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Not to be taken serious, strangely addictive
Yade Shade24 June 2011
I may like the show just as much as it irritates the hell out of me. To be honest I don't really know what I do like about it.

The way the storyline is written is flat out ridicules. The main characters especially Serena, Nate, Dan and Vanessa, fall in and out of love at any second. The most dumb lies are believed. And minds are changed by the flick of the wrist. Nobody can be trusted, they all screw each other (physically and mentally) they believe the most obvious lies that are being told (I know I said it already, but it's ridiculous!) And some people get away with everything and anything! Mostly Serena and Blair of course.

And still I can't hate it. It's a show you need to watch and don't think. Seriously, do NOT try too figure out if there is any realism in it... because there isn't any.

And don't get me started on the fashion and riches, but that's a personal thing. It's not for me, so I can only think: The poor people who have too wear those horrible outfits and pretend to be so awful.

Verdict: This show is pretty bad, but strangely addictive.
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This series is addicting
cyndita6 September 2015
I started to watch this series last month on Netflix (2015), and was so hooked I couldn't wait for the next episode. I also agree with all the positive comments. Being born and raised in Manhattan, I loved that it took place in my city. Even though I was not raised in affluence, The series made me imagine that I did. The acting was so superbly done by everyone, especially Ed Westwick and Leighton Bleester. Their chemistry was so intense and real, it seemed amazing they didn't get together in real life. I'm so sorry that it's over, but happy that I can play it over again whenever I want. I think that we will be seeing a lot more of Ed Westwick in the future; he is an amazing talent.
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best show
vijayant-rickeyponting1 January 2016
it is one. of the best shows ever. the story is amazing and the people are a hell lot gorgeous. you cant take your eyes of the TV while watching it the story is great as it is based on teen age issues and something people can relate to it is better than all the other shows out there it is some what similar to 90210 go ahead. and see it it is worth watching it is somewhat. better the 90210. i would rate it to be as good as game of thrones it is good. gossip girl is is enjoyable, and this is why it has won over so many viewers. Cast aside your preconceptions about this show and you will find yourself enjoying it. ed westwick. i would is one of the best actor in the show Wonderful job with the voice tonation, and you just grow to love him! At first I thought he was an evil brat, but there were reasons for him to act that way. He has a smoking hot evil aloofness. Blair is an excellent match for him, and I always cheer when the two of them get back together!! Serena is beautiful, but what a dingbat!! She cant decide which sock to put on first! Jenny Humphrey makes me cringe, with that bleached out hair, and whiny voice and evilness beyond repair. Dan Humphrey gets a little old also, for such a do Good, hes sure slept with enough women! Rufus Humphrey is too emasculated. Lily Humphrey is just too dry.
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It's all downhill from here.
Dudly30 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
When I started watching Gossip Girl, I was mostly interested by Chuck and Blair, who have that manipulativeness that Choderlos de Laclos gave his characters in 'Les Liaisons Dangereuses', which I happen to love. Also, the clothes those rich kids wear are gorgeous. It does not hurt.

What does hurt the show is the redundancy of it, as the seasons go by. Love-triangles just keep coming, the twists and reveals are never that original, and those kids make the same mistakes over and over again, to the point that all sympathy we might have had for them in the beginning is fading fast.

So, while I did enjoy the first season a lot and did keep watching after that, I could not endure the farce that was season four. The wardrobe is still looking good, though.
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A guilty pleasure that brings you a touch of upper east side!
Korina IheartLove20 July 2010
I watched this show first time few months ago when airing started in Croatia. I got hooked. It's a guilty pleasure. You have that sorta glamor and that little over the top drama. It has so many twists and turns, you can try to guess what will happen next, but you never know. In one moment you can hate one character because of something, and in the other moment that one is great, but someone else is now the one you should hate. Season Finale of Season 1 airs tomorrow in Croatia. Me and my best friend, we always watch Gossip Girl while texting each other. It's a great show for all the ones that love the guilty pleasure kind of shows. I think a guilty pleasure show is a show where there is a lots of drama and you get hooked easily, and you can't stop following it.
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Do. NOT. Watch. This. Thing.
cj_black6518 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I cannot believe some people actually watch this. No, seriously. I can't believe it. Let me make this clear - I'm not (and I repeat, NOT) trying to offend anyone who likes this...ummm...show. I just don't understand how someone CAN.

I've been through a lot of bad movies and shows but never, in my entire life, have I seen anything as distasteful as this. What's wrong with this show, you ask? Everything. No, really - I mean it. There isn't a single good thing to say about this...thing. I've watched half of a season (but only the first few minutes of the pilot voluntarily), and I can safely say I do not wish to ever see or hear about this ever again. It's BAD.

First of all, it has no plot whatsoever. A variety of clichéd, over-dramatized things happen throughout the thing but overall, there is no consistent story going on. If you ever had to forcefully watch a telenovela (soap opera) when you were 8 years old and your parents made you stay at your grandma's in the weekend, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. The only difference between Gossip Girl and a telenovela is the age of the characters.

And that brings me to the next point - the characters. Oh. My. God. I have never, in my life, seen such horribly clichéd and flat and boring characters. They're all the same, with minor, almost unnoticeable differences. We have Serene what's-her-name, bad girl gone good, who's the very definition of the drama-queening, woe-is-me spoiled rich girl from Upper Manhattan. This...creature, along with her lovesick puppy boyfriend Dan, basically go in and out of their relationship throughout the entire thing. She spends half of the episodes wallowing in self pity because life is being oh-so-cruel to her. And it's even worse when she's not wallowing in self pity. Trust me, you do NOT want to hear this girl laugh. I have no idea whether the character was really intended to be this awful, or Blake Lively simply can't act. But all in all, Serene or Serena or whatever her name is easily wins the award for worst character ever.

Then, we have Blair, the best friend. Now Blair isn't half as bad as said best friend, in the sense that she actually has a personality. Sure, she's annoying sometimes, obsessive, narcissist and spoiled, but she's far more likable than aforementioned Serena. Once you've seen the pair on screen, you'll almost love seeing annoying Blair just so you won't have to look at the other one and hear her idiotic lines. Blair is almost interesting when paired up to a Chuck-something. Sure, we've all grown bored of the oh-so-clichéd "Cruel Intentions" storyline, but at least there's no oversickening romance here. Which is an extremely refreshing change, once you've watched Gossip Girl for more than 5 minutes.

The rest of the characters include lovesick puppy Dan and his unbearably dumb sister, playboy Nick or whatever his name is, who literally has no purpose on this show other than making out with the entire female cast, Blair's worshippy fanclubs and the oh-so-troubled parents of Serene and Dan, who are actually in love but can't be together because Serene and Dan are (isn't that just a tad disturbing to you? It is to me).

So the characters are awful and there is no plot. And boy, that's not even the beginning of it. This show is for stupid people - and by that, I do not mean that people who watch this show are stupid. I am not trying to imply such a thing. But after every episode of this abomination (to quote the person who commented before me (and made a spiffing job of it, might I add)), I could feel my IQ dropping a few points. Or at least I hope there were only a few.

If you've never watched this show or read what I can only assume is a series of sickening books, even if your friends have told you just how cool this show is - please, I'm begging you, do NOT watch it. This thing doesn't deserve an audience. Go to the nearest video rental store and get yourself a good movie.
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One of very few teen shows I will watch - and like
love_99_10414 August 2008
I don't watch a lot of television and when I do the last thing I watch are teen dramas, but Gossip Girl is the one show that I will admit to watching and loving.

The characters are interesting, and so are the situations they get into. The script is witty and full of sarcasm. The characters are gorgeous. But the show also touches on a lot of things that happen in real life: Eating Disorders, Partying, Drugs, Drinking, Sex. All of it happens.

That being said about the show, I CANNOT stand the books. I read the first one and that was more than enough for me. The characters in the book seem very one dimensional, whereas the characters on the show have personality.

I think the television show is great, and that you can't compare the show and the book. The show or movie is always going to be different from the book. Sometimes the movie/ show is better than the book and sometimes it isn't.

In this case though, the show is better. :)
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A Guilty Pleasure
acciocaitlin3 October 2010
Obviously, Gossip Girl will not be winning any awards for its script or acting any time soon. The dialogue is clunky, the plot unrealistic and predictable and the acting is, at times, painful to watch. However, Gossip Girl doesn't try to succeed in any of these areas. What it does try to do, and what it completely succeeds at, is entertaining the viewer.

I absolutely love watching Gossip Girl. It's addictive. I need to know what's going to happen next, who's dating who, what scandal will Gossip Girl uncover next. It is plainly an addictive show! I'm only midway through Season 1, yet I can already say I am obsessed with this show.

Many of the actors (I'm looking at you, Chace Crawford) are hilariously bad, their stiff performances almost unbearable. I also find Serena and Nate to be incredibly bland, one-dimensional characters. However, I find Blair, Chuck and Jenny very interesting to watch. Penn Badgley as Dan Humprey surprised me with his very fair acting abilities. Though many of the plots are very dry and predictable, just as many story lines are redeeming with their suspense and creativity.

Gossip Girl is not a technically fabulous show. What it is, however, is enjoyable, and this is why it has won over so many viewers. Cast aside your preconceptions about this show and you will find yourself enjoying it.
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A dirty pleasure of mine, if you will
escalibur-828-68046026 August 2010
Usually, I'm not a huge fan of something like Gossip Girl, but it seems that it has become a trend for me to enjoy shows like these. First, The Hills and now this.

At first, I watched GG just to make fun of it. The drama that these young and spoiled (but i must say handsome and beautiful) people have to deal with seemed so distant from my own life experience. But, the more I watched the show, the more I got hooked, to the point that Gossip Girl became my addiction (I know, that sounds sad, especially considering the fact that I'm a guy!). Though, I have to say that the reasons for this are pretty logical or at least I hope they are.

First of all, I like the setting. Glamorous-New-York-type surrounding are something that attracts me. I've never been in New York, or in USA for that matter, but that is exactly why I like Gossip Girl.

And second, I like the middle class characters in this show - Dan, Vanessa, Rufus Humphrey and so on. Especially Dan with his adventurous, almost Peter Parker type lifestyle and, of course, his huge... emmm... bookshelf.

Currently I'm trying to get rid of my addiction. We'll see what comes out of it.
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A "signature show" that showcases lack of talent and viewership
Vernon T. Weiss4 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
So CW has just renewed Gossip Girl, hyping it as one of its "signature show".

That action begs for the question "are they insane?" to be asked.

Gossip Girl is a really bad show, based on a flimsy premise that may have been enough to support a movie, but is just obnoxious as a series.

Predictably, audiences have decided to stay away from Gossip Girl in droves, which indirectly led to CW firing a bunch of its staffers.

But where is the justice, I ask, when the staffers are fired and the bad actors, producers and writers that brought Gossip Girl to the screen are rewarded by one more season of being paid to make more low-rated drivel? It just boggles the mind... in a big way.
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allyson-munger11 February 2012
I love this show!!!I just got finished with Season 4 on Netflix, and am patiently waiting for Season 5! It is a wonderful escape show for me, and it got better and better the more I watched it! Chuck Bass I would say is the best actor in that show! Wonderful job with the voice tonation, and you just grow to love him! At first I thought he was an evil brat, but there were reasons for him to act that way. He has a smoking hot evil aloofness. Blair is an excellent match for him, and I always cheer when the two of them get back together!! Serena is beautiful, but what a dingbat!! She cant decide which sock to put on first! Jenny Humphrey makes me cringe, with that bleached out hair, and whiny voice and evilness beyond repair. Dan Humphrey gets a little old also, for such a do gooder, hes sure slept with enough women! Rufus Humphrey is too emasculated. Lily Humphrey is just too dry. Dorota is a pleasure!!! So is Blairs mother, and her little hubby!!! I did like the little french girl that Chuck was with! He was so in love with her, she was the only one besides Blair that he should be with.
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Awesome Show
besha-xx19 April 2010
I use to watch this show every now and then but 2 days ago I decided to hire the first season now I'm nearly finished the second! It made a good impression on me. If you like teenage girls, drama and slightly predictable shows with also a bit of unexpected story lines then this is the show for you..Oh and catty girls! I have no problems at all with this show... It has its humour as well as all the drama which is good. I love and then also hate the characters, they can be your fav one minute then the next the plot changes and turns you to like somebody else! ex: Jenny goes from nice to mean to nice..But overall I'd say this is in the top 3 :D
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NOT watching this show has made my life genuinely BETTER
Impenetrable-to-Pain21 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I always have been a proud fan of Chair, no matter what. I dreamt of a perfect 100th episode for MY pair. And than, as you know, the writers made fun of us, purposely trying to mock our feelings...

So, I told myself: now or never. Give up, stop watching. It was not a revengeful decision, to punish the writers & co. It is that I can't stand to see Dair together and Chuck treated like a fool. I also watch VD, I totally LOVE Delena and although it upsets me to see them apart, I keep watching because it has more than ONE storyline so it's fun, entertaining to watch it.

Of course, I didn't give up on my hope that things will get better! I still check the sites and all the news sadden me. Than I think that would be worse for me to heighten their ratings and watch something that deeply annoys and frustrate me. I am 3 weeks later, and I feel better.

Surprisingly, for a fan who tuned it almost every week in the last 5 years, giving up on this show is relieving. I prefer to remember what I liked about it, not to give up when it will get that bad that I couldn't stand it even a bit. I loved this show, adored it. Hating it is not my goal- I bought the last seasons on DVD and I want to be able to watch and enjoy them.

I congratulate Dair fans. You have them now, but I just can't stop think that is GG. As long as Chuck is single, don't hope for to much. GG disappointed Chair's, they may do the same things to you. Not that I wish this. Really not. I hope that at least part of us will be HAPPY with what happens in this show, not for 5-6 episodes or something... I dream about an acceptable ending with Dair perfectly happy, Chuck and Serena coupled with other persons & co. I won't be pleased, but it's an alternative to letting everyone in misery...

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could have been better !
mike k24 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
gossip girl follows a good storyline, with a definitely above average cast. however there are certain things about the show that one just cant digest .. for a start , actors in mid 20's just cannot be portrayed as 17-18 year olds ... would have been better if they were shown as college students, and not in high school .. also in a lot of episodes, one character kisses another .. and then someone else in the following episode .. and then someone else .. and breaks up .. and makes up with no real logic or sense .. eg. nate has kissed every female character in GG except lilly .. some childish girly stuff could also have been avoided like the "scandalous" texts sent to 'gossip girl' every now and then .. its got potential but right now its way too similar to 90210 and the likes .. kinda immature teeny drama .. hope it gets better, lots of GG bashers around !!
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Lifestyles of the rich and the famous. Why would someone bother?
insomniac_rod26 July 2009
First of all, this show is extremely clichéd in every single aspect. The characters are spoiled brats that have an easy life that deals with economic benefits, partying all the time, and love interests. Also, their main conflicts happen when "someone" or "something" doesn't behave or happen according to the unwritten rules of popularity or social conventionalism.

We've all seen that before right? The situations will remind you of "The O.C." and those kind of shows. So, why would I even bother commenting about this show?

Well, as much as I hate the characters and clichéd situations; some of them are actually entertaining because you don't even have to use your brain. What do I mean? this is mindless entertainment not to be taken seriously. It's like watching the rich people's life and commenting about it.

As a male, I watched it only because of the gorgeous Leighton Meester and the super sexy blonde with the best legs in the business, Blake Lively.

Give it a chance only for it's production values. The direction and soundtrack is remarkable.

This show should be popular in some years... it's just not very appreciated.
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best show
rebekahconlee23 July 2016
this show is hands down one of the best shows i have ever seen in my life. if you're like me and you love shows that contain a lot of drama... this show is perfect for you. its full of drama, schemes, revenge, and rich spoiled brats. i love it. the first couple episodes can be a bit slow but if you get through those you will become addicted. I have watched all seasons all the way through, twice. the characters are also perfect. you have Blair who is a literal bitch and knows it, shes always plotting against people who have wronged her and she thinks shes perfect, then, there is her best friend serena who she wont admit shes a bit jealous of. Serena is the wild one, who tries to be a changed person but in reality shes still wild as hell. there's chuck and Nate who are best friends (Blair and chuck are perfect.) Dan and jenny, siblings, and the only two people on the show who actually annoy me.
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what do you expect?
jaytruth134 November 2007
I don't think Gossip Girl is as bad as people make out to be, especially compared to the other new shows this fall. I don't think these shows are meant to last anymore. They're just a temporary fix until the network can find another show (can't guarantee a better one) that will hopefully keep its loyal viewers watching until they can redeem themselves. I didn't start watching Gossip Girl expecting greatness, i didn't expect anything, so i'm able to just sit down watch it and be entertained, or find something better depending on the plot that night. So far Gossip Girl has been good at just keeping me busy for an hour. Maybe if we realize that it's not going to be just like the books we'll enjoy all the silly drama.
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the show vs. the book
oca299 November 2007
I confess i did expected it to be similar to the book and was very disappointed at first, but after the first couple episodes I resigned my self and enjoyed the new drama. I think that for all the books fans at first it'll be tragic but u just need to stop thinking and comparing it to the book and it can actually be quite a fun way to kill and hour. I do think though that this guy, don't know his name, is trying to make this story look like the OC-NY but that's because i think he must have read the first couple pages of a book and copied the names, he really messed it up, jenny is nothing like she's described in the book, chuck! he's the worst i think, and Dan and jenny's father, makes me sick! But as u start thinking that this is not the same story, it's just based on their names, you'll be fine
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Bland, Empty, Boring...
terry13 December 2007
These are some of the epithets that come to mind when one thinks of "Gossip Girl".

Hyped up as the "next great hope" for the CW, this show has disappeared in the ratings like pretty much everything on its network.

The reason? It's all about quality, or the lack thereof in the case of "Gossip Girl".

When you aim a show at a really small slice of the population, you'd better hit with all cylinder, but "Gossip Girl" doesn't. It sputters with bad, boring scripts, unconvincing attempts at humor and of course ,that staple of the WB (now CW) a bunch of empty-eyes young actors hired for the way their headshot looks rather than for their acting ability.

The result is a show that's DOA and has done nothing to help the CW.
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CW is Down 20% this year because of shows like Gossip Girl
Hillary Bello10 October 2007
All hype, nothing to watch.

That's Gossip Girl in a nutshell.

The "brain"child of Josh Schwartz, the "giant" who brought you the vacuous "The O.C." and the hideous "Chuck", Gossip Girl does not disappoint. It's every bit the insulting trivia that CW is known for. How did Josh Schwartz get his career anyway? He must be related to someone REALLY influential for three networks to produce losers that he created.

Is it really a mystery why CW doesn't have an audience? This show may also mark the beginning of the end of Kristin Bell's believability as an actress. After headlining the awful and justly unwatched Veronica Mars, she is heralded as the "star" of Gossip Girl. What's with that? Can't she tell a bad script when she sees one? The networks blame their audience losses on the internet and various other factors they can't control. Wake up!! The audience is leaving because of shows like Gossip Girl.

UPDATE: Gossip Girl continued to be poorly watched and helped drag down CW to a 20% audience loss. CW's response? "We need more shows like Gossip Girl!

Incredible that even losing 1/5th of your audience does not register.
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Great Wardrobe,Good Looks,Mediocre Acting
Mandy Acklen13 February 2009
I would have to agree that this show is totally over-hyped mainly because it was based on a best selling series ala the Twilight saga-turned- movie franchise. As best as the writers try to entice audiences with the convoluting plots and supposedly thickening suspenseful drama from week to week, the show has failed to keep the book's original storyline and the characters are not much what the book had depicted them to be. It is because teen-aged girls and fashion savvy women make up the audience which makes the show very popular. Its varying fashion pieces from episode to episode makes it worth watching and also thanks to its beautiful actors that compensate for a show that's almost devoid of quality. In the acting department, most of them rely on the script and their looks, showing not more than bland expressions throughout the season and sometimes looking as though they're reciting than really acting out a range of emotions. I should be a little benign to the actress who plays Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) because I felt she was the only one who could brilliantly capture her character best and was able to deliver most of her lines memorably. So I beg the question, should you watch the show? Personally, yes if you are missing entertainment from your life and no, if you already have sufficient drama in yours.
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Another boring romance orientated show about the rich....
Angelus216 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I don't want to offend people...But this just seems to be simply about the 'Rich White Kids'.

I enjoyed The OC as it revolved around mostly Ryan Atwood, a urban street kid who finds himself ambushed by the rich people of Orange County...And One Tree Hill is just great because of the range of characters..But this Gossip Girl is just boring...

My cousin is a huge Gossip Girl fan and I ended up watching ten minutes...I laughed until my ribs began to severely ache.

The characters are two-dimensional, and the actors can't act to save their life...And the actor who plays the 'Bad-Boy'....Chuck....He looks drunk half the time...

I guess I can see the attraction, 'romance/filthy rich/scandals'...But it just doesn't work...The plus side is the actress who plays the lead...Blake Lively. But after ten minutes even she cannot hold it together...

Definitely one to avoid...
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The curiosity of the website 'Gossip Girl' is frustrating, fascinating and frightening. Everything about the show is incredibly amazing.
Jessica The Queen7 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
'Gossip Girl' is an amazing TV show, with outstandingly - well - played characters. The whole concept of being made into a curiosity of this website 'Gossip Girl' is fascinating, as well as frightening; which gives it a delightful twist, capturing pleasured viewers. *Spoiler alert of a future relationship if you have not yet watched S01XE07 and further to S02XE25*. Blair's attempts to allure and attract Chuck are both humorous and magnificently manipulative. She's head over heels for this harsh 'play boy', which can be quite deceiving as Chuck's idea of wit is heavily intimidating and cruel; yet, the way that she alters his unpleasant ego is emotionally stunning. We soon find out that he's crushing on Blair, though he acts like it isn't true in order to 'save' his bad - boy reputation, or feel even a small amount of guilt. That's what makes it entertaining and attractive. As for other relationships, which are a major part of this show; the struggle of choice for the 'it - girl' Serena delves deep into your heart as you gloom over the handsome men that she has to choose between,especially the main ones, as though you are choosing between them yourself. Overall, the show is incredibly amazing. There, like most other shows, are some annoyances along the beautiful journey in this show; yet's mostly fantastic and I definitely recommend it to females and males aged in between 11 - 29.
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Gossip Girl has an excellent first season!
harnuknight18 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The first season of Gossip Girl, television series produced and written by Stephanie Savage, is extremely well written and starts with a bang of drama and the clashing of the worlds of people in a first class New York private school. Not everyone fits the one image that is acceptable at this school, but everyone wants to. While wanting to be "one of them" bewilders the oldest Humphrey, it drives his younger sister, a freshman, to do things she'd never imagine. In the first season, there are many secrets revealed as the return of the once queen bee Serena baffles the elite community. Blake Lively really nails down her role as Serena van der Woodsen. Although her presences in Green Lantern and The Age of Adaline are amazing they don't do her justice compared to her performance as Serena in Gossip Girl. She is able to portray Serena's complicated and unique life spectacularly. Her wealth doesn't touch how down to Earth she is unlike Blair Waldorf played by Leighton Meester. Blaire is Serena's stuck up but incredibly intelligent best friend. She has dreams of Yale which suits her arrogance, intelligence, and wealth. Wealth is a major part of the show, as Gossip Girl is full of the wealthy's secrets. The elite community idolizes Gossip Girl, a blog of all of the juicy secrets of Manhattan's upper east side. The first episode sets the tone for the entire season with unexpected secrets revealed left and right. The first season is packed with relationships, drama, and the lives of "manhattan's elite" being exposed. As the season goes on it becomes easier to see the amount of change in each character. Could rich but filthy Chuck Bass end up with innocent Blair Waldorf, or is it Blair and Nate forever? Dan Humphrey dating Serena van der Woodsen is completely out of character for who he starts the season as. As the season goes on it raises the question, is Dan changing, or is his character just finally being revealed? Can poor, little Jenny Humphrey play with the big dogs like Nate Archibald?
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Love it
Amanda A4 January 2016
I have seen this show over and over again. Started watching it for the 8th time today. I also know a lot of friends who have done the same thing. This is just genius!

I did not think I would like it at first, but god I was wrong. The characters are amazingly good and you can recognize them in your every day life. I like the different plot twists and I absolutely LOVED the ending so so so much.

It is probably written for younger people, but that does not mean adults can't watch it. It is funny, clever, exciting, addicting and I cant help falling in love with the rich upper class life. I would really recommend it.
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