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Mis-titled and tries to do to much in a short amount of time
neubertdave3 January 2006
It's quite difficult to give much of a summary of a life and work as complex as Freud in 50 minutes. This documentary does a decent job of giving a quick overview of major events in his life. It seems to spend the longest part on two aspects of Freud, that while interesting, were actually not that important to his work. First was his interest in cocaine and the work he did to promote the use of the drug. The second, was the way that anti-semitism and the rise of Nazism in Germany and Austria forced him to leave for England.

Overall, this is a decent biography but it's is more about the life of Freud than any of his work. I feel that the title is a bit misleading in that "Analysis of a Mind" makes you think it will either provide an analysis of Freud himself or teach you something about how analysis works. It does neither, but instead gives an interesting account of events in Freud's life.
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