tangled has a snappy pace and the Broadway-style appeal of classic Disney fare.
Much as I enjoyed this diversion, I couldn't help but think that The Princess and the Frog had better songs and (hand-painted) animation, and that Mulan was a ripping adventure that didn't need tweaking to qualify as an action flick.
Bright and engaging, and blessed with two superb non-verbal non-human sidekicks, Tangled certainly is more like it.
A passably entertaining hodgepodge of old and new animation techniques, mixed sensibilities and hedged commercial calculations.
The story had great optics but not a lot of action, I suppose, though as a child who walked around in towel-fashioned headdresses to simulate the long hair my mother wouldn't let me have, Rapunzel's was the story I longed to thrill to on the big screen.
San Francisco Chronicle
There aren't that many songs this time - just a handful, reprised ad infinitum. You get to sing most of them, so I'm sure you've noticed how bland they are.

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