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Season 1

30 Mar. 1964
The Moving Toyshop
Returning to Oxford very late at night, a drunken poet sees a corpse in a toyshop window - but, when the police arrive, not only has the corpse disappeared, the toyshop has, too.
13 Apr. 1964
Trent's Last Case
Who killed Sigsbee Manderson, the hated millionaire? His beautiful young wife is suspected and amateur sleuth Philip Trent must prove her innocent.
27 Apr. 1964
The Judas Window
A man is found dead in a locked room with no way in or out - and the murder weapon, whatever it was, is also missing.
18 May 1964
The Speckled Band
What caused the death of the terrified Miss Stoner's sister? Will she die the same way? And what was "the speckled band" to which the sister alluded in her dying breath? Sherlock Holmes is warned not to investigate.
1 Jun. 1964
Subject: Murder
As good a place as any for a murder is an isolated anti-aircraft post in wartime. A group of browned-off soldiers, over-stretched nerves, a rigorous blackout - and an unpopular Sergeant-Major.
27 Jul. 1964
The Quick One
The aggressively opinionated John Raggley is murdered in a pub. Father Brown determines that a mysterious customer - "the quick one" - holds the key to the mystery.

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