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A Must See Beautiful Movie

Author: imran latif from United Kingdom
23 January 2005

this movie is fantastic, the story, the songs, the acting its something never seen before and really well portrayed i don't want to give away the story but it is a good portrayal of the obstacles and difficult decisions faced by a traditional villager hoping to uphold justice for a foreign woman - its a magnificent portrayal of morals' victory over backward thinking i really recommend the movie because of the excellent acting by the male lead and the great support from the English lady leader.

one thing which i think the movie does well to avoid, is showing the British rulers as totally heartless and evil! its not like Ur old style Indian movie where the British were shown equal to a devil like ruler, but the understanding was there why the villagers didn't like their presence their yet some liked them because of their work - the frictions between members from both sides who are able to accept the other side is also well shown

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Hasn't Bollywood learned from Lagaan?

Author: mideleon from NY, NY
22 January 2005

While I am a Bollywood aficionado, I do feel Hindu commercial cinema could stand to improve the quality of their output while still maintaining those fundamental elements that make Bollywood so much fun. Such an effort would help to widen the commercial appeal of these films to western audiences while still allowing them to be what they should be first and foremost, that is a national product for Indian audiences. KISNA is prime example of a film that could have followed the example of the brilliant LAGAAN and broken borders, but instead falls into the same "might have been" category as so many other Indian musicals.

There is a lot to like about KISNA. The story is interesting and one that would appeal to audiences not particularly familiar with the Bollywood genre, the characters are intriguing, the songs are above average, and best of all, the movie is shot with an eye for the spectacular. But despite all of this, the director fails at pulling it all together despite having all the elements for a real classic. Apparently the film was written, produced and directed by a single person, but I'm sure a little oversight and collaboration would have helped. I suspect this director was a bit full of himself as evidenced by the final image of the film being of himself sweeping his arm out over a vast valley where the movie was shot as if to say, "this film is all mine!"

KISNA is bound to be compared to LAGAAN and with good reason. Both films are concerned with the British Raj and both depict a love triangle between an Indian man and woman and the British woman who comes between them. Yet whereas LAGAAN had a light fairy-tale feel to it, KISNA is all drama and action. This is not necessarily a problem, except it's executed with a heavy hand from the start. The worst parts, however, are the repetitive action sequences which are basically the same situations played out over and over again. By the third time the young British woman is carried away by a bad guy you sort of hope she doesn't come back. As well, some of the stunts are merely implied by camera work rather than actually shown which feels a bit like a cheat and takes some of the excitement away.

Still, if you want an excuse to see KISNA, the musical numbers certainly fit the bill. The cinematographer and dance choreographer do an exquisite job fueling the numbers with vibrance and excitement and some of the sequences are simply stunningly beautiful. There is, however, one very unfortunate exception. During one number which really should have been a touching song of unexpressed feelings by one character for another quickly devolves into the most absurd display of tasteless pop pandering I've seen in a Bollywood film in quite sometime. Rather than a deserted church in 1947 India, we are transported into something akin to a Mariah Carey music video replete with glowing motion trails and video generated rainbows. I half expected to see a unicorn fly across the screen followed by a VH1 logo.

As for the actors, most do exceedingly well in their roles. Although I was less impressed with the young British woman due to her overly-dramatic takes, I suspect it was the director who pushed for this style. I'm sure the actress had a better performance that remained untapped.

Though nowhere near the pinnacle of LAGAAN, KISNA is worth a trip to the cinema if only to admire the wonderful musical numbers and also to ponder what this film "might have been" if it had been in the hands of a more capable director.

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Ghai's Minimal Piece

Author: Herag Halli from Heraganahalli, India
24 February 2005

Some producers like Gowariker (Swades), Bhansali (Black) mature with each film and "Kisna" is a fine example of how a producer the caliber of Subhash Ghai sink with each film to the point of decadence. The Story is a figment of fiction in Ghai's mind. Only in his mind do we see "Lady Catherine" (when did she get knighted? did I miss this Ceremony?) donating enormous amount of money (like zillions of crores) to charity, still she has some loose change left for the child dancers. Only in his mind do we see Kisna, killing his kith and Kin because he promised his mother that he would get Catherine to Delhi-but I missed the part where his mother told him to sing romantic duets on the way. At one point he says he is saving Catherine from the evil Prince-which one is it? or do we care at this point? Ghai, who is credited for the story and direction, makes a mess of both. The direction is disjointed. The Debutante,. Isha Sherwani, is incredibly co-ordinated (if Ghai, has his way, her Career will be on hold meditating at the end of the rope.) She and Hrithik Roshan would make a great dancing couple in a Musical, if only a good producer could take a hint. Antonia Bernath must have graduated from the "Aishwarya Rai School of dramatic acting". She speaks Hindi with a Cockney accent-and this get to be painful and ridiculous after a while. Vivek Oberoi, this guy has no Screen presence for a leading part, he should confine to playing hoodlums in movies like "Company". The music is good-specially the last duet is an absolute melody. The Production values are good as in a Ghai Film, but everything else is atrocious.

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Mental Torture

Author: Wrd_Nrgy from India
22 January 2005

This has to be one of the worst Hindi movies I've ever seen and nobody in their sane mind would like this flick. It is very sad to see a crass movie like this marketed with the " this is what India really is" tag.

The camera work is strictly okay and the dialog is oh so predictable. Sub standard acting, unnecessary dance scenes, and a very bad plot line makes Kisna a serious waste of time and money.Amrish Puri ( R.I.P.),sad to say is below par as one of the negative characters. On the flip-side Om Puri and Sushmita Sen are the only good things to happen to the movie albeit for a short time span. bottom line : listen to the audio CD( its a few notches higher )and skip the flick.

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Hum hai is pal yahan...

Author: rock831983 from India
26 August 2006

Just came back after watching Kisna...and it was a bit disappointment..however the overall movie is good.. Story u have known so far...the love story is refreshing...but the movie drags sometimes.. and i was surprised i din saw Subhash Ghai in movie... Ashok Mehta have done brilliant cinematography..its the best thing of the movie...really awesome... music is good as we all know but a English song is in movie... Ghai had tried to make this movie great but he is unable to match up with the expectations... Coming to performances...Isha Sharwani seems to be in gymnastic earlier..her flexible body is flexed more than we expect...not much to do in acting department..but have done good job what she have been offered..

Antonia had surprised with her acting...her tuti futi Hindi is delightful... she is the winner in this movie...absolutely damn good performance and she is the show stellar...

Now Vivek Oberoi:He looks cool...but below average performance..totally forgettable..the movie being named on him and only established star among three he should have come with electrifying performance...but he gives just passable performance and one major drawback of the movie...

And its being 25 crr movie it ud be very tough for KISNA to get successful...

Sorry GHAI sahab u need SRK,AAMIR OR HRITIK in this movie to make it an epic...

Overall its good... 3/5....peace

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Beautiful Film

Author: sajmal23 from United Kingdom
24 January 2005

Kisna was a great film from start to finish although like every other film it had flaws. The second half did drag a bit but was necessary to watch. The songs were amazing and each song is unique. The new comers in the film like Antonia Bernath who have a great performance even though her Hindi was not as good but she did her best, I think she should reconsider bollywood but nevertheless her acting proved she was a star. If she learnt Hindi in depth and came out fluent then there's no problem, the other new comer Isha was a good cast to she can make it big. I think Kisna will not get as much attention as films Like Veer Zaara therefore i doubt it's success the attention was probably down to promotion. Overall I class the film a hot which has a different theme best film I've seen for ages. 10/10

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Kisna - a much awaited disappointment

Author: mizra ulla from United Arab Emirates
28 January 2005

A wonderful tag line, a beautiful crew and a re-owned director - well the combination should have worked but it fails to do so. The story is very new to Hindi cinema although you tend to feel seeing glimpses from Titanic in the beginning. All mistakes that a director can make is been made in this movie. Even Vivekoberoi fails to shine in what i call a mess of a screenplay. Isha Sharvani - should have been in circus, apart from her dangling from ropes shes "made" to do nothing in the movie. A sweet surprise is Antonia Bernath, shes a natural actor-too bad KISNA turned out to be her debut in Indian Cinema.

A word on the stunts and action,I feel Indian cinema lacks a good stunt co-coordinator, the film makes a mockery of tense action scenes. in what is supposed to be a edge of seat experience it makes us to laugh at its silliness. perhaps we need to import stunt so-coordinators from holly hood instead of just heroins.

well to sum it up, The film is average

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This movie isn't THAT bad...

Author: chirag_shah775 from United States
23 December 2008

When we have an Industry in India (bollywood) that produces a handful of useless commercial masala films every year(with only a few being entertaining), here comes something different...There are no actors going around dancing without a shirt on. No wet saree dance and no cliché bollywood junk...Yes, there is song and dance but the story actually has some meaning to it and you need brains to understand something like that. Yes, there are loose ends and plot-holes and that is why I wouldn't call this an EXCELLENT and FANTASTIC film. I respect the director for at least attempting to do something different rather than booking a flight to New Zealand and having a bunch of ladies dancing around in bikinis....Just look at the overall grandeur of this film...The cinematography, the music, the dance sequences, the sets and the theme..All these things are quite impressive..If you know anything about film-making then you would understand.Yes it gets a bit too much at the later portions of the film, but still...I wouldn't call this movie bad when compared to the other films that bollywood produces...

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Preety good compared to what I expected.

Author: DesiBaba from Gujarat, India
9 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was much better than what I expected it to be. Thankfully it did not have too much to do with the whole freedom fighters stories, which we have had way too many already. The direction was very good. The acting was okay. I felt the lead role was miscasted; Hritik would have been perfect as Kisna; he does the soft (poet) and hard (warrior) sides better than anyone in the industry right now. The lead actress Antonia is extremely beautiful (She looks a bit like Nicole Kidman and a bit like Naiomi Watts) and does very well as Catherine, her emotions come out pretty well considering she is not a native Indian and not that familiar with the Indian sensibilities. Good effort and some good direction. It was 30-40 minutes too long. The whole Raghuraj sequence was over-done and did not add any value at all. I also think the whole Indian culture is superior bit is over done. If the director wanted to go there the best thing would have been to let the viewers make their own conclusion rather than spelling everything out.

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Kisna- hope for love

Author: gypsy5102 from United States
10 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While I do not think that Kisna was an excellent movie, it gave what I approached it for: the story of a relationship between an Indian man and a white woman. This subject is not touched upon very often in Indian cinema, and often white women are depicted as stupid or vain. So this movie bring some encouragement since many interracial relationships are arising in this generation between Indians and whites and we could use a little hope. Although Kisna keeps his obligation and leaves Catherine, they love each other and make no apologies about it. As someone who is constantly pushed away by Indian parents who don't approve of a white girl, I find cinematic hope in Kisna.

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