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Short on minutes...not short on titters!
shawhore4 March 2013
First aired on New Years Eve 1975, this pilot episode was to be made into a series at Howerd's behest, but having received nothing bar apathetic reviews; subsequent episodes were canned and only this 40 minute episode was ever made. "A Touch of the Casanovas" is for all intents and purposes the same programme as pretty much all of Frankie Howerd's other sitcoms "Up Pompeii", "Whoops Baghdad" and "Up the Convicts"; only this time moving the location( jokes, scripts and even set, probably) from Ancient Rome, Baghdad and Colonial Australia respectively - to Italy and the time of Casanova. Essentially though, this is just one episode and may not seem worth bothering with. But if you are an avid fan of "Pompeii", then just over 40 mins of this will certainly sate your appetite!
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