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This game is awesome

Author: c_bitch from Canada
16 January 2005

Killzone is one of the best games i have ever played for the ps2. The movements in this game are real looking but there was one problem with the movements, you cant jump. The weapons are cool except for the sniper rifle which is hard to aim but the helghast gun is really powerful. I was surprised with how great the graphics were in this game ever though it was for the ps2. The really stupid part about the game is that it takes about 5 head shots just to kill one of the helghast and all they really say is " Kill Him" or "attack". otherwise this is one of the greatest games for the ps2. This game is about equal to halo 2. I would definitely recommend this game its awesome!!!

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Killzone, one of the finer FPS games I've played.

Author: AceGunman from United States
29 November 2004

Killzone has to be one of the finer first person shooter games of 2004. It is in my book. You start off as Templar, a Rapid Reaction Force (RRF) member, and later on in the game you gain a shadow marshal, an ISA regular, and a field operative, whose names are Luger, Rico, and Hakha. You can choose to play as any one of those four people. Your enemies are the nasty Helghasts. I must admit, the game does start off kind of slow, and I wanted to put the controller down because I thought it was boring, but I stuck with it, and I'm glad I did. It gets so much better. The story mode is awesome, the graphics are excellent, and so is the gameplay. Or, if you just wanna kill for fun, you can do the multiplayer mode (offline or online). The offline mode lets you add up to 14 computer controlled bots. My ranking for this game? 9.5/10.

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One of the great first person shooters on the Playstation 2.

Author: The Bronson Fan from PA
2 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Killzone is one of the best first person shooters to arrive on the PS 2. Killzone's story is about a break away group of humans who colonize a planet they call Helghan. Now known as the Helghast after generations they evolved into a stronger being and have felt oppressed and conquered by humans. A radical rabble rousing leader know as Scolar Visari comes to power and brings them strength and unity promising them the conquering of there enemies. With a powerful nationalistic speech reminiscent of Hitler the waves of Helghast begin to invade Vetka a colonial outpost for humans. Vetka's defense's conveniently "fail" and the Vetkas are quickly overrun. Now its up to a small band of elite soldiers to help stop Vetka from being taken from them.

Killzone as stated before is what a lot of PS 2 gammers have been waiting for, a great first person shooter. The graphics are very good, especially in the cut scene animation's that are in the game. The cut scenes are one of the best aspects of the games, from the great intro speech to those in the game. There are some mistakes that come as in any game, with some characters moving through objects they should not, but for the most part it does not happen often. The game play itself is also way above average. When in the game you will feel like you are in a real battlezone or killzone as it will become. Urban warfare in demolished cites and neighborhoods are stunningly realistic. Particular when I fought through the mall, you will be pinned down and in need of the best position to defeat the Helghast. The game offers you many weapons to choose from the average rifle of your side to more specialized weapons. In another realistic turn you will have to choose in battle which weapons you think will come in handy more, because you can only carry so much. Some guns have a secondary use but not all. Once in the game you must fight level by level, picking up 3 others along the way. Each has a special skill of some sort that may come in handy along the way. Of course a first person shooter would be nothing with out a multiplier mode. Killzone contains a one player version as well for those who don't have online capabilities unlike the much hyped Halo 2. You can choose the usual stuff deathmatch, team, capture, basically all the same things in other games just renamed. I have not seen much slow down when up to 14 bots are in, but with 2 player it may be different. You can choose from 8 maps that reflect areas of the first person game you play that are very realistic in there feel. Unfortunately there are very little options when it comes to choosing a character. You are either ISA or Helghast and cannot choose individual characters from the game, that would have been cool. In time splitters there are dozens of different characters to choose from which was a plus in that game. For those who play online this is also available but I cannot comment on that. If there is one problem in the game I would have to say its the inaccuracy of the guns. The basic rifles, are the biggest problem. Often the bullets will be flying way off the target and can get very hard to kill and already pumped up enemy at times. As a fan of the sniper I have to say to many who have said the sniper rifle in the game is not good, they are wrong. Adjust the advance controls and very little practice will have you knocking them off left and right. That brings us to the enemy. A more diverse enemy would have been good. There are 2 main bad guys and sometimes dressed differently, but the worst part is how some can take hundreds of shots to kill some times. I say OK to that since Helghast are suppose to be different from us, maybe superior. The sound in the game is great, with excellent music and effects. The guns sound perfect along with many of the environments you will be in. The winds of sand and snow you will notice for sure. The controls were great once I adjusted the sensitivity of the sticks. When starting out I was more then a little mad, but once this is cleared you should have no problem, put them low. The story is equally great, basically a futuristic WW II and sets up for a sequel that I will get. Hopefully the small problems in this will be fixed by then and it will get a perfect ten. 9 out of 10

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The Best PS2 shooter - HEAVILY underrated

Author: Rudimir Bombardinovic from Croatia
13 January 2009

After I finished Killzone I was really surprised by low rating the game got in most gaming literature. But lets start from beginning.

Story sets in future where human race is in war with Helghasts - human descendants who colonized the planet Helghan many generations ago.The player takes control of Captain Jan Templar, fighting off the Helghast invasion - OK, nothing special but decent story for one FPS told in good directed animations with shaky camera - nice.

Controls are very natural and easy to learn but what is special is game's physique. When you begin to play you'll notice (or maybe even complain) that your character is too slow, shooting not accurate and when you sprint there is gauge that allows you 10 sec sprint - exactly how it is supposed to happen when you carry 60 lbs of military gear and not a superman or heavily doped when shooting. Perhaps it takes s little time to get used to it but it's definitely worth it - very unique gaming experience.

Other fabulous element of Killzone is game play and key word is cover. Forget mindless assaults - only way to breakthrough is taking cover and destroying enemies one by one.

AI is also on high level. Enemy takes cover, alerts and avoids your grenades and attacks in groups. Your comrades are actually helping you, nice refreshing after few games where they were more obstacle than help. Also, as story develops you can choose between more characters you can take control of (balanced Templar, sniper "elegance" Luger,heavy armored Rico and spy Hakha) - although it does not have big influence it's nice refreshment.

Graphic is very good, among best on PS2, but even more important game engine doesn't twitch and textures do not burst in distance. Level design is excellent - leading you from open battlefields where it's important to save your head to urban confrontations where you can break your way with sniper riffles. Dark-gray color dominates through game and creates good atmosphere.

Also, huge plus is duration of the game - it will take you about 35 hours to finish it. These days when average FPS single player lasts about 10 hours this means a lot.

There are few things that could be better, of course (e.g. more types of enemies)but are not significant. I also red that many didn't like online mode but since I didn't played it I can't be judge of that.

Killzone is, by my opinion, the best FPS for PS2, even would dare to say that it's one of the best ever. It's shame that Guerrilla Games didn't get deserved credit for their work. Hopefully, that will be changed with Killzone 2, everyone who played beta knows what I'm talking about. In meantime, if you'd like to know how it all started you know what to do.

Killzone is definitely must-play title.

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A Halo killer this is not.

Author: Spounge from United States
18 February 2008

I wonder who started that "Halo Killer" phrase and just what they were thinking. I imagine that person has gained the disgust of Halo and Killzone fans alike. I also imagine that this person has gotten over it now since this is 2008 after all.

Anywho, the game. Killzone for whatever reason was hailed the aforementioned nickname. And it really didn't deliver. I believe part of it was caused by the hardware itself. This game is arguably one of the better looking games on the PS2. And that's just it. This game looked great and I don't think the PS2's hardware could take it. Now if it was released for the Gamecube or Xbox. Things probably would have been different. Obviously, Killzone 2 shouldn't suffer from this problem.

Through a few hours worth of play I noticed that there is some frame rate issues and the artificial intelligence seems to not be intelligent at all a lot of the time. The multi-player I wouldn't even bother with. It felt kinda slow at times and is of no comparison to what the first Halo had to offer, let alone Halo 2. The bugs people talked about are clearly evident too. Environment and even enemy pop-ups do occur. I even seen one guy fall through a flight of stairs as I was about to hit him. And so far, i've ran into a couple of types of enemies. And by couple I mean about 2 maybe even 3. If your going to live to the that stupid nickname "Halo Killer", you damn sure better have a good variety of enemies.

What this game does have is a pretty decent story. Yes, its another one of those "humanity is at war with a fairly superior opponent" games. But what they do with that concept, they do reasonably well. I also like the guns for each side. The point of view is cool. I even liked when the guy climbed up a ladder. Seriously, I don't believe I have ever seen that in a FPS. I mean I seen them go up ladders. But that's just it, they go up. They don't climb up. Reloading was kinda neat too. Took a little while but that's how you would probably reload in real life under those conditions. The only problem I found with that is when you shoot someone with like say the shotgun underneath the helghast primary machine gun. If you have an extra shotgun round it reloads automatically. Which can sometimes screw you over. I hate that, its not needed and for a game that puts quite a bit of emphasis on realism it should not be that way at all. The sound was exceptional. Only some of the characters voices bugged me. But the music and the sounds of guns blazing were awesome.

Killzone doesn't have the AI, multi-player, and frame rate that Halo had. Not to mention all the bugs. That's why it's no "Halo Killer". What Killzone did though is get a bunch of little things right and that was enough to get by. With Killzone 2, Guerrilla will be able to live up to the hype.

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Killzone vs. Halo

Author: argamae from Germany
7 February 2006

I disagree to quite some extent with the commentary above. Killzone is a burner. It is a awesomely presented and executed game, has a cool story and a believable setting. The game mechanics are not the best there ever were, but they are more than serviceable. As is correctly stated the guns really rock! And more so the soundtrack! What a stunningly great piece of music. In terms of plot, background and vehicle/weapons design Killzone beats the crap out of Halo which in my humble opinion is a totally over-hyped game to begin with. Okay, the Halo graphics are smoother and have a higher resolution but Killzone environments are somehow more realistic, more gritty, and overall somewhat more stylish. They just drag you into the Killzone world and give you a feeling of being really in the middle of a planetary assault. Whereas Halo has a more comic-book like appeal, Killzone offers you a grim and desperate vision of a dark future. Having said all that I would like to point out that I do not think that Killzone is a Halo killer. I think this comparison is stupid and was just media-hype. Both games have a totally different "feel" and should be played for their own merit.

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Best FPS ever made.

Author: jordan-owns from United States
8 December 2007

This has to be THE(or damned near) best FPS game ever to come out. I enjoy Halo, but it is extremely overrated, and to me, it is just another Alien Shoot-Em-Up. Killzone is quite hard to the average gamer, because there are no difficulties to choose from. All gamers will be playing the exact same game, same number of stages, same AI difficulty, and the exact same number of soldiers. This game has quite a wide variety of guns and weapons. Although there is campaign mode, I suggest playing with a friend 1 on 1. It is the most enjoyable way of learning how to play the game and mastering the weapons before you even have a chance to pass the first stage on campaign. This game is pretty hard to the average FPS fans, but if you are a hardcore gamer, this game is definitely for you.

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Not the best FPS but maybe the best for ps2

Author: doomster927 from Canada
15 January 2007

Killzone was a game that many people were sorta back and forth about i didn't really hear about it until i heard about the trailer to its sequel so I'm guessing it got more popular from that.Killzone was a solid game the graphics were great really great and characters were detailed.Story wise though it wasn't as good as it could've been the characters weren't really developed that much and the story wasn't really flushed out i hope they fix that with the second Killzone.Gameplay was particularly good the firefights were fun there was a wide amount of weapons and they were fun to play with a few of them had cool second fire functions the controls were easy to learn and use also.People spased because there was no jump button but that was a stupid thing to complain about.Multiplayer was alright and good fun to play with friends.Soundwise it was alright not amazing but the sounds helped immerse you into the game play like all other games.Its not the best shooter but the best the ps2 has so this game is better than average.

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A very artful game, but an overall disappointment.

Author: I_am_Lothar from United States
7 March 2006

I gotta say, when the game came out, I ignored it completely. I was a huge Halo fan at the time and any game claiming to be a superior I felt should be destined to fail and die a failures death. Christmas of 2005 me and my bro saw it for 20 bucks, so we said "what the hell" split the price, and bought it. God damn was I blown away for a while. I dug that intro where the bad guy gives the speech, it really pumped me up and got me ready for carnage. The first level started. I wasn't impressed. The pre-level cinema looked cheesy with the shaky cam and the voices sound like they weren't even serious. I passed the first level and then I started to see the true beauty. The game took a really artful approach, and it ways I found it superior to Halo, and even Halo 2. I love the grainy filter and the Bleached out, destroyed world look, it made for a really involving atmosphere and makes you think "WTF? this place really got f'ed up", and I REALLY LOVED the animations. The way you reload your gun and climb up and slide down ladders, the way you hop over small ledges. KillZone, in terms of atmosphere and animation, was a truly beautiful work of art. Each battle gave me the feeling that I was really in a war, and I hoped this continued through the rest of the game. It didn't. The game quickly became uninteresting and I simply stopped playing. Its sad too because the game had so much potential. If the sequel keeps with the feeling from the first one, then we may have a masterpiece on our hands.

I give the game a 6 out of 10 as a game. But I give the game a 9 out of 10 as art.

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Good champaign mode but very bad online play

Author: rmartin8900 from United States
15 June 2005

well i was really excited to get this game. I bought the game and then tried to beat the hole thing in one sitting with my friend. After five hours of playing the game, I was already sick of it. the game gets very repetitive. Also the game took about 65 hours to beat, witch is just way to long, for a first person shooter game.

A good thing about Killzone is that you get to experience many different types of warfare. Killzone starts out as an army vs. army type of game play, "which is the best part of the entire campaign". then the game progresses to a you by yourself vs. an entire army. But of course you kill them all and make it out alive, which is totally unrealistic. After that you meet up, and form an elite platoon with 4 other soldiers. Then you and your platoon go up against entire army of hundreds. Now the game turns to a more covert ops type of game play, by sneaking into, and destroying enemy bases. For the most part the campaign mode is very well done, and it is fun to just go back a play your favorite levels time and time again.

Multiplayer mode: the offline multiplayer mode is a lot funner then the campaign mode. You get the choice of tons of different levels and game mods to choose from. The online play of Killzone on the other hand is terrible. I have played online for about five months now, and I have to say it is very disappointing. Playing online is extremely fun and addictive, you will spend hours playing online and trying to improve your rank. You will eventually meet a lot of other players who you can send invites, and become buddies with. If you want you can join a clan, or just make a clan by yourself.Yes it may sound fun, but the online game play is horrendous. There are so many cheaters who play online it is just sickening. so many people will unplug there cord from their modem, which then causes them to disappear by teleporting around the level, and suddenly you will just fall over dead by someone who you can't even see. The ranking system of Killzone is really screwed up also. If someone has a really high rank , 9 times out of 10 its not because they are good , it is because all they do is unplug there modem and cheat, or they have a really bad connection "ping". It is very cheap when players have bad ping because you can shoot them with a sniper rifle in the head and they won't die. The grenades in Killzone are very cheap also, if there is a grenade laying on the ground that was thrown, if you run by it within 8 feat you will fall over dead "even though it didn't explode yet". Ranks in Killzone are determined by how many more kills then deaths you have. But the ranks are a joke because if you get beyond 400 hundred more kills then deaths a ridicules new rule is implied that now your so good that you shouldn't get killed by lower ranks, and if you are you loose one or two ranks regardless of how many more kills then deaths you have. This unwritten rule is stupid because if a player decides to make a new name "which you start with the lowest rank in the game when you make a name", just because he has a really bad rank, he still is really good, and if you get killed by him you suffer for it because he has a rank that isn't legit. There should be an option of being able to transfer your statistics from your original name to the new name that you make.

In conclusion: campaign mode is fun, but way to long. offline multiplayer is fun, and doesn't get old fast. online multiplayer is very addictive, but players who cheat and the screwed up ranking system make playing not as fun.

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