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Author: comedyismything from United States
13 September 2006

Funny, funny funny. This well directed comedy shows that Mickey Rooney at even his advanced age still has it in spades. I bought this off and it's really the best thing i've done in a long time. Andrew Keegan is funny and the rest of the cast rocks. Writing makes the film. I loved it.If you're looking for something different, with lots and lots of belly laughs, then this is a good picture to watch. I heard rumors that it was shot for 300k which is AMAZING considering how good it is and who's in the cast. This is the kind of Xmas movie that people will watch over and over again. I hear Lionsgate has picked it up for a 2007 wide release.

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Hideously awful

Author: wfj-1 from United States
14 December 2007

What an incredible waste of time. The acting was awful, the writing was awful, the plot was awful, the dialog was inane, but I repeat myself. Save your money, save your time. There were one or two funny spots, there were also 3 or 4 uncomfortable, off color lines which weren't necessary and in my family, removes the movie from general family viewing, not that I would ever want to watch this again. Mickey Rooney was mildly humorous, that is when it wasn't obvious that he was staring beyond the actor he was talking to in order to read his cue cards. I suppose this is destined to become a cult classic, but for my part, I'd rather have my money back and I'd be glad to donate my copy to the Smithsonian's bad movie collection.

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One Of the funniest Xmas movies ever

Author: Megan Kaliu from Australia
29 November 2006

Been a long time since I've laughed so much and so hard as I did with this movie. I found it recently in Australia and it was such a pleasing experience. I was so excited about it, i bought the directors other film, something called To Kill A Mockumentary as well. That one is almost as funny as this one is. It's the story about a famous actress who has her family home for the holidays. It stars Ruta lee, the terrific and beautiful actress who I believe was in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers back when I was a child. Mickey Rooney stars as her ex husband in probably his best screen performance since Bill. There are a lot of terrific performances but the one that sticks out to me the most is that of a chap named Greg Joelson who practically steals the movie as an ex football player who's having strange side effects to some steroids he's taken. It's been a long time since I have had belly laughs while watching a movie. This is as funny as it gets. I hope that the director who i think wrote it as well gets a chance to do a studio film. He's obviously a terrific talent and someone to watch in the future. Very funny stuff. The two mobsters in the film are funny as well. And Gary Coleman was a hoot as the pizza guy. Definitely 10 out of 10.

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Stephen Wallis should never write again

Author: Aaron Poscovsky from Houston, Texas
29 April 2013

One of the worst directed and written movies I have seen in the past 10 years.

Great cast, but, their acting was as I was watching a community play, put together at some high school.

It was sad watching great actors say bad lines and act as this was their first time acting.

A writer should never be the director of their own work. A good director that what the writer(s) have written has the actor act them out in a way that tells the story better.

The lines spoke in this movie show that the writer is very young and new, and should refine their work before making a C rated movie.

I think the writer, put up his own money to do this movie and didn't let anyone help him make it better.

But, I guess everyone has to start someplace.

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Pretty Much A Terrible Pile of Rubbish

Author: gavin6942 from United States
27 December 2012

A Hollywood legend (Ruta Lee) invites her not-so-normal family home for the holidays.

I watched many Christmas movies this year... and this was, beyond a doubt, the worst. It was not well-acted, well-written, the characters were less than one-dimensional and relied on hackneyed stereotypes. I really hope that everyone who appeared in this was given an apology note from the director or producer.

You would think if they could convince Mickey Rooney to sign on, it must be at least a little bit decent. Or, heck, if you have Clint Howard, use him for something... and even Gary Coleman shows up? Wow. But no, they tried to get me to be so bored it turns into an endurance test to see how long I can last before I turn it off or thrown something at the screen. I was in mental anguish before the halfway point.

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Demented but funny

Author: vchimpanzee
16 December 2012

Lana simply MUST look good for her family, so the aging, washed-up movie actress demands that her gay hairdresser miss Dr. Phil's special Christmas programming to make herself presentable. Also, a Danish director is considering her for a role in a new movie. At her age, parts are hard to get. And she worries her ex, also a movie star from the past, might get a role instead of her. Though she is still quite beautiful, and talented.

Harry is an only child, but his wife June believes this is because Lana is so mean she ate all the other children. Actually, Lana is quite charming, but demanding.

Uncle Teddy is an NFL player whose drugs are causing side effects, which gives us the opportunity for some disgusting bathroom humor. He has a hot wife Sally who keeps in shape, but Teddy has developed a taste for fat women. From one conversation Sally has with June, I have to conclude June and Sally are sisters, but I can't recall this being stated.

The two grandkids show up and cause problems. Jack is a vegan and can't stand that his father wants to shoot dinner. Add to that the fact that a neighbor girl tells Harry her guinea pigs are missing and asks for his help finding them. Oh, he finds them, and the pets may very well become the main course.

Jack's sister Julie is a cute blonde who has a brain but doesn't tend to use it. But her poor boyfriend Matt, who looks like Scott Baio, doesn't know what he's in for. There's no pleasing this dysfunctional family, and every attempt to fit in meets with disaster.

Grandpa Clark has been separated from Lana for years (wait, Lana and Clark? Only on "Smallville", and even then he ends up with Lois). He is a Scrooge who reminds me of someone else named Rooney; he hasn't got a good thing to say about anyone or anything. And his memory is going. He doesn't know who these people are. Every time he is introduced to a grandchild, he can't believe how many there are. The others even convince him that the black pizza delivery boy is one of his. More on him later.

Sonny is doing the cooking. No one is quite sure who he is. Supposedly he is family, but no one in the family is Italian. Sonny acts like a mobster and some of the others are afraid of him. Particularly when his friend Johnny the Whack shows up. They claim to be garbagemen ...

Eventually the director of the movie Lana wants to be in shows up, and this adds even more laughs. He brings an agent who didn't do anything for me. I forget her name.

About halfway through the movie, something really bad happens, but this just makes the movie funnier, unlike a similar movie I saw a week earlier where tragedy turns a comedy into a drama.

This is a very funny and very sick movie. You have to enjoy the type of humor for which Seth McFarlane is known, and unless you watch this on broadcast TV, prepare for a great deal of bad language. I heard several people get reprimanded for their language but didn't hear any. Usually this was because the sound went out at appropriate times. Substitute words also seem to have been added.

Ruta Lee is great, and Mickey Rooney surpasses even his "brother" Andy and yet still manages to be appealing.

Kevan Michaels and Johnny Ferrara are very good as the two "mobsters".

Andrew Keegan is also very appealing as the poor loser boyfriend.

One highlight for me is Gary Coleman as the guy who delivers pizza after some family members complain about having to go vegan just because of Jack. He actually makes himself right at home and is quite funny. I have to wonder if Coleman was a loser who had to take roles like this where he made to look pathetic. But he convinced me that he was enjoying himself, and I hope he was, because I was enjoying watching him.

It's definitely not your typical family Christmas movie. It's a family, but don't let the kids watch it.

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A Christmas Too Funny

Author: jim040 from London, England
10 June 2009

A very funny albeit off color Christmas movie starring Mickey Rooney and Andrew Keegan. it's definitely not for everyone but for those who are looking for something a little different, a little original and a little vulgar, this is a good choice for a small Indy movie. Extremely funny turn by newcomer Greg Joelson make it well worth watching. The two gangsters in the movie almost steal it from the better known cast. Nice turn as well by Clint Howard. It's Smart. Funny. Offbeat. It's really one of those neat little movies that you'll sneak back and watch over and over again.Not for your Grandmother. But definitely one for the teens. A Christmas Too Many is too funny! You might not want to buy it. But definitely worth renting on ITUNES.

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A Christmas too Awful

Author: rtrevis from Canada
29 January 2008

A Christmas too many really was not a Christmas at all!! This had to be the worst movie I've ever seen. It was torture watching it! Bad acting and poor Mickey Rooney to be asked to do this movie! He must have dementia to have wanted to do this movie!! Rented it on VOD and it showed a Santa laying in the snow?Where was the snow in this movie?? Worst ever people save your $5.00 . How it could get 7.3 ????? OMG I'm shocked , literally shocked!!

Now Deck the Halls was a funny movie that gave what it intended to. It was light-hearted and the set was a Christmas set. Where was the Christmas in "Christmas too Many" ?

This movie was turkey "a Turkey Too Many"!!!!!!

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