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Gary Oldman was in talks to play the prison warden but negotiations fell through.
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Burt Reynolds was supposed to have a stunt double for when he got hit by Brian Bosworth on a touchdown run, but Reynolds insisted on doing it himself, saying "I got one run left in me." Bosworth himself was honored by the whole situation, saying "Who else can say they got run over by Burt Reynolds?" Reynolds went through the hit in one take with no injuries, though he had to be helped off the field.
Michael Papajohn who plays Guard Papajohn, was Adam Sandler's stuntman in The Waterboy (1998), making the hard hits as Bobby Boucher. In The Longest Yard, things came full circle as Michael has his own stuntman.
Five of the six members of the rap group D12 made cameo appearances as convicts playing basketball. The missing sixth member is Eminem who is referenced when Paul is referred to as "Slim Shady".
The movie was filmed in a closed down part of the New Mexico State Penitentary called "Old Main". It was this part of the prison where one of the worst prison riots in U.S. history occurred on 2 February 1980. The state offers the building for rent for film purposes.
Steve Austin tore his hamstring while training for the football scenes.
Crewe mentions a "tune-up" game in which he states "In college, we'd start every season against Appalachian State or some slack Division II team. Kick the living shit out of them." Two years after this movie was released, Appalachian State went on to win 3 National Championships in a row in Division IAA as well as defeating then number 5-ranked Michigan in a "tune-up" game.
Burt Reynolds and Ed Lauter are the only two actors from the original film to appear in this remake.
The cast of the movie includes several WWE superstars. They are The Great Khali (Dalip Singh), Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kevin Nash and Bill Goldberg. Also in the movie are former professional football players Michael Irvin, Terry Crews, Bill Romanowski and Brian Bosworth. Singer/Rapper Nelly is also in the cast.
Michael Irvin played a practical joke on Bill Romanowski while filming a scene in the locker room. Irvin replaced the fake, collapsible locker door that Romanowski head butts with a real, solid locker door. This can be seen as an outtake on the DVD.
Brian Mann, quarterback of the Arena Football League team the Los Angeles Avengers, was Adam Sandler's stunt-double.
Ed Lauter was cast after he happened to come across the set during filming. Adam Sandler met with him and quickly had a part written for him.
This film is the second highest grossing sports comedy of all time, with another Adam Sandler vehicle, The Waterboy (1998) taking the top spot.
While many of the inmates are seen with long hair and/or facial hair, in reality the Texas Department of Criminal Justice requires inmates to be clean shaven and their hair "trimmed from the back of the hair and necks," essentially ensuring everyone is bald and beardless. Smoking has also been in Texas prisons strictly forbidden since 1994.
Adam Sandler's character (Paul Crewe) was supposed to have played college football for Florida State Univesity and Pro football for Pittsburgh. Burt Reynolds, who starred in both films, was an All-American running back at Florida State and is an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan.
In the scene where Meggett (Nelly) "runs" out of his shoes in his first practice, the camera pans over to Caretaker (Chris Rock) and Coach Nate Scarborough (Burt Reynolds) and a convict is seen approaching to get a better look. The convict is former University of Texas running back Ricky Williams.
Filming of the football game occured during El Camino College's fall semester. As a result, the stadium set stayed up during El Camino's home football games. Some of the extras in the crowd during the stadium scene are El Camino College students.
The numbers that Michael Irvin and Bill Romanowski wore (88 and 53) were the numbers they wore in the NFL.
Edward Bunker's last film.
The fanfare used in the Paramount Pictures logo is found only in this film.
Brian Bosworth jersey number was 44, which was his college football number
Chris Berman's play call of "Look at that little Meggett run!" is a reference to a famous NFL Monday Night Football (1970) incident. Howard Cosell's original call of "Look at that little monkey run!" in describing Washington Redskin Alvin Garrett sparked a controversy and accusations of racism because Garrett was black. Berman even tries to imitate Cosell's voice on the call. Berman also used this line and voice on ESPN when describing the play of former New York Giants running back Dave Meggett.
While sharing a drink, Caretaker (Chris Rock) tells Crewe (Adam Sandler)''When I get outta here, I don't want you to go all Hollywood on us...''which is funny because Chris Rock's and Adam Sandler's next project together was Grown Ups (2010) where Sandler's character is nicknamed Hollywood because he's a big time agent.
The song "Saturday Night Special" By Lynyrd Skynyrd appears at the start of both the original and the remake. Also, as in both the original and the remake, Crewe is watching a football game right before the argument with his girlfriend, though unlike the original Crewe does not strike his girlfriend, he merely locks her in the closet.
The picture that Chris Rock shows to Paul (Adam Sandler) is a real picture of his mother and him. His mother had the photo in the book she wrote called "mama rock's rules".
David Patrick Kelly plays pyromaniac Unger in this movie. He also played T-Bird in _The Crow (1994)_, another character obsessed with fire and explosions.
Burt Reynolds, who plays Coach Nate Scarborough, actually plays Paul Crewe in the original film in 1974.
During the final play of the first half, as the Mean Machine keeps doing laterals, Chris Berman at one point cries out, "Shades of Cal-Stanford!" Berman is referring to The Play between California and Stanford in 1982, when California did several laterals on the last play of the game to win the game over Stanford.
The original 1974 film was solely released by Paramount. Columbia's involvement in the remake came because Adam Sandler was to be the film's star. Columbia has released most of Sandler's films since 2000.
Was to be filmed in Jefferson City, Missouri at a prison that was recently closed. However, city workers weren't able to prepare the prison in time for production.
When Knauer is escorting Crewe through the prison yard, he mentions he played college football at the U of Miami, and mentions that none of the inmates are former teammates, but some of the guards are.

In the late 80's there was a brief rivalry between the U of Miami and Notre Dame, and is was billed as "Catholics vs. Convicts"
Snoop Dogg was attached to the film but dropped out.
This movie was shipped to theaters under the name "Uncle Bill".
During one of the plays in the big game the inmates use the Lonesome Polecat formation for a lateral.
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Adam Sandler was only 7 years old when the original The Longest Yard was released.
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After Paul Crewe (Adam Sandler) comes back in after having betrayed his teammates the O-line doesn't block the guards. On the second sack, guard Lambert (Bill Romanowski) spits on Crewe as he's getting off of him. In real life Romanowski, an NFL linebacker with the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders from 1988 to 2003, (at the time a Bronco) spit in the face of 49ers' WR J.J. Stokes.
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Tim Herlihy, Adam Sandler's preferred screenwriter, was brought in to rewrite some dialog. He didn't receive any credits.
In the scene where Capt. Knauer (William Fichtner) is escorting Crewe to the Warden's office, he mentions playing for the University of Miami, one of the top collegiate football programs in the nation. Michael Irvin, who plays Deacon Moss, played football for the University of Miami as a wide receiver from 1984-87 winning the National Championship in 1987 among setting other school records.
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While he was on the set, Chris Berman was asked if he could come up with unique nicknames for the movie's stars, since he was known for doing so with NFL players during highlights on ESPN. Berman came up with Adam "Love Letters In The" Sandler, Chris "Like A" Rock, and "Woah" Nelly ("Woah, Nelly!" was a signature call of college football broadcaster Keith Jackson). When asked to do Burt Reynolds, Berman promptly refused, saying, "I can't do one for Burt Reynolds. He's Burt Reynolds."
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Both Burt Reynolds and Adam Sandler were previously directed by Paul Thomas Anderson in Boogie Nights (1997) and Punch-Drunk Love (2002) respectively.
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Burt Reynolds wears number 22 as coach Nate Scarborough. This is the same number he wore in the original movie as quarterback Paul Crewe.
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The scene where Bob Sapp clotheslines Steve Austin's character and makes him shit himself is changed in the version shown on TV. In that version the line "I think he just shit himself!" is changed to "I think I broke his freaking neck!" With Bob Sapp having a different reaction/celebration when the doctor confirms that he broke his neck.
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Dan Patrick: The tall police officer who pulls Paul Crewe (Adam Sandler) over.

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