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Philadelphia Inquirer
Lohan is superfluous to the qualities that elevate the film above other Clearasil comedies.
The Hollywood Reporter
Has the feel of a contemporary screwball romance, if not the crackling one-liners of classic screwball. But Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine make a charming star-crossed couple, and tweens and teens will find enough plot reversals to keep them hooked.
Watching Just My Luck, I wished I were a teenage girl, not for any perverse reason but because then I might have enjoyed it a lot more.
An occasionally entertaining, always fluffy teen romantic comedy with some moderately funny physical comedy by gadabout star Lindsay Lohan.
It's enjoyable and profoundly unlikely to make a lasting impression on anyone.
It's watchable, but barely.
New York Daily News
Lohan's good work in movies like "Mean Girls" and the "Freaky Friday" remake is a faint memory as she struggles through antics, unfunny pratfalls and squirmingly bad set pieces.
Chicago Tribune
Presumably, this movie was designed to be a fun romp, and in that it fails.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Just my luck that I saw the trailer for the film several times and already knew all of this, which made the long-form version of the movie redundant.
Entertainment Weekly
Even in her dullest vehicle, Lindsay Lohan exudes an unfakable shine.
The picture gives us two protagonists and sets up a situation in which only one of them can have a decent life. Then, having devised this sour souffle, the screenwriters find no adjustment to make it palatable. The resolution is flip, at best.
Stay as far away from Just My Luck as you can.

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