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22 Jan. 2004
Ruby Reborn
Big city girl Lacey Burrows moves from the bustling metropolis of Toronto, Ontario to the small farming community of Dog River, Saskatchewan when she inherits her late aunts' coffee shop. A coffee shop connected to the local gas station called Corner Gas, run by Brent Leroy. Lacey also meets several of the locals including Brent's parents, Emma. His sensible and calm mother. Oscar, his cantankerous old father. Davis Quinton, the senior officer of Dog River's two-person police force. Karen Pelly, the gung-ho rookie officer. Wanda Dollard, the intelligent but sarcastic ...
29 Jan. 2004
The Taxman
His name is Marvin Drey and he's come to Dog River to check up on a few things concerning Corner Gas after a rather heated phone conversation with Oscar. Thinking that his only way out of jail, (which no one said he was going to in the first place), is a zany ploy, Oscar enlists the help of, of all people, Hank.
4 Feb. 2004
Pilates Twist
Lacey feels sluggish since moving to Dog River, seeing as she's not done Pilates lately. So, she offers a free class to anyone willing to attend. But, the only one who shows up is Davis, (because it's free). After all, why would anyone want to do exercises named after the guy who killed Jesus? (At least that's what some people in Dog River think.) Meanwhile, Oscar takes rather morbid steps in order to avoid being buried in a cheap-looking coffin, he decides to build his own.
11 Feb. 2004
Oh Baby!
When Wanda's tooth is hurting, and no one is willing to kick her in the jaw, she makes an appointment for the dentist in Saskatoon. Only one problem, someone has to babysit her hell-raising six-year-old son, Tanner. And no one in town is willing to do so, as many, including Hank, have incurred the wrath of the boy. Finally, in an attempt to impress Lacey, Brent agrees to watch Tanner. Meanwhile, the town places their bets on how and when Brent will be injured as he hopelessly attempts to babysit. Lacey soon shows up and tries to help Brent, but is soon at the mercy of...
18 Feb. 2004
Grad '68
With nothing better to do, Karen begins going through cold cases and soon attempts to find out who spray-painted "Grad '68" on the town's water tower. A mystery of Dog River that has remained unsolved for many years. Meanwhile, Lacey's idea of putting the ancient Roman symbols for male and female up on the bathroom doors is a bust, as many are confused and going into the wrong doors. Many of the men who see how beautiful the women's bathroom is, are later upset when Brent puts the old signs on the doors and the men's room is once again the men's room. Unfazed by the ...
25 Feb. 2004
World's Biggest Thing
Dog River's Mayor Fitzy tries to figure out a way to attract more tourists, and soon settles on Hank's idea of building the World's Biggest... Thing. Unsure of what to build, Fitzy's grandmother suggests, that because of Dog River's farming heritage, the town build the World's Biggest Hoe! It could be coming out of the ground, covered in soil and be the World's Biggest Dirtiest Hoe. Brent completely disagrees, but can't bring himself to tell Fitzy's grandmother why Dog River can't build a great big dirty hoe. Oscar has his own problems though, he thinks that the ...
3 Mar. 2004
All My Ex's
Lacey's ex-fiancé, Stephen visits from Toronto, prompting Hank to think that she's being stalked by an obsessed lunatic. So, he tries to pose as Lacey's boyfriend to protect her. Meanwhile, Davis and Karen try to track down this maniacal stalker, who's reputation in town is getting out of hand. Emma tries, with little success, to get Oscar to go and see a doctor for his annual check up.
10 Mar. 2004
Cousin Carl
Brent's cousin Carl visits, pushing every one of Brent's buttons in the process. So, Brent tries to prove to everyone just how big of a jerk his cousin is. Oscar attempts to boycott the local liquor store because Wes won't take his old empties and give him $1.20 for them. Meanwhile, Dog River puts on it's annual talent show and Hank finds himself completely unprepared for it.
17 Mar. 2004
Cell Phone
Davis gets a serious case of cell phone envy when he sees that Brent has a smaller one than he does. Soon, the two attempt to outdo one another by buying a smaller one than the other one has, then a smaller one, then a smaller one, and so on. Meanwhile, Oscar becomes addicted to the thrill of winning little stuffed animals on the new claw game in the bar and soon decides to seek help for it.
24 Mar. 2004
Comedy Night
A comedian that once visited Dog River, is seen on TV saying a joke that Brent told him while he was there. Needless to say, Brent is a little upset by this. But, Brent feels he will have the last laugh, when he finds out that the comedian is returning to do a show in Dog River. The ladies decide to have a book club, which Brent joins and soon makes it into a movie club. Hank, meanwhile, wants to do a set for comedy night as well, but can't of any material.
31 Mar. 2004
Hook, Line and Sinker
Karen learns that Hank is a very different person when he fishes, so she doesn't sleep with him while the two go on a fishing trip together. Brent and Lacey engage in a battle of wits with one another, with the help of the new roadside sign outside. And Oscar tries to prove that his memory is as good as it ever was, prompting Brent and pretty much the whole town to have a bit of fun at his expense.
7 Apr. 2004
Face Off
The Dog River hockey team, The River Dogs, find out that their goalie, Brent feels unappreciated and is considering playing for a rival team, The Stonewood Saints. With no coach either, Lacey steps up and helps The River Dogs to play one of their best games ever. They tie! Emma pressures Oscar to get rid of his clunker of a car, but Oscar insists that the car's fine and the only clunker around is Emma.
28 Apr. 2004
I Love Lacey
Everyone is excited when they all take a trip to the Grey Cup in Regina, but since they all have to go with only one other person rather than as a group, problems arise. Emma is accused of stealing while at a dollar store with Wanda. Oscar with Hank, finds that a friend of his, who owed him money has passed on. And so, decides to steal his belt just as the paramedics and police arrive. Davis and Karen lose their tickets, so Davis tries to buy from a scalper only to find out that she's actually an undercover police officer posing as a prostitute and he gets himself ...
5 Oct. 2004
The Brent Effect
Lacey tries to work out where her and Brent stand after the Grey Cup incident. Hank suckers Oscar into buying his old outboard motor - using money he stole from Emma.
12 Oct. 2004
Wedding Card
The discovery of a hockey card leads to an argument about the legality of knuckles.
19 Oct. 2004
Smell of Freedom
Davis regains his sense of smell, only to find that it's not all roses. Lacey discovers Hank's unusual talent for Scrabble, while Brent's attempt to become less of an ignoramus backfires.
26 Oct. 2004
After Lacey's greatest fear is revealed, Brent, Hank and Wanda starts discussing fears, mainly to discover what Wanda's afraid of. Oscar is shown to be a terrific cook, thanks to Karen.
2 Nov. 2004
Lost and Found
Brent and Hank try not to do each other any favors, while Oscar and Karen's new hobbies drive everyone mad.
9 Nov. 2004
Poor Brent
Brent buys a big screen TV, which leads everyone to think he's poor. Wanda's foray into jewelry selling leaves Lacey very unsatisfied.
16 Nov. 2004
Hero Sandwich
Fitzy had the town in an uproar over getting a traffic light installed and J-walking banned. Hank and Oscar take it upon themselves to start a rebellion. Lacey makes the "Ruby Club" sandwich but soon regrets it. Emma offers To design a tattoo for Wanda but her drawings are terrible.
23 Nov. 2004
Security Cam
Brent installs a security camera at Corner Gas, driving the folks of Dog River crazy.
7 Dec. 2004
Bingo Night
Wanda starts calling bingo, much to Emma's annoyance. Karen is suspended from service after failing a drug test, and Brent and Hank start hanging around with different people.
14 Dec. 2004
Mosquito Time
It's mosquito season in Dog River, but Hank seems to be immune. Meanwhile, Oscar drives Wanda crazy hanging out at Corner Gas and Lacey feels left out of the town's time capsule.

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