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Entertainment Weekly
For anyone zombified by creaky thriller clichés, Skeleton is a fine little shot in the head.
The Hollywood Reporter
An elegantly mounted ghost story that's steeped plenty of dank Louisiana atmosphere.
Delivers its share of cheap scares but never unlocks the door to the creepiness that would have made this is memorable movie-going experience.
One of those movies that explains too much while it is explaining too little, and leaves us with a surprise at the end that makes more sense the less we think about it. But the movie's mastery of technique makes up for a lot.
Stirring up a humid Gothic mood and amassing a gifted roster of actors, The Skeleton Key is unable to ward off the nasty spirits of formula screenwriting.
Dallas Observer
Ultimately, the filmmakers build toward a reasonably satisfying "Twilight Zone" climax, only they crawl toward the ho-hum ending; the movie appears to have been written and edited in a swamp too.
L.A. Weekly
The Skeleton Key takes its time making a slow, creeping ascent, but once it starts plummeting downward, Softley keeps things moving at a furious pace, and both Hudson and Rowlands enjoy surrendering themselves to the grandiloquent lunacy of it all.
It's all ultimately made watchable by the exceptional cast ... and a story that, despite some unsavory racial undertones, holds the audience's interest even when it veers toward the downright silly.
Village Voice
Creaky in its mechanics and numbingly protracted, this is basement B horror that fancies itself a prestige chiller.
The A.V. Club
Wholly devoid of suspense or chills, The Skeleton Key simply bides its time until its big final plot twist, but the filmmakers don't seem to realize that a second-rate twist can't redeem a third-rate fright flick.

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